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Unleashing the Power – Begode EX30 Electric Unicycle Review

by freshlycharged

The Begode EX30 is the most powerful EUC we have reviewed to date. With its powerful 134-volt system paired with a C40 high-torque motor, the EX30 can reach speeds of 55+ mph and tackle slopes as steep as 45º. The wheel isn’t perfect but Begode has listened to feedback and improved on a lot of their drawbacks in the past.

In this review, I will tell you what we love and hate about the Begode EX30 helping you make an informed decision about whether you should buy this EUC.

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What I love about the EX30

  1. C40 High Torque Motor
  2. 3 Inch wide rim
  3. Easy to bonk
  4. Metal battery casing
  5. Lower-mounted batteries for stable high-speed riding
  6. Front lights are brighter
  7. Fast acceleration
  8. Built-in kickstand
  9. 134-volt system
  10. Adjustable air suspension with 80mm of travel
  11. Lighter spiked pedals
  12. Great for light offroading
  13. Easy to ride seated
  14. Reinforced chassis
  15. Handles for easier lifting

C40 High Torque Motor

The Begode EX30 boasts a powerful C40 high-torque motor, which provides unparalleled acceleration and top-speed performance. Equipped with a 4000W motor with a maximum power output of 8000W, riders can experience an adrenaline-pumping thrill as they easily cruise along the roads and tackle challenging terrains.

The motor’s high torque capability ensures smooth and efficient power delivery, allowing for quick acceleration and responsive maneuverability.

Begode EX30 carve

How wide is the rim on the Begode EX30?

The Begode EX30 features a wide 3-inch rim that enhances strength, stability, and control. The wider rim provides a larger contact patch with the ground, improving traction and reducing the chances of skidding or slipping. This makes the EX30 ideal for off-road adventures, as it can easily tackle various terrains, including gravel, grass, and dirt, with confidence and stability.

The reinforced wider rim is also more robust to help prevent rim damage which has been a major issue in the past.

Begode EX30 front with lights

Is the easy to bonk with the Begode EX30?

Bonking, or jumping over obstacles, is a popular technique used by experienced electric unicycle riders to navigate urban environments. The Begode EX30’s high torque motor and 3-inch rim make it easy to bonk over obstacles such as curbs, stairs, or debris on the road.

This allows riders to smoothly transition from one terrain to another, without having to dismount or carry the unicycle, providing greater convenience and versatility in urban commuting. The EX30 is the easiest EUC I have used to bonk over curbs or up stairs.

Begode EX30 bonking

Metal Battery Casing

The Begode EX30 comes with a durable metal battery casing that offers robust protection for the battery pack. The metal casing safeguards the battery from impacts, dust, and water splashes, extending its lifespan and ensuring reliable performance even in challenging weather conditions.

This feature gives riders peace of mind, knowing that their battery is well-protected and can withstand the rigors of daily riding.

Begode EX30 stock pads

Is the Begode EX30 stable at high speeds?

The Begode EX30 features a unique battery mounting design, with the batteries positioned mounted lower, providing a lower center of gravity. This configuration enhances stability and balance, especially when riding at high speeds or making sharp turns. The lower-mounted batteries also reduce the chances of experiencing wobbles or oscillations, ensuring a smooth and safe riding experience even when pushing the EX30 to its limits.

Begode EX30 high speed stability

Front lights are brighter

The Begode EX30 has improved front lighting that enhances visibility during night rides. The Master and T4 used single LED lights whereas the Master Pro uses conical lights to increase the lumen output. The front lights are designed to provide ample illumination, allowing riders to see the road ahead clearly and be seen by other road users.

This improves safety and reduces the risk of accidents, making the EX30 a reliable option for night-time commuting or riding in low-light conditions.

Begode EX30 dropping stairs

Fast Acceleration

The Begode EX30 is known for its rapid acceleration, allowing riders to quickly reach their desired speed. The C40 high torque motor combined with the 134V system, provides instant power delivery, resulting in fast and smooth acceleration. This feature is handy when navigating through traffic or merging into fast-moving lanes.

In the past, I have felt uneasy leaning too hard on other EUCs to accelerate due to weighing 200 lbs. With the EX30, I have never felt that I could over-torque the wheel when accelerating hard.

