Best Long Range EUC

by Nathan Schaumann

If you’re looking for the best long range EUC, the most important features are a massive battery, comfortable seat, lots of premium features, and plush suspension. Range anxiety is an all-too-common feeling among EUC enthusiasts, so in this review we’ll dive into the EUCs that can go the distance, and do it in style. We’re going to take a look at the three longest range EUCs currently on the market, and which one we’d pick for a 50+ mile voyage. Here are the specs:

Begode Master Pro
Begode Monster Pro
Veteran Sherman Max
50+ mph
50 mph
45 mph
125 miles
100+ miles
100 miles
118 lbs
100 lbs
86 lbs
Max Rider Load
265 lbs
290 lbs
330 lbs
80mm travel
80mm travel
90mm travel

Begode Master Pro

Begode MasterPro Unicycle Gotway 22inch Master Pro Electric Unicycle EUC 4500W 134V 4800Wh Monocycle Balance

Definitely the best-known EUC on this list. It also features the biggest battery (a whopping 4800Wh), a bright front light, extremely high pedal clearance, and a solid 80mm of travel with its adjustable air suspension. The Master Pro is not for beginners, and is actually pretty hard to get used to riding, largely due to the massive weight (118 lbs). It also suffers from a hard-to-read, outdated display. However, the comfy built-in seat and the bottomless range make this an excellent pick for a long-range EUC.

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Begode Monster Pro


Riding the Monster Pro feels like driving a Cadillac. The wheel is huge (24”), and very stable at any speed. We also love the dual charging ports (8A) and the relatively light weight when compared to the other three contenders. However, the built-in speakers suck, making bluetooth-connected music hard to hear, and even the tilt-back and warning beeps are difficult to make out when there is wind noise. While this is the most under-powered wheel of the list, it is largely unnoticeable, and this wheel can handle any hill with ease. The battery is relatively big, and 100 miles of range is definitely nothing to sneeze at. 

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Veteran Sherman Max

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The Veteran Sherman Max is definitely a fan favorite, and rightly so. It boasts both the highest payload capacity and the lightest overall weight, suggesting excellent build quality and durability, and it also features great suspension. However, when compared against Begode’s competitors, it just doesn’t measure up in terms of speed, power and range. 

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The Winner(s)

The Begode Master Pro easily earns the title of best Long-Range EUC. You can’t go wrong if you’re looking for a companion for loooooong rides, and the fact that this wheel is priced cheaper than its two closest competitors takes away any feelings of buyer’s remorse.

EUC Comparison Tool

It’s easy to get overwhelmed by the EUC options, so we made an interactive EUC Comparison Tool. You can sort, filter, and include or exclude data as you see fit. We hope you find this tool helpful!

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