Giveaway Time! Celebrating 20k YouTube Subscribers

Giveaway Time! Celebrating 20k YouTube Subscribers

by freshlycharged

WE DID IT! Thank you for helping me grow my YouTube channel to 20k subscribers.

I love celebrating landmarks like birthdays and anniversaries so I’d like to thank you for all your encouragement and support by giving away some awesome stuff from some of my favorite vendors.

Special thanks to all the vendors for sponsoring these giveaways. Even if you don’t win, be sure to check them out and give them some support.

Here are some of the items that will be given away in videos this month:

  • Onewheel XR Rental for 1 week (retail $289, here’s my review)
  • gift certificate ($500, my review)
  • InMotion L9 Electric Scooter with 59 miles advertised range ($900, my review)
  • Flatland 3D Gloves ($65, my review)
  • Armor Dilloz package including tire sealant, bead buddy, and sticker pack ($37, my review)
  • Craft and Ride Spectrum Onewheel Magnetic Fender ($99, my review)
  • Onewheel Pint/XR Ferocious Trunk Onewheel stand ($33, my review)

Here are the giveaway videos!

The giveaways will take place over the next few weeks over several videos through my YouTube channel.

Make sure you are subscribed and hit the bell notification so that you are alerted when those giveaway videos are published.

Click here to subscribe to the channel.

And while you’re at it, sign up for my free quarterly newsletter where you can get early access to my videos before they are released!

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