The Begode Hero EUC Review: Can this Forgotten Wheel Make a Comeback?

The Begode Hero EUC Review: Can this Forgotten Wheel Make a Comeback?

by freshlycharged

The Begode Hero is the newest electric unicycle from the company formerly known as Gotway and this beast offers suspension similar to last year’s hit EUC, the King Song S18– only with a bigger 20” tire, a bigger 1800Wh 100V battery, a bigger 2800W motor, and a bigger price tag.

The Hero high performance suspension electric unicycle generated a lot of excitement when it was first announced but it seems like everyone has quickly forgotten about it.

Why did this new EUC go from Hero to Zero and is the Hero is worthy of making a comeback? Let’s find out…

With all the new EUCs coming out or being announced, it seems like the Hero has been forgotten and left by the wayside, both by the EUC community and the company that makes the Hero.

The Hero is the suspension follow up to the EX which was Begode’s very disappointing first attempt at a suspension EUC.

Now we have the Begode Hero which is their second ever suspension EUC boasting a great display, suspension similar to the popular S18 and S20, some of the best construction ever reported in a Gotway/Begode EUC, packaged into a good looking design.

Begode EUC Hero

Here’s what I love about the Begode Hero:

The solid trolley handle is center positioned, spring loaded, balanced, solid metal rods, a little short. When partially extended it acts as the kill switch.

Screen: big, clear, shows speed, battery, temperature, distance

Kickstand: simple, sturdy, effective with metal brackets and pegs that seem durable and won’t get in the way.

Begode Hex spiked pedals: This is probably my favorite thing about the Hero. A hex pattern with agressive spikes and an adjustable angle. They are held in place using friction and one of our pedals was loose and would not lock into folded position. The height is not adjustable.

The ride is good once you get used to the tire. The motor is quiet and powerful and Begode shows once again that if there is something they can do well, it’s program a smooth and powerful ride.

Begode EUC pedal

Here’s what I hate about the Begode Hero:

Powerpads: average but designed only to be placed in one position which is frustrating as all riders have different preferences that can change depending on the terrain, ride style, or even the shoes worn. That’s why riders like to use velcro to attach their power pads.

Suspension: King Song style but with a mystery brand suspension that is bland in both appearance and performance. With no instructions, users are left to trial and error to find how it works. Air suspension, but no dampening or rebound adjustment. Gotway’s second suspension wheel and best so far, but that’s not saying muchy.

Need an air pump and gauge to adjust the PSI. Swapping the suspension can be a chore. Suspension can be upgraded at Alien Rides at an additional charge and will come shipped with a DNM 190 mm suspension with adjustable rebound.

Battery: 1800 watt hours relatively small by today’s standards and for the asking price. 4 batteries individually housed in plastic cases each with their own BMS.

  • Motor: 2800 Watts average
  • Rim Size: 14″
  • Tire Size: 20″
  • Range: reported 30 miles real world range.

Tire: Aggressive knobby tire tread, not as agile for street riding. I’d be a fan of a hybrid tire here.

Tire changes: According to reports, it is a pain in the butt.

EUC Tire
EUC tire off road

The biggest thing to love about the Begode Hero is that at the time of this article, the Hero is the only next generation suspension EUC that will ship to you right now. All other suspension EUCs are a waiting game.

Check out why Larry ditched his King Song S20 preorder so he could start riding a Begode Hero now!

Why has the Hero fallen out of the EUC spotlight?

The Begode Hero is a solid EUC that has a lot going for it, but here are 3 reasons why the Hero isn’t getting the love and attention that other new EUCs are getting.

  1. Begode Pricing mistake: When the Hero was first announced, my jaw dropped at the $4K price tag for a measly 1800 Wh battery. That’s a premium price from a company that has built its reputation on less than premium construction. I’ve purchased and owned two other Gotway/Begode EUCs that both had quality problems when they arrived and while the Hero is the best quality EUC Begode has ever made, no one is going to pay $4k for that small of a battery with no name mediocre suspension. Blame it on inflation or supply chain issues, but bottom line, no one is paying $4k for 1800 Wh. Begode has since adjusted their pricing and currently you can get the Hero for $3250 at Alien Rides.
  2. Begode has moved on: How does this fit with the Begode Master on its way? Begode has really been hyping up the Master, it’s third suspension EUC, all over social media, seemingly at the expense of the Hero. With the prospects of the Master, a seemingly even better suspension EUC on the horizon, this will definitely cannibalize sales of the Begode Hero, as savvy consumers on a budget are willing to wait and see what comes of the Kingsong S20 and Begode Master. Begode doesn’t seem to care that rapidly announcing and releasing new EUCs may be hurting their sales as they continue their shock and awe campaign of new EUC releases to overwhelm the competition along with the consumer.
  3. King Song did a much better job hyping up their suspension EUC: The S20 generated a ton of interest when it was announced and that overshadowed and out-specced the over priced Hero, which quickly became an afterthought. The S20 excels in the one area you expect a suspension EUC to excel in: the suspension. The S20 is a good EUC with great suspension while the Hero is a good EUC with ok suspension.
Begode Hero EUC

