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Cheap and Easy DIY Onewheel Handle

by freshlycharged

If you are tall and have Popeye forearms with a monster grip, then using the front Onewheel built in grip to carry long distances may work for you. If you are a mortal human being, you should get a side grip.


When carrying your Onewheel, either by the front built in grip or by a custom side handle, carry it with the fender facing towards you (assuming you have a fender). That will keep your pants from rubbing against the dirty tire.

When my son ran out of batteries during a ride, he realized that using the built in handle to carry the Onewheel anything more than a block was very impractical. His hands did not have the strength to grip the heavy Onewheel tight enough for a long period of time. In addition, at 5’3″, even if he could grip the Onewheel by the front, because of his height the bottom of the board would just be dragging on the floor.

When looking for a Onewheel handle I narrowed down the field to these 3 options:

Handles by $49.99

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One of the popular handles for the Onewheel is made by and it is a beauty as far as I can tell from the pictures. But I could not bring myself to pay $50 for a handle so I looked into other options. What I do like is the low profile and the strength that the metal bar provides. Check it out here.


Polaris 2858185 Grab Handle on Amazon $20-$30

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This guy is a very popular alternative and gets great reviews from the Onewheel community. Like the Craft&Ride handle, it uses velcro. Unlike the Craft&Ride handle, there is no metal bar. Unfortunately, the price on this handle is always fluctuating as I am sure the sudden surge in popularity has the seller adjusting prices as supply dwindles. As of writing this, the seller has sold out. Hopefully when there are more in stock, the price will be more reasonable. Check for pricing and availability at Amazon.


4 Pack Roll Bar Grab Handle on Amazon $14.99

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I ended up going with this 4 pack of handles from Amazon. At less than $4 per handle, I thought I’d give it a try. After fiddling around I was pretty happy with the final fit. Don’t expect to get a $50 handle when you are only paying $4. For more info, check out Amazon.

In this video, I give a demonstration of how I got the straps to work with my Onewheel:

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