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Flatland 3D Fingerless Pro Eskate Glove Review: A Huge Improvement

by freshlycharged

Who will love this:

Those who find wrist guards too restrictive but still want wrist protection will find that these Flatland3D gloves offer much more protection than most gloves while still providing flexibility.

What I think:

The newest glove from Flatland3D, the makers of my favorite Original Eskate Gloves, does not disappoint with this product. The Fingerless Pro E-Skate Glove features a Scaphoid Protection System (SPS) with Micro-Lock impact foam, and a Uni-directional Flexible Wrist Plate. In English this means it comes with protection for your palms AND your wrists while still offering flexibility.

I reviewed the full fingered version of this in the past and I liked the added protection from the unidirectional wrist plate as well as the scaphoid protection system, but I was not a fan of the fully covered fingers because they were not touch sensitive.

Since I am on my phone or playing around with my GoPro a lot when I ride, having good touch sensitivity is crucial. Most touch sensitive gloves end up just making me frustrated so it is probably best just to eliminate the fingertips all together so you can interact with your touch sensitive devices without limitations.

While these gloves won’t keep your finger tips warm, they will keep your hands and wrists safe while still allowing you some mobility of your wrist and giving you the ability to access your phone easily on the go so you can do the important stuff like update your Instagram and Facebook when out on epic rides.

Now that I’ve had the chance to try 3 different Flatland Gloves, my favorite glove for most casual rides is still the Original E-skate fingerless gloves but they lack the wrist protection which the Pro version offers. If I plan on riding hard, I wear these fingerless pro gloves for the added wrist protection.

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I’m glad that Flatland3D made this product. The wanted so badly to like their full fingered version of this glove but the loose fingertips and the lack of touch sensitivity kept me from using the full fingered Pro version as my favorite cold weather gloves.

With the finger tips cut off, I think these Flatland 3D Fingerless Pro Eskate Gloves are a winner. Go check out these gloves on the Flatland3D website.

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The flaws:

This is nitpicky, but I’d consider these Flatland3D Fingerless Pro Eskate Gloves to be more “half finger” gloves rather than fingerless because they still cover about half of my fingers. I actually like the added protection and coverage of the fingers and I guess that makes this more of an advantage rather than a flaw.

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