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Begode Master Pro Electric Unicycle Review – The Biggest EUC Battery Yet

by freshlycharged

With the increasing demand for alternative and eco-friendly modes of transportation, electric unicycles have gained popularity among urban commuters and thrill-seekers alike.

One notable player in the EUC market is the Begode Master Pro Electric Unicycle, a sleek and powerful personal transportation device with a massive 4800 Wh battery. With a range of well over 100 miles, you could easily replace your vehicle with the Master Pro.

In this review, we will delve into the pros and cons of the Begode Master Pro, diving into its features, performance, and potential drawbacks to help you make an informed decision if you’re considering adding this cutting-edge device to your transportation arsenal.

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What we love about the Begode Master Pro

  1. Massive 4800 Wh Battery
  2. Range of 100+ miles
  3. Speeds of 50+ mph
  4. Adjustable air suspension
  5. Can adjust the suspension without carrying tools
  6. 22-inch tire
  7. Easy to ride seated on the built-in seat
  8. High pedal clearance
  9. 134-volt system
  10. Rides stable at high speeds
  11. Front lights are bright

Massive 4800 Wh Battery for Extended Riding Range

The Begode Master Pro comes equipped with a massive 4800 Wh battery, which provides one of the longest riding range in the EUC market. With this high-capacity battery, riders can cover longer distances without worrying about running out of power.

The extended battery life makes the Begode Master Pro an ideal choice for commuting, touring, and exploring; free from the worry and inconvenience of frequent recharging.

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What is the top speed on the Begode Master Pro?

The Begode Master Pro is known for its high-performance capabilities due to its industry leading 134V system, including a top speed of 50+ mph (80+ km/h). This makes it one of the fastest electric unicycles available, allowing riders to cover long distances quickly and efficiently.

The high speed also adds an element of thrill and excitement for adventure-seekers who enjoy fast-paced rides. Top speed depends on weight and battery levels. Be sure to use caution when trying to achieve high speeds and always respect the audible beep warnings.

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How big is the tire on the Begode Master Pro?

One of the standout features of the Begode Master Pro is its large 22-inch wheel. This wheel size provides several advantages over smaller wheel sizes commonly found in other electric unicycles.

A larger wheel offers better stability and a smoother ride, allowing riders to tackle various terrains with ease. Whether it’s cruising through city streets, gliding over rough pavements, or navigating through off-road trails, the 22-inch wheel of the Begode Master Pro offers enhanced stability and comfort.

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Is the Begode Master Pro easy to ride seated?

The Master Pro is my favorite EUC to ride seated. The wheel is tall so it is easy to transition from standing to seated, and vice versa. That Master Pro is big enough that you don’t feel cramped up when riding seated, whereas, on other wheels, I feel like a clown on a mini bike.

The built-in seat is nice and comfy and I love that I don’t have to purchase an additional accessory to ride seated like with the Inmotion V13.

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What type of suspension is on the Begode Master Pro?

The Master Pro features an adjustable air suspension with 80mm of travel.

The suspension system of the Begode Master Pro enhances the overall comfort of the ride by minimizing the impact on the rider’s body, reducing fatigue and strain during long rides. As I get older, my body appreciates a suspension system instead of just depending on my knees.

I love that I can adjust the damping of the suspension from fast to slow without needing any tools. I hate that I have to carry around a tool on the Inmotion V13 if I want to adjust the suspension damping.

Click here for the current pricing on the Begode Master Pro.

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What we hate about the Begode Master Pro

  1. Not a beginner wheel
  2. Takes a while to get used to the size
  3. Heavy
  4. The springs on the kickstand are noisy
  5. Plastic casing around the batteries
  6. Looks unfinished
  7. Stock pads are not movable
  8. The display gets scratched easily
  9. The display is hard to read in direct sunlight

How much does the Begode Master Pro weigh?

The Master Pro weighs a whopping 118 lbs (53.5 kg). This is not a beginner wheel to learn on. It is very big and heavy.

I can easily lift 118 lbs at the gym but the shape of the Master Pro coupled with no handles to grab the wheel makes it cumbersome to lift in and out of vehicles. I’ve also pinched my fingernail when pulling the EUC out of the car due to the suspension compressing.

I suggest getting a ramp off Amazon to load the Master Pro in and out of vehicles.

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Is the Begode Master Pro a good beginner wheel?

The Master Pro is a terrible wheel to learn how to ride EUC. It is definitely an intermediate to expert wheel due to its size and weight.

Suspension wheels are always a challenge to learn on. With the Master Pro, you have suspension, high pedal clearance, and 118 lbs to deal with while learning. If you are set on a suspension wheel for your first EUC, I would suggest you try a T4 to learn on.

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Begode and their subpar craftsmanship

I love the power and firmware on Begode wheels. However, I loathe their craftsmanship. Begode wheels always feel a little unfinished compared to the refined look of wheels like the Inmotion V13.

The exposed wires, thin plastic battery casing, boxy design, terrible silicone jobs, and stationary pads drive me insane. However, I keep coming back for more due to their sheer power and amazing firmware.

You won’t get the prettiest wheel when you choose Begode, but you’ll get a powerful wheel with finely-tuned firmware that allows you to become one with the wheel.

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It’s 2023 and we are still using 1980’s technology

Begode needs to update its display. Although the display is big, it reminds me of a Casio alarm clock from the 80s and is hard to read in direct sunlight.

The worst part is the plastic they use to protect the display is cheap and the display gets scratched easily. I would like to see Begode enter 2023 and bring a color touch display to their wheels like we see on the Inmotion V12 and V13.

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The Master Pro feels awkward at first

The Master Pro feels awkward at first, even for seasoned riders. When I first tested out the Master Pro when doing a group ride with Alien Rides, I felt like I was going to ride it off the cliffside.

The wheel takes at least 20 miles to get used to the size and maneuverability. However, once you get a hang of it, your perseverance will be rewarded with a wheel that is incredible to ride.

The key is to be light on your feet and let the wheel do the work. Once you become loose and fluid, the Master Pro is a ton of fun!

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Differences in the Master Pro V1 and V2

Model Master Pro V1 Master Pro V2
Battery Casing Plastic Metal
Light LED light bar LED round light
Kickstand Spring action Fixed lower mounted
Suspension linkage Old version Updated Version

Begode has upgraded the kickstand on the Master Pro so you won’t hear the noisy springs like you do on our V1 version.

They have also changed the suspension linkage so you won’t need as much air in the suspension to prevent it from bottoming out.

The battery casing has been upgraded from plastic to metal, but it makes it hard to stick 3rd party pads to it.

The front light has actually gotten worse on the V2 version and there have been overheating issues on it. Overall, Begode has improved some things but made other things worse.

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Final Thoughts on the Begode Master Pro

The Master Pro is a great choice for taller and heavier riders who like riding long distances and who enjoy seated riding. With a range of 100+ miles, you will most likely get tired before the wheel runs out of battery.

The massive wheel and built-in seat make it the perfect seated EUC, so you can take a seat during your marathon ride.

The 134-volt system coupled with the 80mm of suspension travel brings me peace of mind that at 200 lbs, I won’t have an issue if I hit an imperfection on the road riding at 40 mph.

If you have been wanting to replace your vehicle with a EUC, the Master Pro is an excellent choice due to its range and ability to ride consistently at higher speeds. Jimmy lives 30 minutes from me and I can get to his house faster on the Master Pro than in my car.

Overall, the Master Pro is not perfect for everyone but it is perfect the perfect EUC for riders seeking the ultimate long-range daily driver.

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