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1Protect Glove Review

by freshlycharged

Who will love this:

People who shun safety gear because they hate bulky and dorky gear will love these gloves because the 1Protect Gloves are neither bulky or dorky. They are slim, sleek, and stylish.

What I think:

I’m still amazed at the number of comments I get on my YouTube channel asking why I find the need to wear gloves. These people are obviously oblivious to one of the most common injuries on the Onewheel and EUC: abrasions and lacerations to palms.

Protect your palms and wrists at budget prices! I’ve tried and reviewed a number of gloves and wrist guards in my search for the perfect balance of comfort and protection. The 1Protect Glove fits that bill.

Just like motorcycle gloves have palm sliders for wrist protection, 1Protect gloves have removable palm pucks that distributes forces upon impact and allows your hands to slide, reducing the chance of fractures and preventing hamburger hands.

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Hamburger hands isn’t when you have a hamburger in your hands. It’s when you fall on outstretched hands, tearing up the flesh to the point that your palms look more like bloody hamburger meat than anything else.

These 1Protect gloves are less expensive than my favorite gloves by Flatland 3d which have been my reliable go to gloves, and the 1Protect are a great alternative that are lightweight, affordable, comfy, stylish, and protective.

I love how these gloves look and I love the nice snug fit without feeling tight or restrictive. There is plenty of ventilation through the fabric which keeps my hands from getting sweaty.

You must note that these gloves are not wrist guards. The hard puck that is removable at the palm is to distribute the impact forces and to reduce friction when your palm hits the pavement. This can help limit the torque on your wrist during a forward momentum fall that could otherwise fracture bones in your wrist.

These gloves come with a mesh carry back and a pair of hard palm pucks as well as soft palm pucks, so you get to choose your own protection. Regardless of what puck type you choose, you’ll be much better off wear these 1Protect gloves than nothing at all.

Go check out 1Protect gloves on their website.

Remember kids, say no to hamburger hands!

The flaws:

I’ve been using and wearing these gloves for a few months and I’ve already lost my soft pucks. Unless you are really organized, I think this will be a problem for most.

The velcro tabs on the back of the glove work well and look great. My gripe is with when I am fastening both straps with one hand; because both straps tend to flop around, it takes a little bit of skill to strap them on my wrist. Not a big deal once you get used to it though.


Here is my review of the full finger version of these gloves.

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