Veteran Lynx EUC Review – 151.2V of Explosive Power

by Andrew N

Leaperkim has officially launched its revolutionary 151.2 Volt electric unicycle, the Veteran Lynx. As privileged testers of one of the scarce pre-production units, we’re excited to share our firsthand experience. The Veteran Lynx impressed us with its exceptional craftsmanship and formidable power. This review highlights Leaperkim’s commitment to excellence and innovation in the electric unicycle industry, setting a new standard for enthusiasts. Discover why the Veteran Lynx is a game-changer in electric mobility.

In this in-depth review, we’ll explore the standout features and potential drawbacks of the Veteran Lynx. Discover why choosing eWheels as your purchase destination for the Veteran Lynx could be a game-changer in your electric wheel experience.

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What we love about the Veteran Lynx:

  • Powerful 151.2V system
  • 3000W high torque motor climbs steep hills easily
  • Fastace suspension with 90mm of travel and choice of 62lb, 66lb, and 70lb coil
  • Adjustable toe wedge
  • Supplied with pads, fairing kit, and seat from eWheels
  • High-power Samsung 50S battery cells
  • eWheels will offer it in a Kenda K262 (knobby) or CST C6501 street tire version
  • CST C6501 street tire will be a tubeless pneumatic tire from eWheels
  • Smart BMS
  • Weighs only 88 lbs
  • The controller has a maximum peak power rating of 840A @ 150V
  • Bright headlight with adjustable angle
  • The trolley handle works well and is rigid
  • The kickstand is sturdy and works well
  • The bottom battery case is protected with metal and rigid plastic covers
  • Two large handles in front and rear for easy lifting.

Powerhouse Performance

The 151.2V system delivers an electrifying ride that surpasses expectations. 134.4V was the most powerful battery system we had tested in the past with the EX30 and Master Pro. The extra 16.8V makes quite a difference in the power delivery.

The high torque motor paired with the 151.2V system effortlessly conquers steep hills, ensuring a seamless and exhilarating journey. I weigh 220 lbs and never had any pedal dipping or beeping when climbing deep rutted hills.

Veteran Lynx catching air off a bonk

Customizable Comfort

The Fastace suspension with 90mm of travel ensures a smooth and controlled ride. Veteran has also added an additional coil size so you can now choose between 62 lb, 66 lb, and 70 lb coil options for personalized suspension preferences.

The suspension on Veteran wheels is one of my favorite designs and it felt comfortable on 6-foot drops.

Veteran Lynx fastace suspension with 3 spring weights

Tailored Accessories

The Veteran Lynx comes with an adjustable toe wedge like the Patton to help ensure your toe stays locked in while doing jumps and drops. I like how it comes with a wing nut that you can adjust on the go for a personalized and comfortable riding experience.

Veteran Lynx toe wedge

The Lynx does not come with pads but eWheels will be supplying pads, a fairing kit, and a seat to enhance both comfort and style.

Cutting-Edge Battery Technology

The Lynx comes equipped with a 151.2V 2700Wh battery built with Samsung 50S battery cells. Originally, the Lynx was supposed to come with 50E battery cells but eWheels pushed to have 50S due to them having a higher discharge rate and allowing for better safety margins.

50S battery cells come at a cost of battery degradation over time due to a reduced cycle life over 50E cells. However, I would prefer the extra safety margin that 50S battery cells provide on electric unicycles because of the self-balancing function.

The Veteran Lynx is the first wheel from Leaperkim with a Smart BMS (Battery Management System) so you can check for optimal battery performance. A SmartBMS also allows for the configuration of battery parameters for fine-tuning & optimization.

Veteran Lynx seated riding

Versatile Tire Options

The Veteran Lynx normally comes with a CST knobby tire, but eWheels is upgrading its tires and allowing customers to choose between a knobby Kenda K262 tire or a CST C6501 street tire. I love that customers will have the option to choose what tire meets their riding needs without having to install on themselves.

Veteran Lynx tire options with eWheels

An outstanding advantage offered by eWheels is the adoption of the CST C6501 street tire as a tubeless pneumatic tire for the Veteran Lynx. This marks a significant departure from the conventional tube-in pneumatic tires commonly found on electric unicycles, which are notorious for their susceptibility to flats. The shift to a tubeless design not only enhances reliability but also addresses a critical safety concern.