Begode EX30 single track

Range Test

Nathan, our editor, took his EX30 for two separate range tests, full to empty (5% battery) in two riding positions: standing and seated. Standing, he achieved a total range of 69.61 miles, and seated he got 90.36 miles. Both rides involved a mixture of low speeds and high speeds, but the majority was 25-35mph riding.

What type of suspension is on the Begode EX30?

The EX30 has an adjustable air suspension with 80mm of travel. Begode updated the valve stem and adjustment knob on the suspension to help make it easier to fill and adjust.

The improved suspension is also paired with Begode’s upgraded linkage system so you don’t need as much air. The suspension is now rock solid and doesn’t bottom out as easily.

Begode EX30 suspension

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What I hate about the EX30

  1. Hard to stick anything to the metal casing
  2. Pads dig into shin or inner knee
  3. Low clearance
  4. Front light is not adjustable
  5. Exposed wires
  6. Hard to read display in direct sunlight
  7. Display gets scratched easily
  8. Wasted digit on the display
  9. Obnoxious beeping when you lay it down

How do you get pads to stick on the Begode EX30?

The EX30’s metal casing can make it difficult to attach aftermarket pads like the Grizzla or Clark Pads. The ridges on the battery casing coupled with its coating that is similar to a nonstick pan prevent velcro or 3M tape from sticking well. Also, with the batteries being mounted lower, you don’t have a ton of surface area to stick pads to.

There are a few solutions that I know of:

  1. Use paint thinner or acetone to remove the coating on the battery cases
  2. 3D print a flat surface to cover the two batteries on each side
  3. Purchase a fairings kit from Grizzla (Use coupon code: JimmyChang to save 5% on your order.)
Begode EX30 grizzla fairings package

Do the stock pads on the Begode EX30 work well?

The stock pads on the EX30 are terrible. The pads don’t stick well and they are hard with angles that protrude out so they dig into your inner calf and knees.

You can’t adjust the pads to lock in your feet because they come as one piece and only fit one way. I wish that Begode would follow Inmotion’s lead with their V13 pads and give you multiple pieces to custom place your pads.

The pads do a decent job of protecting the wheel in the event of a crash… if you can get them to stick….but that is a big if!

Screen Shot 2023 04 18 at 3.12.00 AM

Pay attention to the terrain you ride with the EX30

The EX30 has low clearance, which can make it difficult to navigate over larger obstacles or uneven terrain. Riders who frequently encounter obstacles or rough terrain may find the low clearance to be a disadvantage. Be careful about the curbs you bonk and the stair you drop.

If you hit a steep curb at a bad angle on the EX30 you can hit the front corner of the batteries and if you drop a steep stair going too slowly, you run the risk of hitting your kickstand.

The EX30 is an amazingly powerful wheel, just be conscious of the types of terrain you ride.

Begode EX30 bonk off curb

Can you adjust the angle of the front light on the EX30?

Begode EX30’s front lights are bright and effective. However, they are not adjustable. This means that riders cannot adjust the angle or position of the lights, which may be a disadvantage for riders who need more customization.

In addition to the lights not being adjustable, they are tucked an inch back behind the top seat pad so the beam never projects higher than the level of your knees.

Begode EX30 Lights too far recessed back

Did anyone tell Begode it’s 2023?

Begode’s displays are the worst of any EUCs on the market. They get washed out in direct sunlight and get scratched easily. And while Begode added a third digit on the display, it is a waste of space as it always reads “0” no matter how fast the wheel is spinning.

If you get to 103 km, the display will read 003. Begode needs to update its display to fit this powerful and advanced electric unicycle.

Begode EX30 terrible display

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Final Thoughts

The Begode EX30 is not perfect, but it is my favorite suspension wheel we have reviewed on the channel. As a heavier rider, I don’t stress out as much when riding the EX30 due to its 134V system, C40 high torque motor, and 3-inch wide rim.

I can accelerate as hard as I want without feeling I am going to over torque it, and the 3-inch rim gives me confidence that if I bonk the wheel I’m not going to bend it. The EX30 has so much power that I can bonk a curb at low speeds and still get a few feet of air.

The batteries being mounted lower helps increase the balance of the wheel. I love the stability and nimbleness of riding the EX30 at high speeds and have never felt speed wobbles on it.

Overall, I love the EX30 and think it would be a great suspension wheel for those who love to ride fast but want a smaller package than the mammoth sized EUCs that have been coming out recently.

Begode EX30 dropping big stairs

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Begode EX30 Unboxing

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