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The Most Powerful Muscle Electric Unicycles you can buy

by freshlycharged

There are people who crave power and muscle, plenty of them. That’s why we have sports cars and muscle cars. It’s also why Gotway and Veteran have made a name for themselves making what I’m calling, muscle wheels!

Muscle wheels elevate the electric unicycle from hobby to sport. They pack amazing power which for electric motors is rated in watts, but I’ve converted into horsepower. I’ve also listed the price your paying for each of those horses to give you a sense of how much you’re paying for that power.

Let’s go:

#4: Veteran Sherman ($850.10/horsepower, 3.4 HP, 2500 W)

Veteran Sherman EUC

This brand new company made its first ever electric unicycle and it is a hit! The rugged industrial body and unique roll cage make this a powerful fan favorite. Check out my review here.

#3: Gotway RS ($616.64/horsepower, 3.5 HP, 2600 W)

Gotway RS

This 2600 W motor combined with an 18” inch wheel packs the power and torque that will satisfy even seasoned enthusiasts. At 60 lbs though, this is the lightest of all the muscle wheels which some may like for portability but others may prefer their power wheels to feel solid and substantial while traveling at speed. Here’s a review of the Gotway RS for you!

#2: Gotway EX ($766.79/horsepower, 4.7 HP, 3500 W)

Gotway EX suspension

This is a beast and it comes with suspension too! The only reason the Gotway EX didn’t get the crown as the most powerful EUC on the market is because of the smaller battery size compared to the champ at number 1. Check out pricing and availability for the Gotway EX at EUCO.

#1: Gotway Monster Pro ($745.49/horsepower, 4.7 HP, 3500 W)

Gotway Monster Pro

The award for the most powerful motor found on an electric unicycle goes to the Gotway Monster Pro. This thing lives up to its name with not only the biggest and baddest motor size with a 4.7 HP 3500W motor, but also the biggest battery in an EUC at 3600 Wh, even surpassing the Veteran Sherman at 3200 Wh. Even the wheel is huge, with the largest diameter tire EUC at 24”. Check out pricing and availability at EUCO.


Go big or go home.

Or with these muscle wheels, go big while going home and just about anywhere you choose.

While there may not be the scent of gasoline exhaust or the roar of an engine, these powerful muscle EUCs will not disappoint. If you want the most powerful electric unicycles available, I’m sure one of these top 4 wheels is what you need.

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