The Sherman Max from an Engineer’s Perspective

The Sherman Max from an Engineer’s Perspective

by freshlycharged


If you are looking for an all-around wheel at the pinnacle of performance, reliability, range and practicality on the road, then the Sherman Max is your choice, now in its 4th iteration in refinements.

“All roads lead to the Shermans…“

Chicago EUC group

If you have been riding EUC for 2 years or more, you probably have a check list. After some 2,000 to 3,000 miles of experience, you end up looking for certain characteristics with your next wheel. For me, the list is:

  • Performance
  • Range
  • Reliability
  • Practicality

As of writing this in early 2022, there is no other new proven EUC that satisfies all the above mentioned other than the Sherman Max.

This is a guest article written by C.T. Pham.

For up to date pricing and availability of the Sherman Max.

My progression to the Sherman Max…

Starting out with E-bikes then Dualtron3 Scooter, then XR Onewheel(CBXR), EUC Tesla V2, RSHT/Molicel P42A, and now the Sherman MAX.

My EUC riding experience is 250 days on the Tesla V2, I put about 2,300 miles on it. Riding 16-inch wheel, I wanted to develop good riding techniques and habits before going to the 18x3inch format (RS).

I was taught by the members of the Chicago and Indianapolis Groups in “The way of the EUC,” where I learned How to Ride, Where to Ride and How to be Safe out there.

Screen Shot 2022 04 21 at 9.20.51 AM

From this I learned good habits and discovered Safety Gear that is needed to be sustainable in this hobby. Learning from experienced and successful riders really helped me to progress quickly.

Fast forward 250days and about 2,300 miles on the Telsa V2, I switched to the Begode RSHT from with the Molicel P42A battery pack (performance).

After many group rides that were 60 plus miles on the RSHT and carrying my Heavy Fast charger around, I was ready for the ‘Next’ Wheel… Seeing all the Chicago Guys riding the Veteran Sherman, the new Veteran Sherman Max was the obvious choice.

A little bit of info about the Chicago Group:

We ride a mix of City Bike Paths, Streets, and sometimes trails. But mostly in the pathed trails or streets. Most outings will consist of 4-7 hours of riding (15-30mph), charging(30-45mins), eating and riding again… sometimes we throw in a Boba/Smoothie shop in mix too. But all eating/drinks location must have sufficient charging for the group.

The Chicago Group has an active Telegram chat… it feels like we are a small family tied together by our collective interest in EUC. On any given day, the group will start off as a three rider group, with location sharing, the group will grow organically to 8-12 riders for that day/night.


Switching from the venerable RSHT with Molicel P42a pack would be a tall task but when I went to the Sherman Max, otherwise referred to as the ‘Shermax’ I am quickly struck with these thoughts:


Effortless Speed

This wheel just wants to fly. From around 10 mph all the way up to mph (I set my limit at 35 mph being this is a new wheel for me) it just accelerates harder than I am used to….30 mph and up it just sounds and feels like it has another gear or two to go which scares me because I don’t have high level protection equipment right now.

The wheel just feels like a professional tool rather than a hobby toy. Some articles state that the Max has lower top speed, but they also state that extra Torque in the Sherman Max makes for harder acceleration than OG Sherman. So it is kind of a wash.

All Day Range

I did 65-mile ride in (50F-33F temps) @(20-34mph) and still had 84 volts left! This wheel can go down to 75 volts technically. I weigh 167 lbs and the biggest advantage is I can now leave my speed charger in the car because with the Sherman Max range I never have to use it so I can ditch my backpack and ride comfortably.

Now if there are days that we ride beyond 85 miles… then the charger has to packed, but that will be a rare day !

Safety in numbers

The 4 parallel battery pack – puts less strain on the system vs 2 parallel pack = more reliable and much less chance of cut off when you accelerate. This extra reliable power delivery gives me confidence to lean into the wheel and have much lower chance of cut out.

In addition, the 3600Wh battery will have lower voltage sag vs a 2 parallel pack configuration so the Sherman Max fundamentally has a big advantage in the power, capacity and safety arena. In my opinion this is well worth it for the peace of mind.

