What is the Best High Speed EUC?

by Nathan Schaumann

Today we’re going to review four of the biggest, baddest, and fastest high speed EUCs currently available on the market. We’ll be comparing three Begode wheels and one Inmotion wheel, and at the end we’ll pick an overall winner in the high-speed EUC category. Here are some of the most important specs:

Inmotion V13
Begode EX30
Begode Master Pro
Begode Monster Pro
60 mph
55 mph
50+ mph
50 mph
50 miles
100 miles
100 miles
150 miles
110 lbs
101 lbs
118 lbs
100 lbs
Max Rider Load
265 lbs
330 lbs
265 lbs
290 lbs
Water Resistance
90mm travel
80mm travel
80mm travel
80mm travel

Inmotion V13


We love the Inmotion V13 primarily for its design. It has the best styling of any EUC we’ve ever reviewed, and it’s gorgeous from any angle. It also has some built-in safety features that we like, and has both a rigid shell and a metal roll cage to prevent damage to the internal components. The popup handle doesn’t feel cheap like on a lot of the Begode wheels, the touchscreen display feels futuristic and is readable in direct sunlight, and it comes pre-installed with a seat! We also love the maintenance ease – you can change a tire in about 20 minutes, and if you want to adjust the suspension you don’t need to carry tools around with you. The Inmotion isn’t necessarily as well suited to off-roading as the Begode wheels, but it is an absolute beast on paved trails. For a pretty steep price, you’re getting an extremely powerful EUC with a crazy top speed. Our biggest gripe with this wheel is the relatively small battery, and so we can’t recommend this wheel to long-range riders.

See our full review here: https://freshlycharged.com/inmotion-v13-challenger-review-best-quality-euc-but-some-may-be-left-wanting-more/

Begode EX30

begode ex30 electric unicycle with large pedals

The Begode EX30 is an awesome wheel. It has a super bright front light, a solid kickstand, 80mm of adjustable air suspension, batteries that are mounted as low as possible to ensure ride stability, and it even has a solid water resistance rating. We like the handles, making the 101 lb weight somewhat manageable for lifting in and out of cars, and this is the easiest wheel we have ever found for “bonking” up curbs and stairs. It’s also a beast off-road, and when on-road the seat is quite comfortable. We’ve never worried about over-torquing this wheel.  It isn’t perfect, however, and we wish that Begode would update the hard-to-read, outdated display. The pre-installed pads are also pretty cheap, and they are difficult to swap out or adjust. The EX30 interestingly has pretty low clearance, which can be a concern depending on the type of terrain you are riding on. We also wish the front light was adjustable. 

See our full review here: https://freshlycharged.com/unleashing-the-power-begode-ex30-electric-unicycle-review/

Begode Master Pro

begode master pro suspension electric unicycle

This might be the best-selling of the four wheels on the list today, and definitely the best-known. It also features the biggest battery (a whopping 4800Wh), a comfy built-in seat, a bright front light, extremely high pedal clearance, and a solid 80mm of travel with its adjustable air suspension. The Master Pro is not for beginners, and is actually pretty hard to get used to riding, largely due to the massive weight (118 lbs). It also suffers from a hard-to-read, outdated display.

See our full review here: https://freshlycharged.com/begode-master-pro-electric-unicycle-review-the-biggest-euc-battery-yet/

Begode Monster Pro


Riding the Monster Pro feels like driving a Cadillac. The wheel is huge (24”), and very stable at any speed. We also love the dual charging ports (8A) and the relatively light weight when compared to the other three contenders. However, the built-in speakers suck, making bluetooth-connected music hard to hear, and even the tilt-back and warning beeps are difficult to make out when there is wind noise. While this is the most under-powered wheel of the list, it is largely unnoticeable, and this wheel can handle any hill with ease. 

See our full review here: https://freshlycharged.com/why-i-bought-a-begode-monster-pro-electric-unicycle/

The Winner(s):

It’s a tie between the Inmotion V13 and the Begode EX30. The V13 wins primarily for its styling and ludicrous speed, and the EX30 wins largely because of how much you are getting for the relatively lower price. Overall, we would recommend both of these wheels to anyone looking to branch out into the high-powered EUC world. Happy riding!

EUC Comparison Tool

It’s easy to get overwhelmed by the EUC options, so we made an interactive EUC Comparison Tool. You can sort, filter, and include or exclude data as you see fit. I hope you find this tool helpful!


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