KS S18 vs InMotion V11

KingSong S18 vs InMotion V11

by freshlycharged

Back in January I met and rode with the folks from Inmotion and they told that they were working on a super secret project that was going to be amazing. Now we know what that project is: suspension.

Well, the world was recently introduced to the first ever mass marketed single wheeled self balancing device with suspension from InMotion, the V11. Then, just days later a separate company, KingSong introduced their EUC with suspension, the S18.

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Who will love the King Song S18:

Enthusiasts looking to get a sporty EUC that looks amazing and has a great suspension system will not be disappointed with the King Song S18.

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What I think:

King Song S18 Pros:

  • Aesthetics
  • Suspension
  • Bright headlight
  • Easy to grip
  • Handles well off road

King Song S18 Cons:

  • No speakers
  • Fragile body
  • Trolly handle/carry handle adds an extra step
  • Top speed of 31 mph and range of 45 miles may not be enough for some riders
Full Inmotion V11 Review

Who will love the InMotion V11:

Those looking for a well rounded workhorse EUC will find the InMotion V11 to be a smooth and powerful machine that will transport you in comfort, dampening the bumps and cracks to make this one of the most enjoyable cruising EUCs around.

Jumpers, tricksters, speed demons and range monsters may be disappointed though. The InMotion V11 is designed for the masses and not necessarily for specialist riders.

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What I think:

InMotion V11 PROS

  • Suspension
  • Head light, best ever in an EUC
  • Trolly handle, very sturdy
  • Kick stand, first of its kind
  • Mud guard looks great, works well
  • Carbon fiber finish is durable and relatively resistant to scratches

InMotion V11 CONS

  • Saddle attachment, potential break points
  • No speakers
  • Light fan is loud
  • Suspension adjustments are cumbersome to access
  • Suspension valve caps are easily lost
  • Flat featureless sides make it difficult to “grab” onto the EUC with your legs for leverage. Side pads will be needed.
InMotion V11 vs Kingsong S18

Why doesn’t this move with suspension surprise me? Well, EUC riders tend to differ from Onewheel riders in that they focus on specs whereas Onewheel riders focus on being able to stand sideways and the stoke that makes the Onewheel so unique.

I’m not going to go into all the details of each of the new wheels with suspension but I will highlight some of the things that caught my attention and compare them for you.

The biggest specs that people are interested in boil down to speed, power, and range. But after a while, except for the hard core fans, the majority of riders don’t need to be able to go insanely fast or have out of this world range, although it is nice to have and to brag about.

Because you can only do so much with speed and range, I feel that these companies shifted the focus to help make the ride feel smoother and to set their wheel apart from the others and that is an expected evolution.

Because of the addition of suspension, sacrifices in other areas needed to be made to keep device weight and price down. That is why we see the relatively average speed of 32 mph and the KingSong has left out speakers on its wheel.

Tire size is the same in both wheels. I like the 3” tire width in my Nikola.

KS S18 is lighter than the Inmotion V11 but also has less range.

A lot of people are talking about the suspension and the bright headlights. Personally, I love the kick stand which lets me take photos of my wheel more easily when I’m out and about.

I feel like the Onewheel is more photogenic than most EUCs because it can stand on its own whereas EUCs need to be leaned against something or laid down on the floor when not in use.

The kick stand could be a game changer for Instagram and Facebook posts.

The two devices have suspension, but the designs are very different. The InMotion has a traditional appearance whereas the KS S18 has gone out of its way to showcase its suspension system and I have to admit I love the look of the KingSong.

I love the innovation and the pushing of boundaries. I find it fascinating that two separate companies were working on basically the same project to become the first to mass produce a wheel with suspension. I guess that’s what healthy competition will foster. A drive to innovate and improve.

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More suspension wheels are coming! Here’s a peak at the Gotway EX:

Gotway EX

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