Mten4 review

Mten4 Electric Unicycle Review

by freshlycharged

The Begode Mten4 is the successor to the popular tiny Mten3 electric unicycle.  It is a playful wheel and fun to mess around with and is a great portable EUC for a last-mile solution.

However, the Mten4 seems a little unfinished and rough around the edges. I would never use the wheel as my daily driver to commute long distances or take on group rides.

The Mten4 is more of a novelty EUC and would make a great addition for EUC enthusiasts and those looking to add another EUC to their collection.

I’m sure many will disagree and tell me they use the Mten4 as their daily driver, but I would never choose it to go off-roading or to cruise at speeds over 20 mph on this little wheel.

What I love about it

  • Perfect for crowded areas
  • Great for cruising around the office
  • Large battery for a small wheel
  • Ultra-portable – easy to grab and go.
  • Kickstand
  • Rear light looks futuristic compared to other EUCs
  • Honeycomb metal pedals
  • Great for learning to ride backward
  • Can fit in a backpack
  • Not a ton of issues on gen 1 models
  • Handles grass well
  • Handles decent hills with ease
  • Cute and not intimidating

What I hate about it

  • Knobby off-road tire
  • No kill switch or trolley handle
  • The front light isn’t very bright
  • The top edges dig into the shin
  • Frame that can bend easy
  • Pedal dipping
  • The handle on top seems fragile
  • The display is impossible to read in direct sunlight
  • Seems pricey for what you are getting
  • Opening the charge port cover digs into my finger
  • Not the best wheel to start learning on

Key Begode Mten4 Specs

  • Mten4 Top Speed: 20-25 mph
  • Mten4 Range: 30-40 miles
  • Mten4 Weight: 28 lbs

What I think about the Mten4

The Mten4 is a cute little wheel that will draw ooohs and ahhhs as people fawn over its small size and oversized headlight. I’ll admit, I find this to be a fun wheel and no doubt, this will be a hot seller given its small size.

In fact, at the time of writing this I think the Mten4 is practically sold out just about everywhere in the US.

The Mten4 will be great for having fun with trick and backward riding. It will also be great for short commutes where portability is a high priority.

However, the Mten4 could become a really great and more useful tiny wheel if there were a useable kill switch.

Overall construction and build quality is what you expect from a first generation Begode product and hopefully improvements will be made over time.

How many lumens is the light on the Begode Mten4?

The large headlight gives Begode Mten4 its distinctive looks. Unfortunately, the light is more for looks than utility.

Begode states that the light on the Mten4 is 5000 lumens.  After riding the Mten4, I can confidently say they are full of bologna. There is no way the light is 5000 lumens, and I would be surprised if it was 1000 lumens.  We see lumens on lights misrepresented on PEVs all the time.

Is there a trolley handle or kill switch on the Mten4?

There is no trolley handle or kill switch on the Mten4.  There is a handle that looks like the ones that come on suitcases, and it seems fragile.

Anytime you have to lift up the EUC, you have to turn it off, lift it, and wait a few moments to turn it back on which is very inconvenient for such a small and portable wheel.

The Mten3 kill switch button is much more convenient and it makes lifting the wheel a breeze with no delay.

Is the Mten4 a good EUC to learn on?

You would think the Mten4 would be a good wheel to learn on because it is so small, but I don’t find that to be the truth.  Smaller wheels aren’t as stable when you first learn to ride and don’t have as much surface area to rest your shin against.

I find 16 inch wheels are the perfect wheel to learn on as an adult and give you enough surface area to push your lower leg against.

Pricing and availability of the Mten4:

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