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New Onewheel Contour Fender by Land Surf

by freshlycharged

Contour Fender Review

This is the newest Onewheel Fender to hit the market for 2020. It’s a new decade. It’s a new fender.

I find it interesting and exciting that Matt Hoover at Land Surf is venturing into the fender market and I’m curious to see what this fender has to add to a market that already has several options to choose from.

Contour Fender


The design is similar to other fenders at first glance, but has some pretty big differences when you dive into the details. It has a tighter profile with the wheel and a more rounded window giving you a good look of that one rad wheel of the Onewheel that everyone loves to see. To me, the Contour Fender looks a lot like the Pint Fender.


Dupont Zytel. Flexible and durable.

There are the expensive Carbon fiber fenders which are more durable and pretty, but cost a lot of money. If you saw my XR Carbon Fiber video which took place in Clearwater Florida, you should know that my wife and I spent less money in round trip plane tickets than it would have cost us to buy that XR Carbon Fiber fender. Let that sink in.

Now there’s a new fender made of a new material on the block. This is a great option for those looking for a strong fender without paying carbon fiber prices. Let’s compare the two materials.

Carbon fiber is very rigid. Zytel has a little more flex.
Carbon fiber is hard to repair and can crack. Zytel is suppose to be just as durable, and can survive just about any amount of abuse. It can also be sanded and painted
Carbon fiber is expensive whereas this Contour fender is more reasonably priced.

Thank you to all who entered the giveaway. The contest is no closed.

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If you are in the market for a fender, this is a great option. While it’s priced like an original Future Motion fender which has a tendency to crack, the Contour Fender boasts durability that rivals Carbon Fiber.

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Installing the Contour Fender took a little finessing. The slight flex in the Contour fender resulted in a little extra effort to get the screw holes to align. I’m told that this was the case because I have one of the first run versions of the fender and that the shipped versions will be easier to install.

Installation for me wasn’t a big deal, but something you should be aware of. Don’t ever forcefully try to turn screws. If there is abnormal resistance, you run the risk of stripping the screws.


Once installed we took the Contour Fender for a little field test on a wet, slushy, and muddy day.

The Contour fender did it’s job and kept my shoes and legs clean and dry.

My biggest concern was how it would handle mud, leaves, grass, and small sticks as those things have a tendency to jam between the tire and the fender during wet trail rides.

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It’s a big reason why I like my magnetic fender from Craft and Ride. I like being able to take off the fender to remove the gunk.

I did notice mud building up between the tire and the rear footpad as well as in the fender. I wished I had used the brass colored thumb screws instead of the traditional screws so I could remove the fender and check during my ride.

Build up of gunk between your wheel and back foot pad and fender only happens to me when I ride in wet conditions. Mud, grass and leaves like to build up and it can really decrease battery life. I don’t think the build up was any more or any worse than with my other fenders by Future Motion, Float Life, or Craft and Ride.


I love the slim, form fitting shape of the Contour Fender over my wheel. This would be a great compromise option for folks that love to show off their wheel but hate to get their legs dirty during rides.

If you get this fender and you like to ride trails, I recommend getting the thumb screws to go along.

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