King Song S18 Electric Unicycle Review

King Song S18 Electric Unicycle Review

by freshlycharged

Who will love it:

Enthusiasts looking to get a sporty EUC that looks amazing and has a great suspension system will not be disappointed with the King Song S18.

What I think:

King Song S18 Pros:

  • Aesthetics
  • Suspension
  • Bright headlight
  • Easy to grip
  • Handles well off road

King Song S18 Cons:

  • No speakers
  • Fragile body
  • Trolly handle/carry handle adds an extra step
  • Top speed of 31 mph and range of 45 miles may not be enough for some riders

The King Song S18 is the sexiest EUC to date, designed to turn heads, and to show off its suspension system.

The most striking thing about the King Song S18 is the looks. It is a beautiful wheel that has the lines and curves of a Ducati motorcycle.

Kingsong S18 Sport Electric Unicycle Ducati

The modular panels and open design lets you peak into what’s usually covered up on most EUCs but King Song has decided to expose it and show it off like a foxy lady that shows up to a formal black tie and gown event, only she’s not in a boring black gown, but instead she’s standing out from the crowd in a hot dress designed to show off some skin to get some attention.

The design of the King Song S18 is stunning and you can tell the engineers wanted to focus on the suspension system which works amazingly well, is easier to access and adjust than the InMotion V11’s suspension system, and can be easily changed and upgraded.

Sometimes you don’t need suspension. Say you are in a long section of super smooth pavement and you want to carve hard and really be connected with your EUC and the road. With a flip of a switch you can lock out the suspension to give you more of a feel as you ride.

Most of the time you will want suspension while you ride so just turn it on and enjoy as the suspension dampens the bumps and cracks on the road like a knife spreading soft butter on a hot piece of fresh homemade bread. Mmmm. Buttery smooth pavement.

The headlight on the S18 should get more attention than it does. It’s overshadowed by the brighter headlight that comes on the InMotion V11. But don’t think that the S18 headlight is bad. The light on the King Song S18 is better than just about every other EUC headlight on the market except for the InMotion V11. It’s a really, really good headlight!

Screen Shot 2020 07 21 at 10.45.51 PM

The trolly handle looks good and fits seamlessly into the design with the EUC. Unfortunately, form and function don’t go together here, at least on the prototype that I tested.

The handle is like a good looking dress that fits perfectly but has no pockets for your cell phone. Good form. Limited function. (Yes, I get annoyed when I have to carry my wife’s cell phone at formal events).

The trolly handle requires an extra step when compared to other trolly handles. When in the down position, it is not usable and must be elevated up a level just to use it as a handle to lift up stairs or curbs. It certainly takes getting used to. The handle is not the easy grab and lift type of trolly handle I’m accustomed to but that may be changed in the final production version.

To get the design and look of the King Song S18, sacrifices were made. No speaker, no side LED lights, a smaller battery, a unique handle/trolly combination, and a modular body panel system.

The King Song S18 attracts attention. With its sexy looks and the suspension mechanism on full display, it turns heads. But the King Song S18 is more than just its sexy looks.

The Ride Quality:

The suspension system works very well and tinkerers will love the ability to upgrade suspension and dial it in to their exact needs. Once properly adjusted, you’ll be able to enjoy a buttery smooth ride.

The contoured sides of the EUC body gives your legs places to brace the EUC for leverage and control while riding. Those that like to jump will enjoy this feature.

Acceleration is smooth. Top speed is 31 mph. Throttling occurs as your battery level decreases. This is a safety feature to prevent over powering the motor. Firmware updates cause throttling at a set battery percentage. King Song has yet to announce when throttling occurs for the S18 but some early rumors are that throttling may happen as early as 70% charge.

The King Song S18 is lighter than the V11 and the combination of looks and grippier sides makes it a fun sport EUC, designed for shorter fun rides and for riders who like to jump.

Screen Shot 2020 07 21 at 10.45.21 PM

The flaws:

The King Song S18 is the hot girl at the party that looks amazing on the dance floor. The question is, would you be willing to  take her home to meet your parents? Before you take her home, here are some of the flaws I see:

Fragile body: the modular panels are a combination of hard plastic and flexible rubber type material that looks great. But at least in the preproduction model I tested, the panels came loose easily and the hard plastic seemed prone to cracking. This is problematic in an EUC that many are dubbing the EUC best for off-roading. I expect off-roading EUCs to have a more durable body to survive falls and crashes. While the King Song S18 looks great out of the box, if you love trails, don’t expect the EUC to maintain its brand new look for long.

Speed and Range: The King Song S18 has the body of a Ducati street racer but most consider the EUC best for off-roading. Unfortunately, the smaller battery and lower top speed make the S18 unsuitable for long distance riding or street racing while off-road riding will sacrifice the beauty of the EUC.

Retractable handle: the handle looks great. I just wished it worked as well as it looked. When I find myself in situations where I need to pick up my wheel to move it off the road or sidewalk or up a short flight of stairs, fiddling with the handle can be an inconvenience. I just like to grab and go. This is a minor inconvenience I could get used to after some time.


The King Song S18 is best for EUC riders who don’t require more than the advertised range of 45 miles or top speed of 31 mph. Most riders fall in this category, myself included.

It’s a fun and sporty EUC. The King Song S18 looks like a stunning street racer but some riders may find the speed and range a little underwhelming.

The suspension feels great and the S18 makes for a great off-road machine except for the fact that, if I reuse my dress analogy from earlier in the article, the S18 seems a little under dressed as an off road machine and could benefit from a more durable exterior.

For current pricing, check out ewheels.

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