Kenda 262 tire

The Killer Bee’s sound that comes from the tire as it buzzes on pavement and asphalt is addicting, but what I like the most about the tire is the 5,000 – 7,000 miles tire life.

Those knobs are long and will protect you from most flats. Plus, you can run off road with confidence. The stock large 20-inch tire also has good gyro effect so the faster you go the more upright and stable you will feel.

Evolution of the Sherman

Over time, improvements have been made over the previous versions of the Sherman to make the Sherman Max a reliable and safe, high performance electric unicycle. Here are some big upgrades:

Increased battery life: using 21700 cells (21mm wide by 70mm long) with better stored energy vs 18650 cells (18mm wide by 65mm long)
Less voltage sag: theoretically less risk of cut out
Shell improvements: the inner side walls doesn’t have the plastic ribs seen in prior versions that could damage the Battery Pack BMS.
Better Rim: The Sherman is named after a tank and it is built like one too but the achilles heel on prior models seemed to be the rim which could break under the weight of the wheel. The Sherman Max has an upgraded rim.
Higher 2800 Watt motor: for better Peak performance
Better water proofing on top of the screen from OG V1

The Veteran Sherman Max Amenities

While not as fancy as some of the next generation electric unicycles, the Sherman Max does have some nice amenities:

  • Headlight, Taillight/brake light
  • Headlights are bright – and has adjustability
  • Headlights have strobing red sides – just long press button and you get a Guardian Angel light with its red strobing lights – such a bonus for safety.
  • Brake lights with active braking. They will brighten up when deceleration is applied.
  • Display panel – Speed, Odometer, settings all on the Display panel – and you can see it in broad day light. Coming from the RS that has info displayed not well executed, the Sherman Max is so refined you can even adjust your pedal angle with out an app… do it right there on screen from the wheel. Also you can get Battery data and display your current voltage.
  • Roll Cage to mount items like a seat, kickstand, extra lights, etc.

Sherman Max Cons

Slightly Top Heavy – but after 1-2 hours riding my mind and body got used to it quickly – caution this is a heavy 86 LBS wheel. So buyer beware.

Slight Pedal dipping when taking long slow turns – different from the Gotway RS

Stock pedals are nothing special. They don’t have spikes and you will eventually want to upgrade the sand paper stock pedals. I rode one evening seated and my foot slipped off the front corner. The next day I counter measured this and installed some Clark Spiked Pedals.

Mud guard not included.


“All roads lead to the Shermans…“ that is a saying in the Chicago EUC group… as there are 14 -16 members that all ride Shermans as their main wheel.

This is saying a lot because City Riding and the adverse weather can take a toll on the wheel, but the Sherman has won their confidence and is named King of the road around these parts…

as for me I would have to agree… The Max having all the improvement on top of already the current Gold Standard, is a clear Winner for 2022 riding season.

Check out pricing and availability of the Sherman Max.

I highly recommend this wheel if you are looking ultimate PEV that undeniable adrenaline rush with stability that you need, and the range that other owners wish.

Veteran Sherman Accessories

Add a Luna Seat and your ride and experience the most comfy ride you will ever have on an EUC…

My background story:

To fully understand a review, the reader must understand the background of the reviewer.

I am an engineer for a major automotive maker and I have developed 7 platforms of models from 1995 thru current 2022.

My priority has been to critically think through all the defects as well as future improvements in both Fit, Function, and Safety systems with the goal to keep drivers safe on the road.

Making sure the safety components work as intended in the final assembly, setting up control plans: (did we build that right, how do we know we built that right, and making sure we continuously improve). From doing this, I have developed critical thinking/analysis on mechanical and electrical systems and apply this to my daily lifestyle.

CT Pham aka Phamstagram360 (Instagram)

EUC Comparison Tool

It’s easy to get overwhelmed by the EUC options, so we made an interactive EUC Comparison Tool. You can sort, filter, and include or exclude data as you see fit. I hope you find this tool helpful!

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