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KingSong 16S after 1 Year Reviewed & Compared to InMotion V10 and KS16X

by freshlycharged

Who will love this:

The KingSong 16s is perfect for new to intermediate riders looking for a durable, reliable, and smooth riding wheel. Most riders will find that it offers plenty of power and range. The KS16s is responsive and stable with a durable shell which makes it perfect to learn on and has the speed and range to grow with you as your skills improve.

What I think:

Choosing your first EUC is a difficult decision. After much research, I decided on the KS16s as my first EUC and looking back over a year later, it was a great decision.

The KS16s took a bit of a beating when I learned how to ride it and since then, I have used that EUC to teach my 4 children and a few of my friends the joy of EUC.

Despite all the falls that take place when learning, the KS16s shell is still intact and in very good shape. The padding on the side is a little scuffed, but other than that, the EUC has held up very well.

The KS16s is a great learner wheel because of the responsiveness and durability as well as its size and weight. The KS16s size is more manageable than the larger wheels which makes taking it up and down stairs and in and out of car trunks much easier than the larger higher end wheels.

Just because the KS16s is a great wheel to learn on, that doesn’t mean it’s not a great ride for experienced riders. If you’re happy cruising at 20+ mph and with 20-30+ miles range, then this is a great wheel.

I’ve taken this wheel off road and into the Rocky Mountains. I’ve even traveled on the highest paved road in North America on my KS16s.

I really like the trolly handle. The retractable handle is the most stable design that I’ve used in an EUC.

The speakers are average and do a good enough job playing tunes and alerting me when I’m going too fast.

The KS16s is a little more expensive than its main competition, the Inmotion V10 which is another great intermediate EUC.

Here’s a chart comparing the specifications of the KS16s with the Inmotion V10 and the KS16X, it’s newer and higher end brother.

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The flaws:

I have found that all KingSong wheels come locked from the factory. While that can be a little annoying for those wanting to turn on their wheel and ride like me, instead I often find myself messing around trying to unlock the EUC so I can ride.

A factory locked KingSong wheel is not the flaw. It’s a safety feature to prevent inadvertent activation of the wheel. The flaw is the KingSong app that you use to unlock the wheel. The KingSong app is terrible!

The app is so bad and requires so much personal information that I won’t even try loading it on my phone for fear of Chinese spies stealing my private information.

I recommend that you use third party apps such as Darkness Bot for the iPhone and EUC world for the Android. I know that you can use the app EUC World to unlock your KingSong EUC.

The other flaw on my KS16s is the high pitched buzz of the motor. I hear this can be fixed with a firmware update and hopefully new wheels from the factory will be free of the buzz.


When we go on family rides, my oldest son and daughter fight over who gets to ride the KingSong 16s. They love it and find it much more manageable and less intimidating than my much larger and heavier Gotway Nikola.

Because my kids love riding the KS16s, I won’t be getting rid of it any time soon. When I ride it, I love how nimble it feels. I also love having a wheel that I don’t mind beating up a little to teach people how to ride.

I get all my EUCs from eWheels. I did a full review on eWheels that you can read here. If you are interested in getting a KingSong 16s, check out eWheels for more information.

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