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The Best Onewheel Handle? The Onehandle

by freshlycharged

I have found the best and most affordable Onewheel handle you can buy. There are many Onewheel side handles on the market. Future Motion even makes its own version called the Mag Handle which I reviewed here.

Unfortunately, many of the good handles are expensive. You can try to DIY a side handle on the cheap like this repurposed Jeep handle from Amazon, or you can make one out of paracord if you like doing arts and crafts.

But if you are looking for an inexpensive, durable, stylish, and surprisingly easy to use handle, look no further than the OneHandle by Christopher Lopez.

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I first spotted this handle in the wild in Las Vegas on a group ride and was immediately impressed, not just because the design is so simple and it is so easy and comfortable to use, but also because of the amazing price!

For $35 you the the entire Onehandle shipped to your door. That’s it. The price includes shipping. International rates will differ.

This is now my favorite handle and it is a fraction of the price of the Mag handle. Contact Christopher Lopez on Facebook if you are interested in purchasing.

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