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Review: EUC Bodyguard Protective Neoprene Covers by

by freshlycharged

Who will love this:

Electric unicycles are expensive and eventually they will fall and suffer body damage. If you like keeping your nice things nice, protect your EUC with this EUC neoprene cover that looks great, feels nice, and is very durable.

What I think:

If you are the type of person to put a cover on your cell phone to protect it, then you should do the same with your EUC.

I purchased the Nikola protective cover and my only regret is not having purchased it earlier. The bodyguard is made of a surprisingly durable neoprene material with triple reinforced stitching. I am very impressed by the quality of the materials and of the construction of this product. 

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The cover is available for the Gotway MSX/MSP & Nikola, along with the full range King Song product line: 18L/XL, 16X, 16S, 14S & 14D.

The Bodyguard is described as:

  • Easy fitting and removal whenever required
  • Quick fastening for simplicity and security
  • Cut-outs for the charging port, power button, light sensor and front / rear lights​
  • Designed for visibility of LED side lights
  • Included speaker cut-outs for optimum sound reproduction

Installing the cover is like putting on a wetsuit. It’s a tight fit but once you get it on, it fits like a glove. The cut outs are perfectly positioned and after installation, I never had issues with it coming off.

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I’ve been using the cover for about 500 miles now including on the road and on trails. I’ve taken several spills while off roading on steep rocky trails and I’ve bailed from my wheel while on the road after coming across an unexpected obstacle at fairly high speeds. The cover has held up spectacularly.

The cover shows no signs of fraying or tearing despite all the falls. The seams are holding strong and I can see this cover lasting a long time. More importantly, the cover has protected my precious EUC.

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The plastic shells on our EUCs scratch easily and during hard falls the plastic can crack and break. The smooth shiny plastic magnifies each scratch and static causes dust to stick to the wheel which can make a brand new wheel quickly look used and worn down.

I am certain that during a rocky downhill fall which resulted in my wheel taking a hard tumble, had I not had the EUC Bodyguard Protective Cover, some serious body damage would have surely ensued.

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On the Gotway Nikola version there is a zipper on top that limits quick access to the scorpion trolly handle. While it makes getting to the trolley handle less convenient, it does have its benefit. In the past, during some rough tumbles I’ve had the trolly handle pop out and suffer damage. The closed protective cover keeps this from happening.

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The neoprene EUC cover looks great and I really feel it improves the look of the wheel. I worried that the black cover would get stained and dirty easily but the dust, dirt, and debris was easily wiped away.

The flaws:

The cover tends to shift after long rides or hard riding most likely because of the way I grip and turn my EUC with my legs. The cover never shifted more than an inch and it was easy to adjust it back into normal position.

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With a fabric cover on my EUC, I have yet to find a way to stick side pads or power pads for added control. I have seen people in the community use creative methods to stick side pads on the neoprene material using velcro tape. I’ll try it out in the future.

Finally, the price is steep for the cover and that what held me back from getting one sooner. Having felt the neoprene fabric and stitching first hand, I do feel that the product is worth the price as the alternatives of sticking ugly pieces of foam onto my EUC just isn’t my style.


If you are interested in protecting your investment with this EUC bodyguard, check out the selection and current pricing at ewheels. If you live outside the US, check out

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