InMotion V12 Electric Unicycle Review

InMotion V12 Electric Unicycle Review

by freshlycharged

The InMotion V12 is the best 16 inch wheel electric unicycle money can buy. With the biggest motor and battery ever seen in an InMotion EUC, the InMotion V12 gives you the power and abilities similar to the Begode wheels but with three key distinctions. Compared to any other 16 inch EUC, the InMotion V12 has:

  • More features
  • Better quality
  • Superior construction

I loved my time with the InMotion V12 which I was initially loaned by Jason at Ewheels to test and review. I was impressed so much by the V12 that I purchased my own which I am now using as my daily ride EUC.

InMotion V12 Specifications

  • Battery: 1750 wh
  • Charger: 2.3 a/100.8 v
  • Max. Load: 265 lbs.
  • Max. Range: 40 mi.
  • Motor: 2500 w
  • Tire: 16 in. x 3 in.
  • Top Speed: 43.5 mph (expected)
  • Weight: 64 lbs.

Who will love the InMotion V12

If you want a nimble electric unicycle with power and range but you don’t want to sacrifice quality and safety, then this is the perfect EUC for you. The InMotion V12 is the most customizable EUC ever built and it is packed with power and filled with innovative features.

No electric unicycle is perfect. The InMotion V12 certainly has many great things going for it but there some things with this EUC that could be improved. Here are my pros and cons to the InMotion V12.

InMotion V12 Pros:

  • Strong durable materials and build
  • Great fit and finish
  • Interactive and informative touch display
  • Bright headlights
  • Adjustable pedal hangars
  • Better kickstand than the V11
  • Loud and clear speakers
  • Sophisticated LED lights that don’t look toyish
  • Sound wave
  • Certified water resistance rating
  • No hollow motor issues
  • Agile and responsive acceleration
  • No fans means less to break and very quiet

InMotion V12 Cons:

  • Must initially download and connect to an App to activate
  • Slow charging
  • Sluggish slow braking
  • Occasional speed wobbles at high speeds
  • LED screen is difficult to see in daylight
  • Trolly handle is awkward to open and close with one hand
  • Heavy at 64 lbs which may limit portability

InMotion V12 EUC Details

It’s easy to get caught up in the excitement of a new electric unicycle release. The expectation for the newer generation wheels is for them to be bigger, faster, and stronger, taking us to speeds never seen before on one wheel.

As a thrill seeker, I love bigger, faster, and stronger or “BFS.” But as a husband to my beautiful wife and as a father of four, I prioritize QRS: quality, reliability, and speed. So of course I want a wheel that’s bigger and faster and stronger, but not if it sacrifices quality, reliability and safety.

Here’s a great 400 mile review from Ms. Crusher. Check it out and support her channel:

Till now, the fastest and most powerful wheels are either sold out (Veteran Sherman) or are made by a company with such shoddy workmanship and an unacceptably high failure rate (Gotway/Begode) that even a company name change won’t shake the image of catastrophic cut outs and spontaneous fires.

For me, 16 inches is the sweet spot of not too small, not too big, but just right where beginners won’t be overwhelmed and even the most experienced riders will enjoy.

I want a quality EUC that has quality engineering, quality construction and is made of quality materials. I want a reliable EUC that won’t cut out on me, my family, or my friends. I want a safe ECU that won’t burst into flames while charging as my family and I are asleep. Can the InMotion V12 check all those boxes?

Imagine the power and performance of a Begode (Gotway) electric unicycle with actual quality engineering and safety as a priority. Could that really happen, or am I just dreaming?

The InMotion V12 may be the unicorn I’ve been searching for with its Begode-like power and with quality construction and safety in mind.

Jimmy Chang

InMotion V12 Overall Build Quality

I’ve purchased Begode EUCs that came to me brand new with loose screws, cracks in the shell, and even internal wires hanging out. This was not the case of the V12. The InMotion V12 fit and finish on the production model that I received was perfect which instills confidence that this machine was built with a focus on quality.

The body is made of a strong quality plastic material that survived multiple big crashes while doing some extreme riding at a bike park with stunt EUC riders Mike Leahy and Seth Johnson. No fragile plastic shell here; we were all surprised by the V12s durability.

20210605 112840 1
Inmotion v12 display

The front and rear rubber bumper design really helped to protect the wheel during these crashes and the V12 was left muddied and a few scratches where many other wheels would have fared much worse.

