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Best Affordable Onewheel Accessories on Amazon

by freshlycharged

The Onewheel is expensive. But with no other single wheeled sideways stance e-mobility device on the market to compete, the consumer has no option but to pay what Future Motion charges for the Onewheel XR or the Onewheel Pint.

If you like paying for over priced accessories, then Future Motion is the place to find them. However, I feel the Onewheel Mat is a lost opportunity.

If Future Motion thinks people will over pay for cheap products just because their logo is stamped on it, then why not make the logo 10 times bigger and charge 10 times more!

Here’s an example:

New Onewheel Mat XR

It’s a different story when it comes to accessories. While Future Motion over charges for everything with their logo on it, viable accessories for your Onewheel are available for purchase outside of Future Motion.

Here are some products that you can buy on Amazon from third party vendors to help you save some of your hard earned money.

Onewheel Mat from Future Motion ($45) vs the Boot Tray from Amazon ($10)

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Spend $45 on a plastic tray that doesn’t even fit right into most corners of my home? No thank you. I’ll get this one from Amazon instead.

Future Motion Grip Tape Eraser ($12) vs Amazon Rubber Cleaning Stick ($12)

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At first glance, both products do the same thing and cost the same amount. What you actually get from Future Motion is only a fraction of the product you get from Amazon. Get more bang for your buck with this product.

Future Motion Car Stand ($70) vs Ferocious Onewheel stand ($33)

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Screen Shot 2020 07 14 at 8.59.11 AM

Yet another over priced product from Future Motion that you can get much cheaper on Amazon. I reviewed the Ferocious Car stand in this article and I think it is great!

Future Motion Onewheel Rack ($95) vs Hercules Guitar Stand ($30)

Screen Shot 2020 07 14 at 8.43.04 AM
Screen Shot 2020 07 14 at 9.01.35 AM

I’ve been using my Hercules stand for 2 years now and it’s been great! Here are 3 other stand option you can use for your Onewheel.

Do you know of any other Onewheel accessory substitutes for those expensive Future Motion products? If so, share with us in the comments.

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