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Is the Veteran Sherman Really the Best EUC for beginners?

by freshlycharged

The popularity of electric unicycles (EUCs) grew immensely in 2020 and it looks like the strong growth will continue into 2021. A common question I get asked is: what is the best EUC to get?

Veteran Sherman EUC Pros and Cons

Pros Cons
Balance and Stability
Build Quality
Higher Performance Ceiling 
Digital Display
Quality Control 
No Bluetooth Speakers
No Kill Switch
No Dynamic Lighting

While I have written on the topic of how to choose your first EUC in quite some detail, another question I am asked often is this:

Is the Veteran Sherman a good first EUC?

-Anyone looking to get their first EUC in 2021

The two questions, “What is the best EUC?” and “What is the best BEGINNER EUC?” are two very different questions with two very different answers.

Let me share an example. My son just turned 16 years old. Now that he can drive I’m not going to buy him the fastest and most expensive car available for his first car.

Let’s use that analogy on EUCs. Should someone who has never been on an EUC start with a Veteran Sherman: one of the fastest and most expensive wheels on the market?

No! For most beginners the Veteran Sherman is too heavy, too powerful, too intimidating, and too expensive for a first EUC. (Note that I did say most as there are plenty of examples of beginners having success on the Veteran Sherman.)

My kids tell me I sound like a “boomer” when I start talking like this so I invited a new EUC rider to share his thoughts on having the Veteran Sherman EUC as a beginner wheel in the following guest article.

A Beginner’s Take on the Veteran Sherman Electric Unicycle

If it is worth doing something, do it right!

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Taking the Veteran Sherman out for a spin near the Unisphere in Queens, NY.

I’m James from the YouTube Channel Spinningmywheel. In my first article featured on EUC Guide, I described why I left Onewheel to join the ranks of EUC enthusiasts as my preferred PEV.

Since then, there have been more Onewheelers who are seeing the potential of the EUC platform and are either adding one to their own PEV collection or making the leap over to EUC.

For me, there is only one PEV that I need. Enter the Veteran Sherman.

The Veteran Sherman “The Wheel Of 2020” made its grand entrance last summer and the EUC community has been thankful ever since. The new wheel came with a higher top speed of up to 50 mph and a possible range of over 100 miles on a single charge.

Developed by ex-Gotway (“Begode”) engineers who formed their own EUC manufacturing company, LeparKim (“Veteran”), they listened to the EUC community when it came to our wants and desires for future EUCs.

The Veteran Sherman is a fully realized and carefully thought-out machine. When I received my wheel there was even an inspection checklist included in the box! For many EUC enthusiasts this is a breath of fresh air.

While there is no question that the Veteran Sherman is one of the best EUCs on the market right now, is the Veteran Sherman the best wheel for beginner EUC riders?

If it is worth doing something, do it right.

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 Riding the Veteran Sherman in Corona Park, Queens, NY.

My first experience with an EUC was with the Gotway RS. Gotway has recently been in the news for unfavorable reasons due to battery fires and other quality control issues such as bad bearings. However, this is a discussion which extends beyond the scope of the Veteran Sherman’s viability as a beginner wheel.

When I first started learning to ride the Gotway RS I had to retrain my brain. It felt like I was learning how to ride a bicycle all over again. Whenever the RS tipped over it was only a 45-pound wheel, opposed to the over 75-pound Veteran Sherman.

One thing I did not realize at the time when learning how to ride was the Gotway RS was not evenly balanced. The right side had more weight than the left. The Veteran Sherman may be heavier but the weight is more balanced. This is a clear advantage the Veteran Sherman has over unbalanced wheels in the Gotway line up.

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A brand-new Veteran Sherman right out of the box.

Most new riders seek the advice and wisdom of experienced riders on which wheel to buy first. The conventional wisdom on this matter is beginners are discouraged from starting on a wheel like the Veteran Sherman while others swear by it.

My own approach was to try to learn how to ride on a mid-range wheel like the Gotway RS rather than buy the most expensive EUC on the market to learn how to ride on.