Trolly handle locks when folded and unfolded. There is a little side to side play on the handle but  the handle is solid push and pulling forward and back. The rubber handle does slide off with enough force and needs to be secured better with an adhesive.

InMotion V12 Design and Features

The InMotion V12 has some never before seen features on an electric unicycle as well as some improved elements.

Adjustable pedal height

The most innovative feature is something EUC enthusiasts have been asking for: adjustable pedal height. Some like to ride high, some like to ride closer to the ground. The InMotion V12 allows you to adjust your ride height to one of three levels.

Inmotion v12 pedal hangers
Inmotion v12 hangers

In the past, if riders wanted more clearance on their EUC for something like trail rides, they had to buy and install a new set of pedal hangars– not an easy task. Now you can set your pedal height to how you like.

I prefer my pedals higher as I like the clearance on trails and I like the tighter turns you can take without having to pedal scrape.

Touch Display

Other electric unicycles have had displays in the past to show rudimentary information. The V12 however has a fantastic touch display that is easy to navigate and provides a ton of information from the standard speed, range, and battery level to internal board temperature and ride statistics.

The information displayed is customizable and just about all of the ride settings can be adjusted on the easy to use display.

The display is responsive most of the time but there were a few times it just would not work. Not sure why. The display also does not work well when wet. In bright conditions, the display is difficult to read.

The touch display also gives you the option to put a pin lock on the V12 so that the motor will not engage until the correct pin has been entered, similar to your smartphone.

Sound Wave

The InMotion V12 Sound Wave feature emits a low pur that mimics a sci fi motor sound that subtly revs depending on how hard you are accelerating. Some riders hated it, and for them we turned Sound Wave off. I was indifferent to the Sound Wave at first but I actually grew to really like it.

I enjoy being able to ride up to pedestrians and give the wheel a little rev to alert them of my presence. I wish for two improvements: the ability to turn the Sound Wave volume even louder so I can use it more effectively and the option for different sounds.


The InMotion V12 kickstand is the best kickstand I’ve ever used. The kickstand is very stable and I use it all the time when needing to stop quickly to run an errand, get video footage for the YouTube channel, or to snap a quick photo.

I have forgotten to put up the kickstand during rides and I have not run into any issues but it is best practice to put it up while riding.

Inmotion v12 production
Inmotion v12 stand


The InMotion V12 speakers are loud, clear and crisp. The best speakers I’ve experienced on an electric unicycle. While the bass is lacking, the V12 can really pump out the tunes during rides or for those impromptu parties at the park.

The loud speakers are also vital to alert the riders when they are riding dangerously or going too fast.


The front lights remind me of the back of an iPhone (credit Mickey at EVX) and they work well. You have three settings, low beam, high beam, and all beams. Last year’s V11 still has the brightest headlight I’ve seen on an EUC, but the V12 light works very well.

Inmotion v12 light

On the front, rear and back of the InMotion V12 there are light strips that are more refined than the lights found on other EUCs. The lights peak out through the shell and while not very bright, they also don’t make your EUC look like a toy.

Inmotion v12 lights

Water resistance rating

The InMotion V12 has an IPX5 rating which means that it is protected against low pressure water jets from any direction. The InMotion V12 batteries are even more protected and have an IPX6 rating which means the batteries can survive high pressure water stream from any angle.

While most distributors and manufacturers will not warranty against water damage, there is much peace of mind that comes with the knowledge that enough care, effort and attention was put into the design to get a water resistance rating for the InMotion V12, something not commonly seen with electric unicycles.

Sound of Silence

One of the InMotion V12s best features is something you can’t see or hear. Most electric unicycles use at least one fan to keep the internal components from overheating. I recently rode a Gotway Monster Pro and the fan was so loud I had to turn off the Monster each time I stopped to speak into the camera.

The InMotion V12 uses a heat sink to keep the EUC from overheating. I will be watching carefully to see how this holds up over time. Some of the clear advantages to a fanless cooling system is the lack of fan noise and fewer parts to break down.

Smart BMS

The folks at InMotion are proud of their smart battery management system (BMS) which consists of three built-in BMS to keep your battery running optimally. There’s also a black box type feature that records conditions during a catastrophic event. Hopefully that information can help the team at InMotion improve on future iterations and designs.

InMotion V12 Ports

The InMotion V12 does come with USB and USB type C ports for charging your gadgets while out and about. The rubber cover over the ports does a good job staying closed. When really sending it or riding rough terrain, it can come loose.

