The Begode Master Review: A Suspension Electric Unicycle with Real Power

The Begode Master Review: A Suspension Electric Unicycle with Real Power

by freshlycharged

Who will love the Begode Master suspension electric unicycle?

The Begode Master combines the power of the world’s first 134 volt system with a decent suspension in a surprisingly simple design that high end EUC enthusiasts will love.

What I think about the Begode Master

We all know Begode (aka Gotway) can make a fast and powerful electric unicycle (EUC). That’s what they are known for.

But can Begode make a fast powerful and EUC that is of quality and durable construction with good suspension?

They failed with their first suspension wheel, the EX.

Their next suspension wheel was the HERO which surprised me with its overall quality paired with decent suspension.

Now we have the Begode Master, the world’s first EUC with a 134 volt system that is a direct competitor to the King Song S22. The Begode Master is powerful and smooth, BUT this suspension high performance EUC is far from perfect.

I remember seeing clips of the Master impressively crushing steep slopes and surviving huge crashes down rocky mountains and saying to myself, “this thing is going to be bomb proof!” But after riding the Master for a few miles, I realized I was wrong.

Jimmy Chang

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Pertinent Begode Master specs

  • 3500 W Motor
  • Max voltage of 134.4V/102.4V nominal, in a 32s4p configuration
  • 20×3″ knobby CST-186 tire
  • Suspension system, with 80mm/3.15″ of travel, shock has reverse chamber for rebound
  • Die-cast 13.1″ XL pedals
  • Advertised 89 mile range when traveling at 18 mph
  • Advertised speed of 50 mph
  • Weight of 79.5 lbs
  • Currently only available with black pads, but other pads will be available in the future.
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Ewheels offers the Begode Master in two battery sizes with LiTech battery pack options:
– High-range Samsung 50E cells, 10A output, 2,400Wh capacity
– High-power Samsung 40T, 35A output, 1,920Wh capacity

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What I love about the Begode Master EUC

  • Begode power always impresses
  • Smooth suspension
  • Very comfortable seated riding
  • Simple design for easy repair and tire change
  • Effective trolley handle
  • Impressive aesthetics
  • Beautiful large display
  • Kickstand
  • Great spiked stock hex pedals
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What’s missing from the Begode Master

  • No USB charging port
  • No accent lighting
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What I hate about the Begode Master EUC

  • Stock air suspension bottoms out
  • Stock air suspension is difficult to pump up over 200 psi
  • Headlight is too weak for night riding
  • Headlight pivots only slightly
  • Headlight will break easily on impact
  • Tail light will break easily on impact
  • Rear plastic fender will break easily on impact
  • Kickstand will break easily on impact
  • Fit and finish is lacking, especially around the tail light
  • Display only shows information in metric units
  • Foam power pads are not adjustable
  • Foam power pads tear way too easily
  • Installing custom power/jump pads needs more DIY
  • Kickstand design and angle is off
  • Trolley handle pops up on large drops
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What I love about the Begode Master

  • Power that you expect from a Begode EUC
  • Simple design
  • Good aesthetics
  • Centered trolley handle
  • Large, easy to read display
  • Good suspension, if you can pump it to 280 psi
  • Quality pedals

Great Expectations for the Begode Master

After the unfortunate King Song S20 fragility issues and explosive fire, the EUC community was quick to crown the Begode Master the best suspension EUC. Facebook teased and impressed impressed us with clips from test riders in China.

I remember seeing clips of the Master impressively crushing steep slopes and surviving huge crashes down rocky mountains and saying to myself, “this thing is going to be bomb proof!” But after riding the Master for a few miles, I realized I was wrong.

The Begode Master is just as fragile as the King Song S20/S22. The top foam pad has the durability of two ply toilet paper and the tail and head lights need to be babied like wineglasses.

In my experience and opinion, Begode Master owners who ride on trails and who subject their EUCs to above average wear and tear will find the following to break on their Begode Master roughly in the following order:

  1. Tail light
  2. Top piece of foam (ours ripped during installation)
  3. Rear fender
  4. Head light
  5. Kickstand

Begode apologists will say that the tail light, head lights, and fender suck anyway, so who cares if they break… and the fender and foam are cheap so if they break and tear, we’ll just replace it…

If that is your reasoning, please take a minute to listen to what you are basically saying: “Because X sucks or is cheap, who cares if it breaks!”

Durability issues aside, the power is very good and the stock suspension is okay. For being the world’s first 134 volt system, I was expecting more just like I did from the King Song S20/S22 with its high voltage system.

I’m sure there is more potential power in both wheels that is yet to be unlocked.

I’m also confident that once equipped with a decent shock that the overall experience will be much improved.


I should know better by now; do not get overly excited about a brand new release EUC. I had high expectations and that is why I was somewhat disappointed.

As a muscle EUC, the Master has the power with what feels like more power that has yet to be unlocked.

As a suspension EUC, the Master underachieves out of the box, but an upgrade in suspension may remedy this.

The Master is a powerful EUC with decent suspension, but it is far from perfect and so I will continue to wait for someone to make the world’s first durable and powerful suspension EUC.

For those that can’t wait, innovators and doers over at Clark Pads have already designed a bumper system that looks like it will protect the batteries, front headlight, and give you an option for a forward kickstand that will work with their jump/power pads. Check it out over at Clark Pads.

Begode Master Clark Pad Bumper

Current pricing and availability of the Begode Master at Ewheels.

This review will evolve as I get more experience and information about the Begode Master, so please check back.

Special thanks to Ewheels for loaning the Begode Master to us to test and review. We do not get paid for reviews but purchases made through our affiliate links go towards supporting our blog and YouTube channel.

Jimmy Chang Law Laxina
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Learn more about the Begode Master and thanks for your support!

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