Best 16-inch Wheel Yet: KingSong S16

by Nathan Schaumann

The brand-new KingSong S16 (not to be confused with the 16S), is now available for pre-order on RevRides for $1999, with delivery expected to start in October.

KingSong already has a popular line of 16-inch wheels, featuring the 16S and the 16X, but the S16 is a serious upgrade. It looks similar to the S22 and the S19, though obviously smaller, and it is perfectly sized for inner-city commuting. KingSong also advertises it as the lightest-weight suspension wheel on the market. Let’s dive in:

kingsong ks s16 electric unicycle with display e1694227678762

KingSong S16 Specs

Price: $1999

Motor: 2800W (4500W peak)

Tire: 16”

Top speed: 31 mph 

Free-spin speed: 43 mph

Weight: 73 lbs

Battery: 84V, 17.6Ah (1480 Wh) – 21700 cells

Climbing angle: 40 degrees

Max Rider Load: 265 lbs 

Suspension: 88mm coil suspension (75 lbs force)

Torque: 150 Nm

Range: 80 miles

KingSong S16 Features

Trolley handle

Smart  BMS

4 x 5W headlights

84V 5A charger

Built-in speaker

Phone charger (USB-A + C)

Dot Matrix display

All-terrain tire


Things we love

The speaker placement won’t get in the way of adding power pads, unlike earlier KingSong wheels

The S16 wheel has 300 more watt-hours than the larger 18S

The S16 is upgraded with new, brighter headlights

Excellent suspension on a relatively inexpensive wheel

Decent price considering the features + battery size.

Room for improvement

The S16 is not a great wheel for heavier riders, mainly due to the lower motor power.

It’s a pretty heavy wheel, especially considering that the S19 features a larger tire, larger battery and still weighs less.

With its low top speed, many are comparing it to the similarly priced V11, which with its smaller (2200W) motor gets up to 34 mph vs the S16’s 31 mph.

kingsong ks s16 electric unicycle with integrated rear suspension e1694227830255


This is a great wheel for beginner EUC riders looking for an intro into suspension wheels. It also makes a great addition to any EUC enthusiast’s collection, as something to take on short city trips. We’re excited to get our hands on one to do a full video review and test ride.

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