InMotion V14 Review

Inmotion V14 Adventure: The Most Exciting EUC This Year

by Nathan Schaumann

Last month, Inmotion officially announced the Inmotion V14 Adventure, a 16-inch suspension wheel built for trail riding. They have packed it full of innovative features (I mean PACKED), and it certainly looks exciting. 

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  • $2999
  • 4000W motor (peak power 9000W)
  • 16″ x 3″ inch tire
  • 43-mph top speed (artificially limited)
  • 68-mph free spin speed
  • 86 lbs
  • 134V, 4 x 600Ah removable battery packs (2400 Wh in total)
  • 0-31 mph in 2.5 seconds
  • 50-degree climbing angle
  • 850N torque (200 Nm Motor)
  • 75-mile range
NEW INMOTION Adventure Electric Unicycle 16inch Off road V14 EUC Smart Monocycle 134V2400Wh 4000W C40 E


  • BMS that checks cell voltage, current, temperature and capacity
  • DIY-friendly suspension
  • Highly-praised Raptor controller (same as Inmotion V13)
  • IPX6 waterproof rating
  • 16A fast charging capability

InMotion V14 Impressions 

– While there are plenty of street and off road tire options for this size wheel, there is no apparent street tire option from the factory at this time, which could be a downside for the non-off-roading folks. 

– The headlight is bright and located further inward to protect it from crashes.

– The wheel is stated to have a peak power output of 9000W, but they hint in their press release and information that it can reach 12000W. Either way, it is the most powerful 16″ electric unicycle ever made.


Things We Love

Quick wheel disassembly and easily removable batteries.

Having an EUC with a removable battery introduces a host of new possibilities. Air travel becomes possible, as you can fly with your EUC and ship the battery separately. InMotion’s former CEO Bob Yan even stated that they plan on establishing a battery rental procedure for EUC distributors, meaning you can fly with your EUC, and then rent a battery once you arrive at your new destination. See the clip here: (skip to 21:50)

Rumors have also spread that InMotion plans to introduce a whole line of PEV’s (scooters and bikes included) that use interchangeable batteries identical to the ones used in the V14. The batteries in each PEV will be fully removable and inter-operable with all other Inmotion PEV’s. This would significantly reduce the price of any future Inmotion products, because it would no longer be necessary to buy a new battery with each new PEV purchase, bringing down the cost of new models by as much as 40% for existing Inmotion users. 

InMotion claims that the V14 batteries can be fully swapped out “within minutes.” More realistic is 8-12 minutes with the aid of a drill (16 screws in total). The removable battery also makes tire changes significantly easier, which is a welcome change especially from those of us who have had to deal with frequent tire changes on standard EUC’s. Not fun.

Battery fast charging support of 16A.

Inmotion claims 0-80% charging in 1 hour, and the ability to add over 6 miles of range in just 5 minutes of charging. This does require two 8A fast chargers, which must be purchased in addition to the EUC. 


Water Resistance Rating

The V14 Adventure comes with an IPX7 rating for the battery, and an IPX6 rating for the rest of the wheel. This is extremely significant, and a needed step forward for the EUC industry. There are already videos of people putting the V14 to the test in water:


Inmotion has given a lot of attention to the V14’s suspension, which seems makes sense given it is an off-road wheel. It provides 85mm of suspension travel, which many are complaining is less than the 130mm offered by the Begode Extreme. However, the V14 Adventure also comes with a progressive shock, with a front-end stiffness of 600 lbs/in and a rear-end stiffness of 970 lbs/in, which will hopefully make up for the shorter travel distance. Inmotion actually states that a 200lb rider can land a 1 meter jump without bottoming out. Excited to see someone try this, but I definitely won’t myself. The V14’s suspension is also highly adjustable, with 8 levels of rebound damping, 17 levels of compression damping, and a spring preload adjustment knob. And if that’s not enough for you, it’s also highly customizable, with a standard 200mm eye to eye distance that can be swapped out with any shock. 

Inmotion V14 Adventure EUC 4

Room for Improvement

86 lbs is pretty heavy for an EUC with these performance capabilities, and it looks like there are a lot of plastic parts. We’re guessing the reason for the added weight is the higher density internal components, such as the BMS + removable battery system. However, since the individual battery packs are removable, you can reduce weight by riding the wheel with only one or two of the packs installed.

The placement of the suspension makes the wheel awkward to sit on, and there currently is no add-on seat option.

The electronically limited top speed of 43 mph may feel restrictive to those who want to make use of the full 4000W motor. The Commander Mini manages a 50mph top speed with a smaller 3200W motor. The speed limiter, however, acts as both a safety feature and an attempt to avoid lawsuits from people pushing their wheels past the limit and then blaming their wheel.

$3299 for the V14 is expensive. It’s more expensive than all three of its main competitors (Begode Extreme, Commander Mini, Veteran Patton), and the price is only expected to go up, as the “early bird” pricing promotion inevitably ends. 

Inmotion V14 Adventure


Inmotion has designed a great off-roading wheel, which undoubtedly will be a top seller in the coming months. They are raising the bar with the removable battery, smart BMS and Waterproof rating, and hopefully other EUC companies will quickly follow suit.

Pick yours up here for $2999

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