InMotion V14 Adventure Review- It’s Basically the Air Jordans of EUCs

by Nathan Schaumann

The Inmotion V14 Adventure is an astounding wheel. The suspension makes you feel like you can fly, the power is limitless, and the build quality is one the best on any EUC we’ve tested! Pick yours up at at Ewheels here.

You can also watch our full video review here

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“You get on this wheel, you will feel like you can do things that you couldn’t do before.” – Jimmy Chang


  • $2999
  • 4000W motor (peak power 9000W)
  • 16″ x 3″ inch tire
  • 43-mph top speed (artificially limited)
  • 68-mph free spin speed
  • 86 lbs
  • 134V, 4 x 600Ah semi-removable battery packs (2400 Wh in total)
  • 0-31 mph in 2.5 seconds
  • 50-degree climbing angle
  • 850N torque (200 Nm Motor)
  • 75-mile range (claimed)

What We Love About The Inmotion V14 Adventure

The Suspension:

The V14 features progressive coil suspension with 85mm of travel, and you can adjust both the compression and a rebound with a simple knob, no tools necessary.

The suspension is AMAZING, and Andrew took more risks and cleared more jumps than he has on any other EUC, by far. The V14 is both stable and powerful, and gives you the confidence to explore any type of terrain.

Screenshot 2023 11 29 at 10.19.53%E2%80%AFAM

The Raptor Controller:

All experts in the EUC world know that the Raptor controller is an impressive feat of engineering, and is a great addition to this wheel. Additionally, when you open up the wheel to perform internal repairs, the inside looks neat and tidy, without too many wires jumbled everywhere.

Screenshot 2023 11 29 at 10.31.35%E2%80%AFAM

The Power:

134V system provides an amazing 9000 peak watts (4000 nominal watts), allowing Andrew (220 lbs) to climb even steep hills with ease. We didn’t hear any groaning from the motor during our entire 10-miles of off-road testing. The V14 comes with a C40 high-torque motor, and is perfect for intense trail riding. Top speed is limited to around 40 mph.

Screenshot 2023 11 29 at 1.09.52%E2%80%AFPM

The Display:

The display is simple and not cluttered, and gives you the info you need. It has only one button, and additional functionality comes from the excellently designed app, which is the same across all Inmotion products (Scooters included). While some may miss the touch sensitive screens found on other InMotion EUCs, here at Freshly Charged we are happy to not have to deal with that tiny, insensitive touch screen of wheels from the past.

Screenshot 2023 11 29 at 10.22.25%E2%80%AFAM

The Tire:

“The most unique tire we’ve ever seen on an electric unicycle” – Andrew N.

The Adventure’s deep knobby 16-inch tire provides excellent grip on any terrain, is 3-inches wide, and is mounted on a 12-inch rim. The 16″ wheel paired with the incredible power makes the Inmotion V14 incredibly nimble and agile.

Screenshot 2023 11 29 at 10.28.01%E2%80%AFAM 1

The Accessories:

Inmotion is learning from the third-party market, and adding flat panels on either side of the EUC to which you can easily attach your own Grizzla Pads, Clark Pads or other aftermarket pads.

Screenshot 2023 11 29 at 10.21.25%E2%80%AFAM

The Packaging: Our box came in great shape and there were no signs of any damage to the EUC or box. Everything was packaged neatly and the entire experience was what we have come to expect from Inmotion.

Screenshot 2023 11 29 at 10.20.47%E2%80%AFAM

The Water-Resistance Rating:

IPX6 (IPX7 for the battery case) is very impressive to see on any PEV, especially EUCs, which typically don’t have any water rating at all. It’s great to see Inmotion took the time and expense to get this wheel rated for any type of weather.

The Handles/Lights:

We like the tall trolley handle, which dwarfs the Begode EX30 and all other EUCs we have tested. There is also a rear handle, but instead of the rear light being integrated into the rear handle like on most EUCs, the light is up on the top next to the plastic casing of the display.

The front light is bright, looks identical to the V13 light, and doesn’t have a fan so it is much quieter.

Screenshot 2023 11 30 at 9.48.27%E2%80%AFAM
Screenshot 2023 11 29 at 10.27.37%E2%80%AFAM

The Shape:

The top of the V14 has a nice taper to it with some thin padding, so it doesn’t dig into your knee like some of the more boxy shaped EUCs. This is a frequent complaint we have on other EUCs.

The Charge Ports:

The dual charge ports have a nice rubber cover to protect from rain and dust, and with fast charging you can go from 0 to 80% in less than an hour!

Screenshot 2023 11 29 at 10.24.47%E2%80%AFAM

The Fenders/Bumpers:

The rear fender is pretty stiff, and is protected from roll overs by a beefy kickstand. The fender itself is well designed and is effective at blocking dust or rocks being kicked up behind the wheel. There are additional bumpers on the front that protect the lights, and bumpers on the bottom that protect the batteries, in the event of a crash.

What We Don’t Like About The V14

The Range:

Lots of EUC riders have been asking Inmotion for years to make an ultra-long range EUC, but the Inmotion Adventure has just 2400Wh of capacity. The battery is advertised as being removable, so theoretically you could pack extra batteries for long trips, but in reality the batteries take at least 10 minutes to remove, which makes it somewhat incovenient to constantly be switching out battery packs.

The Handle:

Although we like the height of the trolley handle, it is definitely more flimsy than any handle we’ve seen and at this length we run a great chance of bending and breaking the trolley handle.

The Plastic:

The orange piece of plastic on the top could be more rigid – during a crash one of the sides bent and popped off.

The Freshly Charged Take

The Inmotion V14 Adventure is a truly awesome trail wheel, and it’s also great for beginners aspiring to be your inner Mike Leahy :). There are very few things we dislike about it, and overall we would strongly recommend adding this wheel to your collection if you are looking for a nimble adventure wheel that can also double as your every day driver. Pick yours up here at Ewheels!

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Screenshot 2023 11 29 at 10.18.10%E2%80%AFAM

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Dave February 28, 2024 - 9:03 pm

That tire is a CST C131 dual-sport scooter tire, 4 or 6 ply. I found it a couple years ago and used it on my modified Nikola. I was trying to get Ewheels to sell it, but at that time it was too fat to fit on anything (without serious mods). Very happy to see it used as an OEM finally, it has a fantastic feel on the street, plus great dirt traction. Only negative is – it weighs 6 lbs! Which is why this EUC is heavier than expected.


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