Begode A2 – The Best Waterproof Wheel

by Nathan Schaumann

The Begode A2 is built from the same chassis as the popular Mten4, shares its battery with the Mten4 as well, but boasts styling updates, and some impressive additional features. It is also marketed as the most water-resistant EUC on the market. Let’s look at the specs:

Price: $1350

Speed: 27 mph (no load speed 31 mph)

Range: 30 miles (Eevee’s independent range test 25 mi)

Weight: 41 lbs

Max Rider Load: 220 lbs

Motor: 1000W

Water resistance: Excellent

Tires: 15” tubeless, knobby

Suspension: None

Battery: 84V, 8.9Ah (750 Wh) (Samsung 40T)

begode a2 electric unicycle battery specs


Spiked pedals

Pads inspired by the EX30

5000 Lumen headlight

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Things we love:

The biggest selling point of the A2 is the water resistance capabilities. We find this interesting given that it does not have an officially certified IP rating, but nonetheless multiple external review sites have tested it against other wheels and found it to be quite impressive. One review said “No waterproof EUCs currently exist (yet!). Begode does not provide an IP rating for the A2. However, our tests and teardown shows that the A2 outperforms every other EUC in terms of water resistance.”

So – don’t intentionally ride through deep puddles, but the A2 should be just fine riding in any amount of rain.

The A2 features pads that are screwed on, instead of held on by adhesive. This is a huge upgrade, as so many EUCs with adhesive pads rip off easily, especially in crashes. 

We love the extremely sturdy “trolley” handle featured on the A2, which significantly ups its portability. 

The Wide tire is great for safety and handling.

The charging ports are covered by a twisting knob instead of a rubber cap, which we assume is to improve water resistance. It works super well, and we hope to see this added to more EUCs. 

The fender is very robust, and the whole top portion of the EUC is made of rubber instead of plastic, which also boosts its durability. 

Begode A2 EUC

Room for improvement:

The studs don’t work as a kickstand.

The stock pads + knobs are too small, and aren’t shaped to the shins well.

The A2 isn’t designed for seated riding, and there really isn’t a comfortable way to sit. 

The $1350 sticker price is somewhat steep, although you can get the 600Wh version from Ewheels for $100 less, or the 750Wh version at a huge discount over at EUC Deals ($879), albeit without the Alien Rides 2-year warranty. 


The A2 is an impressive contender in the $1000 price range market. It’s closest competitors are Begode’s own MCM5 and Mten4. If you’re looking for speed and range on a budget, the MCM5 is our pick. But if you want something with a higher build quality, a sturdier feel and better water resistance, the A2 is the wheel for you.

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