Lovesac Stealthtech Review

Review: Lovesac Sactional with Stealthtech is Expensive, Frustrating & Worth It!

by freshlycharged

Our Lovesac Sactional with Stealthtech is the most adaptable, most high tech, most comfy, and most expensive couch we have ever owned and we absolutely love it! Yes, the costs are high, but it’s worth it for us because this sectional has brought our family together.

I normally review tech that physically moves me but in this article I’ll be reviewing a piece of tech that moves me emotionally, my Lovesac Sactionals with Steathtech.

I don’t like to spend a lot of my money on “stuff.” I find even the most expensive “stuff” quickly gets forgotten and ceases to bring me joy. 

I like to spend my money on experiences, or things that will help make experiences for me and my family. When I get to spend quality time making memories with my family and friends, that is what brings me joy.

So if you are short on time and don’t want to read on, just know this, if you can afford the pricey Lovesac Sactionals with Stealthtech, you are not just buying expensive “stuff,” you are getting quality, versatile furniture, that will make memorable experiences to be enjoyed with friends and family.

Here are my major pros and cons.

Lovesac Sactional & Stealthtech Love:

  • We didn’t have to wait 6 months to get our furniture. It came in less than one week!
  • Packaging was amazingly good, minimalistic, and organized. No wasted space.
  • Modular nature of the sectionals makes it fun to design the perfect layout.
  • Looks great
  • Feels solid and sturdy
  • Versatile furniture we can move up and down stairs easier than large bulky furniture
  • Warranty
  • Stealthtech sound system setup was straightforward.
  • Sound is deep, rich, and immersive. An amazing experience that my kids describe as better than at the movie theater.
  • Sound system is super easy to use. My wife doesn’t have to ask me how to get the surround sound on.
  • Sound system is completely hidden except for the soundbar in front of the TV.
  • Built in wireless charging for phones is an instant crowd pleaser.

Lovesac Sactional & Stealthtech Hate:

  • Expensive. I’ve never spent so much on a couch or a sound system.
  • Lots of pieces to unpack.
  • Setup was not as easy as advertised. In fact, it was time consuming and difficult. Covers fit snuggly and pieces fit tightly, sometimes too tight.
  • Installation of the sectionals is a two person job.
  • Pro tip, after setting up the bases, put in the back sections starting from the middle and working your way out to make the process easier on yourself.
  • Seat backs are straight up and down, not angled like most couches. Some may find this uncomfortable.
  • Wireless charging can be hard to find, is slow to charge, and warms up the phone while charging.
  • If you ever need to access the hidden sound system, it won’t be easy.
  • Soundbar/center channel is a little too tall and blocks my TV remote sensor.

How Lovesac Sactionals with Stealthtech brought our family back together

During the peak of the COVID pandemic, when the world was quarantined and work, school, and play was all done virtually in the home, our family fell into some bad habits. Instead of hanging out with friends and family, we became addicted to our phones.

With our amazing phones we would work, school, socialize, and consume entertainment in the form of Zoom, email, Facetime, Instant Messenger, TicToks, YouTube, Netflix, Disney Plus… you name it, from anywhere in our house. 

Over time, we stopped hanging out physically as a family and with friends, preferring the more convenient social distancing. 

And even after quarantine ended, the kids still preferred “social distancing” choosing to spend time on their phones over movie night with the family. It was sad.

It was October 2021 that we decided we needed to replace our worn Craigslist furniture in our living room. 

We checked out a number of furniture stores: Ethan Allen, Crate and Barrel, and Restoration Hardware but we were disheartened by the huge wait times for furniture because of supply chain issues. 

We didn’t mind waiting for quality furniture, but 6 months? Come on!

So when we heard that Lovesac had these amazing modular couches that we could buy and have in our home in less than two weeks, we were sold. 

Lovesac Sactional with Stealthtech

We are no strangers to Lovesac. We love their huge Lovesac bean bags and have had two of them in our home for almost a decade.

We went to the nearest Lovesac storeroom to pick out our perfect sectional and to take advantage of their early Black Friday deal of 20% off everything. Our plan was to buy a couch, which we did.

But what we didn’t plan on was their new Stealthtech.

