Begode ET Max – A New Super-EUC For 2024

by Nathan Schaumann

The Begode ET Max claims to be the fastest and most powerful EUC to date. It features a blistering 112 mph no-load speed, which beats any other EUC on the market. The 4500 watt motor, while not industry leading, is certainly impressive. Both the Inmotion V13 Challenger (read our full review here) and the Begode Master Pro, also have a 4500W motor with >10kw peak output. As far as actual riding top speed, multiple independent reviewers have hit 60+ mph, such as in this video here.

In addition to speed and power, the area where the Begode ET Max really shines is aesthetics. It looks absolutely gorgeous, and features shapes and angles we haven’t seen before on any EUC.

begode et max

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Begode ET Max – Specs

  • Battery: 3000 Watt-hours
  • Max Voltage: 168 Volts
  • Motor: 4500 Watts (>10kw peak)
  • Suspension: 130mm of travel
  • No Load Speed: 112 mph
  • Tire: 20″ (14″ rim)
  • Max Rider Load: 265 lbs
  • Weight: 97 lbs

Begode ET Max – Features

  • Smart BMS
  • 20A Fast charging
  • LED lights
  • Adjustable velcro pads
  • Spiked pedals w/adjustable height
  • 4500W Tile Type High Torque Motor
  • Suspension with bi-directional adjusting
Begode ET Max EUC

Begode ET Max – Things We Love

Motor: It’s hard to feel unconfident on an EUC when your wheel has 4500W of power. The Begode ET Max has no problem keeping up with and overtaking cars on almost any road. Hill climbing? Effortless. Bonking up curbs + stairs? Easy.

Aesthetics: The ET Max looks gorgeous. We love the inverse triangle shape, as well as the slender rear taillights and angled footpads. If we had to hang an EUC up in our garage for display, it would be the ET Max.

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Beefy Kickstand: The kickstand is robust enough to handle the ET Max’s 97 lb frame. We also like Begode’s logo design on the stainless-steel-esque kickstand frame.

Begode ET Max EUC

Huge Display: This is pretty common across most high-powered EUCs nowadays, but even so we love it. Huge numbers so you can check your speed at a quick glance.

Begode ET Max EUC

Unique Handle: We haven’t seen a handle that looks like this, and we’re pretty confident it will be tough to break this thing.

Begode ET Max EUC

Lighting: The Begode ET Max has ample lighting, both in the front and the rear.

Begode ET Max EUC

Begode ET Max – Things We Hate

Battery Size: With a battery size of 3000Wh, this puts the Begode ET Max at 12th place in our list of EUCs with the highest battery capacity. 12th isn’t a very impressive place to be when you have set out to make the best overall EUC.

Water Rating: While water ratings are certainly not standard on most EUCs, Begode’s own A2 (read our detailed review here) has been marketed as one of the first truly water-resistant EUCs. While we would appreciate seeing this feature across all of Begode’s products, it seems unlikely as the ET Max lacks any indication of water resistance.

The Freshly Charged Take

I compared my EX30 to my friend’s ET Max, and although both weigh exactly the same (within 1 lb of each other), the ET Max feels lighter. It is more maneuverable, easier to start riding, and even easier to lift and move around with the handle. I’m not sure what ninja engineering went into pulling this off, but it definitely doesn’t feel like a 100 lb wheel. That, combined with the insane power and gorgeous aesthetics, make it one of my all-time favorite wheels.

The Ultimate EUC Comparison Chart

Use our Freshly Charged EUC Comparison Tool to evaluate this EUC alongside more than 40 other EUCs. Compare and organize EUCs by factors such as price, top speed, battery size, weight, and more!

Begode ET Max EUC

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Oskar March 7, 2024 - 10:40 am

Are you telling me the older ones weren’t waterproof? I have only had one model (cheapest 2nd gen unknown Chinese euc from 2012) for 12 years and driven in 20cm deep water and hosed it down with warm water in a bath tub to melt all the snow and slush around the wheelcover during winters. And it still works perfectly.

Dan May 13, 2024 - 11:19 am

Manufacturer claims it weighs 108 lbs. Are you sure your scales are OK. 11 lbs is a big discrepancy.


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