The Best EUCs in 2024

by Nathan Schaumann

As the New Year begins, we’ve chosen the 3 best EUCs in 2024 (and we’ve tested a LOT) that available for purchase. As usual, EUCs that get top marks from Freshly Charged tend to perform well in categories such as build quality, premium features, and value for the price. Here are our picks below:

Our Top Pick: Veteran Lynx

The Lynx is one of the most customizable wheels out there. It comes with 3 suspension options; 62lb, 66lb or 70lb, you can choose between a street or knobby tire, and the toe wedges, pedals and pads are all easily adjustable and can be swapped out. The Lynx also weighs only 88 lbs, which might sound like a lot, but it surprisingly light for this class of EUCs.

Read our full written review of the Veteran Lynx here.
Click here for the current price of the Veteran Lynx.

best eucs in 2024

Our Second Pick: Begode EX30

The Begode EX30 stands out as a range champion, with a gargantuan 3600 Wh battery. It also boasts a 4000W motor, which is right up there with the most powerful EUCs we’ve ever tested. We love the durability of the EX30, as it comes with metal casing around the battery and a reinforced chassis. It also has a user-friendly kickstand design, and a number of different handles to make it easier to lift.

Read our full written review of the Begode EX30 here.
Click here for the current pricing on the Begode EX30.

Begode EX30 stock pads

Our Third Pick: Veteran Patton

The Veteran Patton is a more affordable alternative to the beefier EUCs like the EX30 and Lynx. Priced currently at $3099 at Ewheels, it has a nice adjustable suspension system with up to 80mm of travel, a 70 mph no-load speed, and a decently powerful 3,000W motor.

Click here for the current price of the Veteran Patton.

veteran patton

The Ultimate EUC Comparison Chart

Use our Freshly Charged EUC Comparison Tool to evaluate this EUC alongside more than 40 other EUCs. Compare and organize EUCs by factors such as price, top speed, battery size, weight, and more!

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