With that being said, the question must be asked:

If I could do it all over again would I have started with the Veteran Sherman?

The answer is YES and there are two reasons:

  1. Build quality and quality control: The Veteran Sherman has a superior build quality and the effort to implement true quality control measures is something Veteran appears to take more seriously than other companies such as Gotway.
  2. Losing money: On the first point, it is clear the Veteran Sherman is built to last. Like the wheel’s moniker, Sherman, it is built like a tank. The hard shell and protective roll bars give the Veteran Sherman the rugged look and protection most wheels do not have.

As for losing money, it should be expected if a person buys a wheel and then tries to sell it on the private market there will be money lost by selling at a lower price than for what the wheel was purchased. This is what I did, but I am glad that I made this choice.

The Beginner EUC Verdict

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Picking up the 75-pound Veteran Sherman to film to make a YouTube video.

The Veteran Sherman is a solid wheel. There may be no bells and whistles like dynamic LED lighting or Bluetooth speakers, but where the Veteran Sherman lacks in flair it delivers in performance.

It is much easier to get up to speed on the Veteran Sherman and to feel more secure while riding it. For heavier riders, this is the wheel to get. Even for beginners this is a reliable wheel.

My prior experience with the Gotway RS was always damage control. I was constantly using double sided tape and adhesive to attach front and rear bumpers to my wheel to prevent any damage caused by tip overs or potential accidents.

The Veteran Sherman is ready to go out of the box. No need to armor it unless the rider wants to use swing arm sliders, commonly found on motorcycles, for peace of mind.

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Installing Swing Arm Sliders on the Veteran Sherman.

In my view, the Veteran Sherman is a great wheel for beginners. If the carrying weight of the wheel is not a problem, then I see no reason why someone cannot learn to ride on the Veteran Sherman.

Again, there is much conventional wisdom on this issue in the EUC community such as buying a “beater wheel” or learner wheel before getting a nice wheel like the Veteran Sherman.

A prospective buyer may be looking to preserve value and limit damage caused by user error, which is common with new riders. Going for a used or cheaper wheel may be prudent advice to consider.

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Riding back from Shake Shack on the Veteran Sherman at night in Queens, NY.

However, if a new rider wants the best in class, even in early 2021 the Veteran Sherman is the way to go. Not only is the Veteran Sherman the best wheel currently on the market it is also the most expensive as it is currently listed for a price of nearly $2,998 on, which was raised from $2,800 when I purchased it.

For now, pricing will be tabled for another discussion. Check out details on current pricing of the Sherman in the US and in Europe.

It is important to remember that learning how to ride will be difficult and feel unnatural at times. Persistence, patience and the will to learn something new will pay dividends later on for beginner EUC riders. The rewards will outweigh the initial stumbles.

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Waiting for the light to turn green. Yes, there are NYC EUC riders who stop at red lights.

Now is a great time to get into riding EUCs with the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic continuing into 2021. Riding an EUC offers a sense of freedom and exploration that is a rare commodity these days with the current state of affairs.

The Veteran Sherman is an excellent choice for beginners, intermediate, and experienced riders. Just remember to always wear safety gear. Glide on!

About the author

James is the creator of the YouTube Channel, SPINNINGMYWHEEL, which features 80 videos on the Onewheel Pint with an expanding library of videos on the Gotway RS as a beginner EUC Rider. He considers himself a PEV enthusiast and advocate for the use of PEVs. Located in Queens and just a few miles ride away from Manhattan and Brooklyn, SPINNINGMYWHEEL’s goal is to provide real-world experiences while riding a PEV in New York City and other locations such as Rock City on Lookout Mountain, Atlanta, Chattanooga, Nashville, Howard Finster’s Paradise Garden (the filming location for R.E.M.’s first music video), The Georgia Guidestones and other fun locations featured on the channel. SPINNINGMYWHEEL features content discussing the manufacturer of the Onewheel, Future Motion and other PEV related stories.

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