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Jimmy Chang Merch

by freshlycharged

A lot of people reach out to me to thank me for my content and they ask how they can support or repay me for helping them learn how to find a great deal on a used Onewheel or how I kept them safe when first learning how to ride.

Honestly, the best way to support me is to just watch my videos, like them, leave supportive comments, and share my content with your friends.

If you want to do more to help my channel, consider purchasing some Jimmy Chang merchandise.

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Dam, Jimmy and Wife looking good!

I have teamed up with the Denver Rocky Mountain Onewheel Mob to bring some gear with my logo.

By purchasing my hat or my shirt, you support the channel which allows me to continually improve the blog and the channel.

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If you buy something, I’d love to see it. Share it on Instagram and tag me @oneradwheel and I may share it in a future YouTube video!

Currently, the payment method is with PayPal. We hope to expand this as we grow this line of service.

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