Tube changes on traditional electric unicycles often pose a substantial risk of pinch flats, particularly alarming when hurtling at high speeds. With the tubeless innovation, eWheels has prioritized not just performance but also rider safety, solidifying the Veteran Lynx’s position as a groundbreaking and safety-conscious electric unicycle.

Powerful and Adaptive Controller

With the upgrade on the Lynx to a 151.2V system, Leaperkim upgraded the controller with a maximum peak power rating of 840A @ 150V for dynamic control. The controller is theoretically designed for a maximum peak output of 126KW. The controller has a new and updated MOSFET using 32 of the HYG100220NS1P chips.

The Veteran Lynx has really stepped up its game to be the flagship model for Leaperkim.

Screen Shot 2023 11 22 at 10.46.55 AM min

Practical Design Features

The bright headlight is the same as we saw on the Sherman S and Patton with adjustable angles to enhance visibility. I would like all EUCs to have adjustable angles because some of the wheels with fixed lights can blind oncoming traffic and pedestrians.

Veteran Lynx adjustable bright light

I was worried about the trolley handle being placed in the rear of the Lynx, but the trolley handle is rigid and works well. I normally prefer trolley handles to be in the middle like the Sherman Max but due to the Fastace suspension being in the center, Leaperkim had to place it in the rear.

The kickstand is rigid and works extremely well on the Veteran Lynx where it can be an afterthought for some other manufacturers. It also helps to protect the rear bumper in case of a crash.

Veteran Lynx Eevees side profiel

The battery cases are protected by metal and they have the same rigid plastic as the kickstand on the bottom of the battery cases. Overall, the Lynx fits the Veteran theme of tanks where the wheel is very protected in case of a crash. If you were ever to get in a crash, you could most likely just replace the handles, kickstand, and bottom battery protectors.

Veteran Lynx protective pieces on bottom of battery

Easy Handling and Transport

Leaperkim did amazing in using a strong magnesium alloy to shed unnecessary weight to make the Veteran Lynx weigh in at only 88 lbs. The Lynx battery case is almost 2 lbs lighter, the battery and heatsink base are 1.25 lbs lighter, and the motor went from a 12″ motor hub to a 14″ motor hub only increasing the weight by 1.5 lbs.

Veteran Lynx weight savings

Combine the light weight of the Lynx with the two large handles in front and rear to facilitate effortless lifting making it more portable. The front handle also works well to use in emergency braking situations.

Veteran Lynx handles for lifting

Click here for the current price of the Veteran Lynx.

What we hate about the Veteran Lynx:

  • No kill switch
  • Beeps are extremely loud
  • Does not come with pads from the factory
  • Rear turn signal lights only initiate when you start turning.

Missing Kill Switch

I would have loved for the Lynx to come with a kill switch like other manufacturers. The absence of a kill switch may be a drawback for riders seeking this feature, but you can trick it by leaning it past its angle cutoff to shut down the self-balancing.

Veteran Lynx side profile

Obnoxious Loud Beeps

The extremely loud beeps may be disruptive if you ever bring your wheel into a store. The beeping is louder than most wheels and is very annoying when going through the menu options. I would like the option to turn off the beeps while scrolling through the menu or turning the wheel on and off.

I do like they are loud for when I am close to overpowering the wheel but would prefer it to be off for the simple functions of the wheel.

Veteran Lynx specs eevees

Accessory Considerations

If you don’t buy the Lynx from eWheels you won’t get pads, fairing plates, and a seat with your purchase. I would have liked for Leaperkim to provide these things with all their wheels instead of putting it on the consumers or dealers to provide them. Nobody likes spending over $4000 on an EUC and having to spend more money to make it complete.

The rear turn signal lights only activate when turning. When carving with the wheel, it flashes the left and right lights pretty much making the turn signals worthless.

Click here for the current price of the Veteran Lynx.

Veteran Lynx bonk


In conclusion, the Veteran Lynx from Leaperkim is not just an electric unicycle; it’s a revolutionary experience. Despite a few drawbacks, its outstanding features and performance make it a game-changer in the electric unicycle landscape.

When considering your purchase, eWheels emerges as the ideal destination, offering not only the Veteran Lynx but also a commitment to enhancing your electric wheel journey and safety. The Lynx is a standout as our favorite EUC. Elevate your ride, and embrace the future – choose the Veteran Lynx.

Veteran Lynx dropping off platforms and fastace suspension

Veteran Lynx Pricing, Coupon, and Discount Codes

Click here for the current price of the Veteran Lynx.
Use the link to order from eWheels and get free pads, fairing kit, and seat with your purchase.

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