Inmotion v12 ports

The Looks

The InMotion V12 is polished and refined and has a sophisticated feel while the front and rear vents give a bit of an aggressive look. The V12 stands out in a sea of electric unicycles masquerading as travel luggage or Roombas.

Getting Your InMotion V12 Started

But before we jump into performance, let’s talk about getting the InMotion V12 started out of the box as this can be a frustrating experience. I know, because I’ve done this twice now.

When I get a new device, I’m excited to get out and use it but the InMotion V12 will test your patience, and here’s why. Turning on the InMotion V12 for the very first time is finicky and I still haven’t figured out the secret.

I usually have the V12 up on the kickstand and when the power button for the first time the EUC would make noises but the screen wouldn’t turn on.

Bringing the EUC to the full upright position and pressing the button seemed to do the trick for me. The screen would turn on and it would ask me to connect to the app to activate… wait, what?! I have to download an app!

Out of the box, while you are getting the InMotion app set up, get your EUC charging right away because the charger is slooooowwwww!

V12 charger inmotion

InMotion V12 Charger is a Slow 2.3Ah

When I first got my InMotion V12, I was very excited to ride it but that excitement had to wait as it took forever for the 2.3Ah output charger to charge the large batteries.

Compared to other chargers that come with the Begode or Shermans which put out 8-10 Ah, the InMotion V12 charger is very slow.

While your InMotion V12 is charging, you’ll have plenty of time to get set up.

InMotion V12 App

You will need an Android or Iphone to get set up. Download the app, make a profile, and connect your app to your new EUC.

Inmotion V12 unlock

Signing up for an account on the InMotion app will require giving up more personal information and access to your phone than anyone should feel comfortable about giving to a Chinese company… phone number, email, location, access to my the information on my phone.

Screen Shot 2021 08 14 at 9.39.03 AM

The app is clean but I could do without the social media feel and options. Through the app you can register your InMotion V12, give it a name, and personalize your profile pic. You’ll want to switch the EUC out of transportation mode.

Inmotion V12

On the app you can even set a passcode to unlock your EUC before riding to help prevent theft or to keep people from riding off with your wheel without your permission.

Inmotion v12 getting started

InMotion V12 Performance

The InMotion V12 is packed with features and amenities and as we have discussed, the quality and fit and finish are best in class. However, none of that means a thing if it can’t perform.

The InMotion V12 slogan is: “Built for the ultimate city riding experience” which reminds me of the BMW slogan, “The ultimate driving machine.”

I’m a huge fan of EUCs with 16 inch wheels which is the perfect size to feel stable and comfortable at the speeds I like to ride (25-35 miles per hour) while still being portable and maneuverable.

InMotion V12 Speed

The InMotion V12 is the fastest electric unicycle in the 16″ tire category with a stock top speed of 37 mph and an unlocked top speed of 43 mph. Learn how to unlock the top speed on your InMotion V12 here.

You can use our EUC comparison tool to compare the specs of all the electric unicycles. Here is a screenshot of some of the info when filtering for just 16″ tire EUCs.

Screen Shot 2021 08 16 at 9.30.57 PM
The InMotion V12 is the fastest 16″ tire EUC

InMotion V12 Weight

The InMotion V12 is on the heavy side for a 16 inch EUC, weighing 64 lbs (29 kgs). Considering the motor size, speed, and range, the InMotion V12 is the most powerful 16 inch EUC on the market and while it is heavy for a 16 inch wheel, while you are riding, the wheel feels light and very capable.

InMotion V12 Tire

The stock CST 1488 16 inch diameter 3 inch wide tire is agile and smooth with very good acceleration on the road and performed admirably well off-road.

Inmotion v12 tire

Improving the Ride

The ride feel becomes even better when you put something like Clark pads on to help you grip the wheel. With Clark Pads you’ll be hopping and zipping around town with ease.

Having some sort of power pads improved the soft braking, giving me something to leverage on while leaning back to slow down and to stop.

Speed Wobbles

The Clark Pads also really help to reduce speed wobbles which I definitely experienced early on as I was getting accustomed to the higher positioning of the pedals and traveling at higher speeds.

The pedal tilt back to alert you to slow down when reaching the top speeds you set is definitely noticeable. While you can push through it, the ride is uncomfortable.

The InMotion V12 performed admirably even with the most experienced riders, Seth Johnson and Mike Leahy. Once enabled with Clark Pads, these stunt riders were going fast and flying high having a great time.