The Lovesac showroom had literally just set up the Steathtech demo in the store. The tools used to hang the soundbar was still sitting under the television.

We felt compelled to give the Stealthtech enabled couches a try and we instantly fell in love and purchased it along with our sectional, knowing that we would get the Black Friday 20% off this expensive upgrade and that we had 60 days after delivery to return the sound system.

Spoiler alert: we are not returning the sectional or the sound system because we love them both!

I do have to add that I really enjoyed the shopping experience. There were no pushy salesperson and everyone in the store was polite and helpful. Please correct me if I’m mistaken, but I don’t think the folks working at Lovesac get paid by commission.

Review Lovesac Stealthtech

Life with Lovesac Sactionals and Stealthtech

With so many things fighting for our attention these days, it is hard to get the family to gather together for a movie or game night or just for a family discussion. The convenience and addictive allure of our phones makes it so we never have to leave our bed to find content to consume, social media to scroll through, or videos to veg out on.

Long before cell phones, our prehistoric ancestors gathered around campfires as a family. Eventually, the fire centerpiece was replaced by a radio, and then the television, and now our family is being brought together again by a comfortable high tech couch that fits perfectly with our high tech lives.

With the Lovesac, our family comes together to hang out again, either for a movie, a game, or to just chill on our laptops or phones.

The Lovesac has drawn our children out of their bedrooms to enjoy a movie as a family on the most comfortable couches we have ever owned and with the most immersive sound system we have ever experienced.

The clear and crisp sound immerses you into the movie and the bass rumbles deep into your soul without having to be too loud.

With Stealthtech, you don’t just hear the audio, you truly do feel and experience it. It has completely transformed our movie and television watching experience.

Currently, the Stealthtech is also our preferred method to listen to music in the house, especially while in the family room. Our Sonos system has currently fallen out of favor.

Lovesac Stealthtech Setup

I anticipated the Stealthtech to be a pain in the butt to install but compared to our basement surround sound system where we had to drill holes in the dry wall to snake speaker wire to the speakers hanging in the ceiling, the Stealthtech install was a breeze.

The most difficult part was reassembling the Sactionals after dismantling them to install the speakers and speaker wires.

Pairing the system with the center channel sound bar was no problem and as a DIY guy who has now installed 3 surround sound systems over my lifetime, the Lovesac Stealthtech setup was the easiest.

Lovesac Sactional with Stealthtech Speakers

Lovesac Steathtech Problems/Issues

Our biggest frustration is with the soundbar/center channel which on prior sound systems we have positioned directly in front of the television.

The clearance under our Sony A80CJ 65″ television is 2.75″ but the soundbar is 3″ tall and blocks the remote receiver. We had no issues with our prior soundbar.

Stealthtech Lovesac soundbar

The built in wireless charging is a crowd pleaser but don’t expect a fast charge, it’s more of a trickle slow charge and it does warm up your phone.

My only other complaint with the system would be the price. It is expensive and basically doubled the price of an already expensive couch. But it is a one of a kind product that performs well, integrates seamlessly and invisibly, and has Dolby Digital surround sound by Harmon Kardon.

Those are the only issues so far but I will update this review if any other issues arise.

Is Lovesac Sactionals and Steathtech worth it?

Expensive? YES! 

Worth it? Absolutely, if you can afford it!

The Lovesac Sactionals are expensive. But the product is solid quality, the warranty is great and the modular nature and quick shipping compared to the competition sold us.

Stealthtech sound system is very expensive. But the hidden speakers and wires provide a clean look for our family room and the sound experience is next level fun for everyone.

Stealthtech Lovesac Sactionals

All who experience our Lovesac sectionals love the look and the feel. Since we were able to switch up the modular design to best fit our family room, it is a perfect fit. But the best part is when our guests sit on the couch and stream a movie trailer on our TV.

The sound and experience is described as “mind blowing” and “better sound than any movie theater or IMAX theater” or my favorite, “it’s like I’m at a show in Disneyland!”

The Lovesac Sactionals combined with Stealthtech is expensive stuff, but it’s providing us with an experience that is continually bringing our family and friends together. It is part of our therapy to help us heal from the trials and stresses that have distanced us over the last few years.

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