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The 3 Best Onewheel Stands Not Made for a Onewheel

by freshlycharged

I own a Onewheel XR and a Onewheel Plus so naturally I own two stands. A stand is a very important accessory to go with your Onewheel. A stand will help to keep your Onewheel tire off the floor, thus keeping your floors clean.

By keeping your board upright, a stand reduces the footprint of the board and the area it takes up on the floor. Finally, with a stand people are less likely to step on the board and try it without permission.

When I purchased my used Onewheel XR, the seller was kind enough to throw in a lot of accessories and that is how I got the wave stand. The wave stand is made of laminated maple wood and it has a nice natural and minimalistic look to it. The stand does a good job keeping my Onewheel’s dirty tire off of my office floor.

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The biggest drawback to the stand is the price. At $95 I would never have purchased it on my own. Way to expensive for that it is and what it does. As with most Onewheel branded accessories, the price is too high. Because of the high price of the stand the Onewheel community has found alternative stand options for their Onewheel.

Here are the top 3 Onewheel stand alternatives to the official Onewheel Wave stand:

Hercules GS302B Travlite Compact Electric Guitar:

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After much research I decided on the Hercules Electric Guitar stand. Reading all the reviews, this seemed to me to be the most sturdy stand out there that would fit a Onewheel.

This stand lives up to its name. It is made of steel construction and is very solid and sturdy and does a great job holding up my Onewheel. As a bonus, it folds down flat and can be used for travel. This is the stand I use and it is the stand I recommend. Make sure you get the Electric Guitar stand version which is more robust than the normal guitar stand. Check out Amazon for pricing.


Aroma Aluminum Floor Guitar Stand AGS8:

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This seems to be popular among many Onewheel discussion groups. It has a very modern look and even comes in a blue that matches the Onewheel.

But if you dig deep you will find people complaining that the stand was not built to support the weight of the Onewheel and that it feels flimsy. There are people reporting that their stand had broken under the weight of the Onewheel. There are also a lot of people reporting that the stand is working great for them.

At such a low price and with such a great look, I can see why many would give it a try. Be aware that some report that they do not like how the weight of the board is focused on a single point on the tire which leans on the apex of the stand. You can see more information here.


Home Depot or Lowes Bucket:

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While this may not be as sexy as the other options it is definitely cheap, easy, and effective. This is also your best Onewheel stand option for keeping dirt and mud from dripping on to your floor. This stand doubles as storage for your small Onewheel peripherals such as extra caps for your charge port and power button.

For under $5 at Home Depot or Lowes, these 5 gallon buckets are a good cheap option. Just be aware that the wheel and fender (if you have one on) are too large to fit through the opening and so they rest on the edge of the bucket opening which causes a lot of strain at those points. Long term, this may weaken your fender.

I have also seen folks get creative and use other storage containers like milk crates. See what you have around the house and if you are not picky, often the solution that allows you to repurpose something you already have can be a great option.

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