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Brand New Predator DH6-Xe Helmet Review

by Nathan Schaumann


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Predator Helmets released a brand new helmet the DH6-Xe, which is an updated version of their DH6-Xg helmet. It still has the same stylish design with a flip-down lens but there have been a few changes that should consider before buying one.

In this review, I will go over what’s been updated and what I love and hate about the helmet.

What’s changed on the Predator DH6-Xe Helmet compared to the DH6-Xg?

  • Fidlock20 Magnet Buckle vs Double D-ring Buckle
  • Fire logo replaces the Predator logo
  • The mirror lens no longer comes with it
  • Extra microfiber bag for the spare lens
  • Lower price
  • Matte Red color added
  • Gloss Black color no longer available

No more fumbling with the double D-ring

The Fidlock20 buckle on the DH6-Xe makes putting on the helmet a breeze, especially when you have gloves on. It uses a magnet to hook it in place instead of fumbling with the double-D ring design on the DH6-Xg. I was worried about the magnet not holding the helmet securely in place, but I have been pleasantly surprised on the strength of it.

Once the Fidlock20 magnet attaches the strap into place, the only way to get it off is by pulling on the attached tab. No matter how hard I pulled on the strap, I was unable to get the magnet to release. The Fidlock20 buckle is a major upgrade in convenience.

Screen Shot 2023 08 03 at 3.07.34 PM

Updated Fire Logo

On the DH6-Xg, there use to be the Predator logo located under the right cheek. Predator has now updated that to their fire logo.

Screen Shot 2023 11 22 at 10.26.13 AM

Extra Microfiber Bag Protects Spare Lens

On the previous DH6-Xg helmet they only had one microfiber bag with no pockets for the helmet and three lenses. I always wish their bag was designed like the TSG Pass Pro where it had a extra protected slot to prevent the extra lens from getting scratched up.

With the DH6-Xe, Predator listened and added an extra bag for the spare lens. I like how they have a large microfiber bag to put the helmet in, and the lens comes with its own small microfiber bag. Now you can put the spare lens with the helmet and not worry about them scratching each other.

Veteran Lynx seated riding

What I love about the DH6-Xe helmet?

  • Lightweight weighing only 900 grams
  • No tools needed to swap lenses
  • Lens has good optics
  • Comes with a clear and black lens
  • Has good ventilation compared to the TSG Pass Pro
  • Chin guard is lower and doesn’t block your mouth
  • One size fits most with different pad inserts
  • Looks sleek
  • Can buy other lens colors
  • Comes with a microfiber helmet bag and microfiber lens bag
  • Fidlock makes it easy to latch the helmet securely
  • Heat cured pre-preg resin to increase strength
  • Lenses have anti-fog and anti-scratch coatings
  • CE-1078 certified
  • Liner is removable and washable

What I hate about the DH6-Xe helmet?

  • Not DOT approved
  • Wish it still came with the mirror lens
  • More expensive than the TSG Pass Pro

Final Thoughts

We love the Predator DH6-Xe helmets for any riding under 30 mph. I have been in an accident with the DH6-Xg helmet going 45 mph and it did great at protecting my head, but in certain situations you can’t control how you land and a DOT approved helmet would be the better option.

We have been speaking with the folks over at Predator and they have listened to our need of a DOT approved helmet since we test and review high powered ebikes, EUCs, and electric scooters. We are elated to let you know that a DOT approved helmet similiar to the DH6-Xe will be coming out very soon.

You pay a little bit more for the DH6-Xe than the TSG Pass Pro, but you get a superior helmet. If you are looking for a sleek helmet for your PEV, you should definitely check out the DH6-Xe.

Predator DH6-Xe Discount, Coupon Codes, and Availability

Click here for the current price on the Predator DH6-Xe helmet.
Use coupon code: FC-DH6-Xe to save 15% and get a free silver mirror lens with your purchase until Cyber Monday.
Use coupon code: FreshlyCharged20 to save $20 once the Black Friday sale is over.

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