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The Float Life Fender 100 Mile Review

by freshlycharged

The Float Life Fender is one of the most inexpensive fenders available on the market and it is now my every day fender.

If you are reading this post then you have already weighed the pros and cons of riding with a fender and you have decided to say no to dirt, dust, mud and water from being thrown up onto your legs and shoes.

If you are still undecided on whether or not your should ride with a fender, then check out this article: Onewheel Fender versus No Fender.

I am a fender guy and I have two stock fenders for my two Onewheels which have worked well but they are, like most Future Motion branded accessories for the Onewheel, pretty expensive.

In my search for a less expensive fender I came across Jeff McCosker’s Float Life Fender. I have used it for over 100 miles and it has traveled with me all the way to Maui Hawaii.

After 100 miles, here are my impression:

The Float Life Fender is simple but does a great job keeping my lower extremities clean. I love the straight forward design and the ability to remove and install the fender in the field without having to use tools is huge. The nice taper of the fender also allows better visibility of the trademark sexy wheel between your legs which the stock fender tends to hide.

The flexible fender is easy to roll up and to transport in the tube that it was shipped in although I didn’t find myself in very many situations where I would need to take off and transport the fender during the first 100 miles I used it.

When riding on trails with mud, wet leaves, or on the beach I tend to get debris stuck between my fender and the tire. Because of the flexibility of this fender I can usually just hit the fender and most of the debris will loosen and slide out.

When junk really gets stuck in between the fender and tire I can simply remove the thumb screws (tool free) and clean things out.

There are only two downsides that I see to the Float Life fender. The first is the noise level. Noise on any fender is unavoidable but with the rigid fenders you can decrease the fender noise with a simple spray coating (learn more about silencing your fender here).

Since the Float Life fender is flexible, the same noise reduction techniques that are used for the hard shell fenders do not apply.

The other downside to the Float Life fender is also due to the fender’s flexibility. There are different modifications that can be done to the board that are attached to the fender itself such as Ranger battery extenders which need a hard shell fender.

In conclusion, if you are looking for a lower cost fender option, then this is it, the Float Life fender. The pros outweigh the cons, especially if you don’t plan on attaching anything directly to your fender.

You can buy the Float Life Fender here.

Check out my video unboxing and review:

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