Know this before buying a Veteran Sherman Electric Unicycle

Know this before buying a Veteran Sherman Electric Unicycle

by freshlycharged

Who will love it?

The Veteran Sherman electric unicycle is the best EUC for street riders who crave speed and range. There’s a reason why the tail light looks like a Superman symbol: on long straight roads, you’ll feel like Superman as you fly on the Veteran Sherman EUC.

Fastest Electric Unicycle Veteran Sherman

What we know

  • Fastest EUC ever made to date
  • 2500 w motor
  • Max speed 45 mph (72 kph)
  • 3200 wh battery, biggest battery on an EUC to date
  • Range 128 miles
  • 20” wheel
  • All new company started by former Gotway employees
  • Weight: 77 lb (35 kg)
  • Steel roll cage body
  • Utilitarian/Military inspired design
  • No speakers
  • No LED lights
  • Bright headlight and taillight with turn signaling
  • 5 amp charger
  • Dual charging ports
  • 8 hour charge time (4 hour charge time with dual charging)
  • On board control panel display (no dedicated app)
  • Retractable trolley handle
  • Two hand carry using the roll cage handles
  • Long foot pedals
  • Best for street riding
  • Too heavy for trail riding or technical riding
  • Very steady at high speed
  • Great for long distance and straight riding
  • Large flat side surfaces for installing pads

What I think

The word that comes to mind when I see the Veteran Sherman electric unicycle is BEAST!

The Veteran Sherman EUC is named after a World War II era tank, looks like an armored all terrain vehicle, but rides like a sports car.

The Sherman is the first EUC with the battery capacity to break the 100 mile barrier and it is currently the fastest EUC on the market.

EUC enthusiasts will love the range and speed of the Veteran Sherman. Range anxiety will be a thing of the past and riding comfortably at high speeds will be an exhilarating feeling.

Veteran Sherman EUC review

The large display on the top of the Veteran Sherman EUC and the ability to change and adjust ride modes all through the display is a very nice feature. The last thing I want to do is to download yet another buggy application for my phone just to ride.

The steel roll cage bars add to the rugged look of the Veteran Sherman and give the Sherman a level of crash durability that a 77 lb EUC crashing at 45 mph will need.

The Veteran Sherman is great on the roads. It accelerates fast and breaking is controlled and smooth. The Sherman feels balanced and handles great.

Many will be drawn to the Veteran Sherman’s top speed of 45 mph but many still will wonder why they would ever need to go so fast on an electric unicycle, especially given the exposed nature of riding electric unicycles.

Veteran Sherman Electric Unicycle Pros and Cons

Instead of perseverating over top speed, focus on what a top speed of 45 mph represents. Just because my Tesla Model 3 can accelerate 0-60 in 3 seconds or has a top speed of 160 mph, that doesn’t mean I’m racing around my neighborhood like a mad man.

With the Veteran Sherman’s power and speed, even non-speed racers will love the ability to accelerate quickly out of trouble while in traffic.

There is safety in power. Knowing that riding at speeds in the mid 30’s with the peace of mind that you are nowhere near over powering the motor is also huge.

But because there is no perfect wheel, the Veteran Sherman electric unicycle has some flaws which are important to understand.

Veteran Sherman EUC Pros and Cons

The flaws

  • New company
  • Heavy
  • Expensive
  • No spin kill button
  • Long pedals prone to scrape when carving
  • Low roll cage clearance can catch when bonking
  • Tire changes are cumbersome
  • Fuse box
  • Pedal dipping

The Veteran Sherman is an extraordinary electric unicycle, but it is far from perfect. Here are some of the flaws that I see:

The Veteran is a brand new company and the Sherman is their first ever electric unicycle. Knowing that the company was started by former Gotway employees gives the company street cred.

But the main concern would be if the company were to go out of business, who would support your nearly $3000 electric unicycle investment?

Batteries are heavy. The Veteran Sherman has a lot of batteries. Therefore, the Veteran Sherman is heavy!

It weighs nearly half as much as I do! The roll cage bars make lifting the Sherman more manageable, but make sure you are physically prepared to move this 77 lb beast up and down stairs or in and out of your trunk.

The weight also makes this less practical for technical and trail riding.

Long pedals can result in pedal scraping  during hard carving and turns. The low clearance roll cage body at the front and rear can potentially result in clipping of curbs and rocks especially when approaching obstacles at an angle.

Not having a spin kill button is a huge bummer. We’ve all had that awkward experience of casually picking up our EUC and having the wheel spin out of control. That’s why the spin kill feature was introduced into the modern day EUCs. The Sherman doesn’t have a spin kill feature, but it’s probably too heavy to casually pick up anyways.

Internal engineering is complex. This will make the inevitable tire change a huge pain.

In addition, there is a fuse box to protect the internal components from getting fried from all the power found in those big batteries. If the fuse ever gets blown, get out your screw driver because you won’t be riding again until that gets replaced.

Veteran Sherman Review


The Veteran Sherman is the new electric unicycle on the block from a new company. It is an exciting time to be an EUC enthusiast and it is an exciting time for people looking to get into the hobby and sport of EUC.

Know this: The Sherman is for experienced riders who like speed, range and riding on the road. It is not a beginner EUC.

The Sherman EUC shines on the road but is probably too heavy and does not have the right body shape for technical riding.

If you are interested in buying a Veteran Sherman, purchases made through my link go to supporting my website and YouTube channel.

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Special thanks to Law Laxina @relaxterbation for the photos and for sharing his insights about the Veteran Sherman EUC.

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