5 Best Electric Unicycles with the Most Horsepower for Your Money

5 Best Electric Unicycles with the Most Horsepower for Your Money

by freshlycharged

If you are looking for the best bargain power in an electric unicycle, I did the math for you and the results may surprise you. In this article I share with you the best bang for buck power in an EUC.

In short, the lower the dollar amount per horsepower, the better the value when looking strictly at power per dollar. For nerds like myself, I discuss the math details at the end. Here are the results:

#5: King Song S18 ($643.68/horsepower)

Screen Shot 2020 07 21 at 10.46.15 PM

The fact that a suspension wheel made this list really surprised me. But the numbers don’t lie. Price for power, the KSS18 is a good value. Just realize that to deliver a good price to power ratio along with suspension, the biggest sacrifice made is in battery size. Check out my King Song S18 review.

#4: Gotway RS HS or HT ($616.64/horsepower)

Screen Shot 2020 11 05 at 10.23.34 AM

A great new EUC for 2020 is a surprisingly good value for the horsepower with 2600 W motors in both the high speed and high torque models. Here’s my review of the Gotway RS.

#3: Gotway Tesla V2 ($569.09/horsepower)

Gotway Tesla V2

This refresh of the very popular sub $1500 EUC packs a 1900 W motor makes this EUC very compelling. It’s a nimble and zippy ride. If you’ve ever wanted to own and ride a Tesla electric vehicle, this is the most affordable way to do it! 😉 Check out pricing at Ewheels.

#2: InMotion V10F ($558.90/horsepower)

InMotion V10F

This EUC may have come out in 2018, but it is still very relevant as an all around portable and reliable wheel that offers reliability in a fantastic value for the power. I rode one around Vegas during a business trip and I loved it. Check out pricing at Ewheels.

#1: King Song 16XS ($506.06/horsepower)

King Song 16XS

The best price per pony may come as a surprise at first glance. A sub $1500 EUC with a 2200 W motor makes for a great deal for a good looking wheel in this respect. Just realize that to get to this price for power, sacrifices had to be made in battery size and range. Check out Ewheels for pricing on the King Song 16XS.


Let me share how I did my calculations so we are all on the same page.

First off, I used horsepower as the measure of power for this because it’s a familiar term that is associated with the power and muscle of the old gasoline motors from the past. 

While electric motor power is measured in kilowatts (kW) and EUC motors are usually measured in watts (W), one can easily convert watts into horsepower with a simple conversion (1W=0.00134102 mechanical horsepower).

By doing the conversion, I was able to get the horsepower of all these electric unicycles. This information by itself is of little utility other than being an alternate unit of power that is more familiar for folks who grew up in an age before electric cars were even being dreamed of.

Armed with the horsepower of each electric unicycle, I set out to find the best value for the power by dividing the MSRP by the horsepower to calculate the amount of money spent per horsepower on each EUC.

Here’s a chart of the data. Again, this is dollars spent per horsepower so the lower the bar and number, the better the value:


Obviously many are asking about insanely powerful wheels like the Veteran Sherman with its 2,500 W motor or the Gotway Monster Pro and Gotway EX with their 3,500 W motors.

Yes, those are powerful wheels, but because of their higher cost, the price per horsepower just is not as favorable. Let’s look at the price per horsepower of the most powerful wheels on the market in this article.

Of course, when shopping for an electric unicycle a savvy consumer must take into account much more than just power and price. This was just a little exercise to help me keep my math skills up and to see where each electric unicycle ranks in terms of power when taking into account the price of the EUC.

Check out the best EUC in terms of price and range in this article I wrote.

Be sure to check out my interactive EUC Comparison Chart for more fun with numbers!

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