Despite the reasons for why the Hero has had a lackluster start, let’s talk about what it takes for a new EUC to compete in today’s market, let alone succeed:

  1. Performance: the Hero is a powerful and torque filled wheel but with mediocre suspension and range.
  2. Quality and reliability: Begode has a tarnished brand when it comes to reliability and safety. Can the Hero turn things around with the Hero? My wheel from Alien Rides has held up, except for the mud flap which fell off and some loose screws that fell out of the trolley handle. We will see how the wheel holds up over time.
  3. Fair pricing: Begode doomed the Hero to fail with its initial outrageous price of $4k. Begode has since brought down its pricing, but will that be enough to lure back consumers?
Hero EUC Begode

Begode Hero Pros:

  • Design
  • Built in seat
  • Fit and finish
  • Pedals
  • Screen
  • Kickstand
  • Torque
  • Sturdy well designed trolley handle

Begode Hero Cons:

  • Expensive
  • Batteries too small
  • Suspension
  • Tire
  • Difficult tire changes
Gotway Hero EUC

My thoughts on the Begode Hero EUC

The Begode Hero is the second electric unicycle by Begode to have suspension and it is the first electric unicycle by Begode to not look like it was designed by the folks at Samsonite.

The Hero is reminiscent of the sexy King Song S18 suspension EUC that hit the scene in 2020; only it’s bigger, more rugged in appearance, and more expensive… much more expensive.

Will EUC riders other than Gotway superfans tolerate the enormous price tag for an 1800Wh battery with all the competition in the market?

The current price tag is too much for the battery size of 1800Wh and for a company with a history of poor quality control.

If automaker KIA, historically known for low end, budget cars were to sell a luxury car at budget prices, that could find a market. But if KIA were to make and sell a luxury car at luxury Mercedes prices, that would fail.

The thing about the EUC market is this: no single company has yet to separate itself as a luxury EUC brand.

Begode has yet to show me that they have anything in their DNA to elevate their status to that of a premium electric unicycle brand. That isn’t a bad thing. It’s hard to build a name with the reputation of companies like BMW, Apple, or Tesla.

Before we can crown the BMW of EUC I need to see a quality, safety, and reliability record that is so amazing, it deserves the title and the high price tag that comes with it.

Begode Hero EUC

Lest we forget

Are the new Begode Hero and the Commander enough to make consumers forget the battery fires that troubled the company just months ago?

Probably. EUC fans are fickle creatures and while we may care about safety and quality one moment, the shine and sparkle of a new device will quickly win over many as the amnesia induced by the mere concept of a new product gets them to take out their credit cards while simultaneously causing them to forget about the failures and fires of the past.

So yes, maybe a name change from Gotway to Begode and newly designed electric unicycles that departs from the luggage-like design in the past may be enough to get many riders to forget the issues and buy their new products.

Begode Hero EUC review

While Begode has a history of pushing what has been considered safe and possible with their EUCs, making them bigger and faster, their product quality has suffered due to poor quality control.

The Premium Priced Begode Hero is Worth It, Only If…

The push to make a premium, high end, high priced item like the Begode Hero is a gamble that will pay dividends if the product truly is the BMW of EUC. Begode can fill the void in the EUC world and rise to become the first premium EUC brand.

I would pay the high premium for an EUC that I knew would not burst into flames at night while charging or had the redundancy and engineering to not randomly cut out while riding or had a shell that didn’t split in half after the first minor fall or had a light that didn’t fall off after a tumble or had a design that protected the fan so it didn’t break if the wheel fell over.

As consumers, we can not tolerate or accept high priced shoddy workmanship.

Begode Hero Ewheel


I wanted to love the Begode Hero and there is a lot to love about it. The ride and design of the wheel is good, the trolley handle is solid, the kickstand is nice. The display and pedals are the best to come on an EUC.

But the tire choice and bland suspension makes the high price tag too tough to swallow, especially since it appears that Begode has moved on from the Hero and is now focusing on their next suspension EUC, the Begode Master.

If and when Begode completely abandons the Hero will affect the ability to obtain parts and servicing in the future.

What are your thoughts?

Begode Hero Suspernsion 1

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Check out my impressions of the King Song S20.

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