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Onewheel Night Shark Fender Review

by freshlycharged

Who will love it:

Those looking for a multifunctional fender which includes the most comfortable handle I’ve ever used on a Onewheel, very functional lights for night riding, and attachments for your GoPro.

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What I think:

I remember when GMC released it’s first Hummer to the public. Opinions were split. But over time, many grew to accept and even like the hulking looks of the Hummer.

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The Night Shark Fender by OW Armor had a similar effect on me. Initially, I was put off by the bulky looks but after a while the fender grew on me and now I love the utility of it.

The Night Shark wins my award for most unique Onewheel product. The Night Shark is not just a fender, it is the ultimate utility Fender for V1-PLUS-XR Onewheel.

This multifunctional fender combines the fender with a comfortable dorsal fin like handle which makes picking up and setting down the Onewheel super easy and there are even holders for lights and attachments for a GoPro.

Where this fender really shines for me isn’t the lights but it’s the Night Shark’s most polarizing feature, the handle. While the looks are a little shocking at first, my kids agree, this is the easiest handle and most comfortable way to hold a Onewheel.

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The Night shark is made with extremely tough PolyCarbonate. It feels thick and solid. The fact that you attach this fender to your Onewheel using 8 screws tells you that this fender means serious business.

You can get an optional Headlight Kit which includes two 300 lumen headlights and a Flashlight Extender which is great for increasing visibility during night rides. While the lights shine a bit on your legs, that just helps increase your visibility to drivers and others at night.

My son has been doing a lot of riding recently at night given the lack of activities because of the pandemic. He loves the extra lights and finds it helps him see where he’s riding and also helps him to be seen by motorists.

Check out video footage of the Night Shark Fender in action in this video clip:

The flaws:

What makes this fender so great is also the fender’s biggest flaw. The shape and the size is definitely an eye catcher as the Night Shark Fender is the antithesis to the Contour Fender by Land Surf.

Minimalists may be put off by the complexity of the fender but utilitarian night riders will love the usefulness of the handle and the lights.

The price of the Night Shark is high, as is most things related to the Onewheel. But when you factor in the handle, you are getting a great handle and fender bundled together. The flashlights are extra.

To take some of the sting away from the high cost, try this discount code for 30% off the Night Shark Fender: StayHome

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