Inmotion v12 inspection

InMotion V12 Sluggish Braking

The responsive acceleration is great but there is a big area for improvement: the breaking. The InMotion V12 braking is sluggish and slow for a 16 inch wheel. I expect more torque when braking hard which is important for emergency stopping.

My first time riding the V12 I accelerated hard which felt fantastic. But when it came time to brake hard, I nearly fell off the back as I leaned backwards and the wheel kept going forward.

Compared to my Gotway Nikola which is another 16 inch EUC, the InMotion V12 braking power is disappointing in an EUC that I hope to be a “safe” wheel. Because the braking is so soft, I’ve learned to plan ahead and even turn when braking hard to be able to stop when I want.

Hopefully the sluggish braking can be addressed in a future firmware update and riders will be given the option to customize braking feel to their liking: hard, medium, and soft.

For the meanwhile, I have found that Clark pads really do offer improved braking, giving me something to lean back against when slowing down.

Inmotion v12 unbox

InMotion V12 Ride Customization

In addition to the customized pedal height, there are digital settings you can adjust to shape your ride.

There are so many ways to customize the InMotion V12 ride that it can get overwhelming for new riders who just want to jump on and go. But take some time to figure out what all the settings do. After you dial in your ride settings to you, you will love the feel of the V12.

This digital shaping of the InMotion V12 ride is similar to what the company Future Motion has done with the Onewheel. I’d love to be able to save and name ride settings so that each rider can easily switch to their profile and quickly have their V12 ride tuned specifically for them or specifically for the conditions.

Right now you have the option of Off Road or Commute ride modes. I’d love to see more prepackaged modes added to that to quickly choose a beginner or advanced mode that will also set all your alarms and cut off angles. How about a Mike Leahy mode for when you really want to get sendy with it?

If you want to unlock the full speed potential of the InMotion V12, you’ll need to switch the V12 to “Fancier” mode.

In the “Fancier” mode on your InMotion V12, the app says you could get a greater power output and a higher top speed.

The Fancier Mode allows you to set the top speed from 60 kph (37mph) to 70 kph (43 mph).

Learn how to switch to fancier mode here.

Inmotion v12 unboxing

For the complete specs, pricing, and availability, check out Ewheels for more.

Here’s the entire user manual for your enjoyment.

Here’s the video unboxing of the InMotion V12:

Here are some more random thoughts about the InMotion V12:

  • Relatively slow charger, 2.3 Ah output.
  • You’ll need to have the app to get your EUC started out of the box.
  • The pads on the sides of the V12 do not offer much traction. The quality of the ride significantly improves with some sort of power pads.
  • The soft rubber bumpers at the front and rear do an amazing job of absorbing impacts during falls.
  • The plastic shell is more durable and are of higher quality compared to Gotway/Begode EUCs.
  • The touch screen is extremely useful and easy to navigate. I’ve been able to do everything I want on the touchscreen except for one thing… does anyone know how to switch it from metric to imperial units?
  • The touchscreen is difficult to see in direct sunlight.
  • The headlights are much brighter on the production V12 than on previous iterations.
  • The trolly handle angle has been fixed and is closer to 60 degrees. I’ll need to confirm this when I can find my protractor.
  • The sound that the V12 emits while you ride is actually quite enjoyable but if you don’t like it you can easily turn it off with the useful touch display.
  • The V12 feels heavier than I had expected.
  • Pedal hangars are now black.
  • The V12 came with a 2.3 Ah charging block.
  • The kick stand is fantastic! Seems to be more stable than on the V11 but that may be due to the shorter profile of the V12 compared to the V11.
  • Speakers are loud and clear but the sound lacks bass. Overall the speakers are very good for an EUC.
  • The front, side, and rear LED lights have a more sophisticated look and feel compared to other EUCs.
  • The rubber cover over the charge port and USB ports feels secure and never came loose or inadvertently opened during my rides but did when Mike and Seth were sending it.
Inmotion v12 box


The InMotion V12 is the most customizable electric unicycle ever. The V12 is a great all around wheel packed with power, filled with features, and built with quality and safety in mind. The biggest drawback to the V12 is the relatively slow braking for such a powerful device and I hope that can be remedied with future updates.

For updated information on InMotion V12 availability and pricing check out ewheels.

Special thanks Jason at Ewheels for arranging this production release InMotion V12 to me and to InMotion for air shipping it from China. Like I said before, I loved the wheel so much, I purchased one to use as my daily driver.

Anyone want to buy my used Nikola?

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