Bluetti EP500Pro Review: This Thing is Big and Smart!

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The BLUETTI EP500 Pro is the largest electric generator we have reviewed. With a massive 5120 watt hour battery, it is able to keep your fridge running for up to 4 days without needing to be recharged and is a great choice for off-grid needs.

With the recent blackouts and brownouts affecting the power grid due to a shortage of transformers, natural disasters, and unstable power grids, the BLUETTI EP500 Pro gives us peace of mind to keep our electronics going.

On top of being a great backup for when the power goes out, it allows us to charge our PEVs on the go. However, the huge weight and size of the EP500 Pro, it is less portable than smaller electric power banks.

In this review, we will tell you what we love and hate about the BLUETTI EP500 Pro

Click here for the current pricing on the BLUETTI EP500 Pro in the US.
Click here for the current pricing on the BLUETTI EP500 Pro in Europe.

What I love about the BLUETTI EP500 Pro

  • Huge power capacity
  • High power rating
  • Made to last
  • Quality finish
  • Expandable and solar ready
  • Mobile
  • True UPS – Uninterrupted power supply.
  • Quiet fan
  • Cheaper than a Tesla Powerwall
  • Wheels glide well
  • Instruction manuals are good
  • Packaged well
  • Has a 3000-watt output inverter which peaks at 6000 watts
  • Has two wireless charging spots on top
  • Ability to live off-grid

What I hate about the BLUETTI EP500 Pro

  • Heavy
  • Not very portable
  • Expensive
  • The display does not show the estimated run time
  • 30 amp AC outlet port (NEMA L14-30) is not useful unless you have a second EP500 Pro and a Fusion Box Pro to combine power
  • Customer service is difficult to get in contact with
  • Not really designed to be outdoors in the elements
  • Only 4 AC plug outlets
  • Need to buy a lot of accessories if you want to maximize the features
  • Does not have a 220 outlet
  • The display gets washed out in direct sunlight

What I think about the BLUETTI EP500Pro

Our electronic gadgets and gizmos have made life better than ever before. At the same time, we are more reliant on our electric run devices than ever before. From our cell phones and laptops to our microwaves and CPAP machines, the lifeblood of electricity is essential for our modern living.

Like most, we are completely dependent on the electrical grid to support our addiction to electricity. So, what happens when the power goes out? We found out the hard way recently on one of the hottest days of the summer.

When the power went out to our home, our family of six initially shrugged it off. After all, we had our cell phones and decent cellular coverage. But as the day wore on, the temperature in the home began to rise and even simple fans were not an option so we retreated to the basement which naturally stays cooler and darker.

BLUETTI EP500 PRO full picture with wheels

Without lights and with the batteries on our cell phones draining, we started to get hungry, but all our electric-powered appliances including the stove and microwave were useless without electricity.

Our power outage experience is becoming more common as large cities are resorting to rolling brownouts and blackouts to keep our power-hungry society from over-taxing the power grid.

After that blackout experience, my family agrees that of all our utilities, including gas, water, and electricity, it is clear to them that electricity is the most important.

Our modern family relies on electricity to keep our home going. School, work, and play are all powered by electricity so after our power outage experience, we started looking for a power station or a generator that would keep us going for those times when the power grid goes down.

BLUETTI EP500 PRO with Milo 2

Why the BLUETTI EP500Pro?

We wanted a large power back that could satisfy our family’s electricity needs. We investigated the Tesla Powerwall which is a permanent battery system fixture on the home that needs to be installed by a professional on the house, but we wanted something less expensive and more portable.

A company called Bluetti touts a “New era of home backup power” with their Bluetti EP500Pro home backup power station.

The BLUETTI EP500Pro has a whopping 5100 Wh capacity using quality LiFePO4 batteries with 3000 W of pure sine wave output. The system is expandable, can be used as a stand-alone power bank or directly wired into the home, and offers a solar option should we choose in the future.

The EP500Pro seemed to check off all the right marks. We are not ready to jump right into full home solar and battery solution like with the Tesla Powerwall and the EP500Pro gives us the backup power we need with the ability to more or expand in the future.

Click here for the current pricing on the BLUETTI EP500 Pro in the US.
Click here for the current pricing on the BLUETTI EP500 Pro in Europe.

BLUETTI EP500 PRO with Milo


According to my sons, the BLUETTI EP500Pro looks like a monster-sized gaming PC. At over 180 lbs the unit is heavy, so don’t plan on taking this up and down stairs or in and out of cars on a regular basis.

The tower sits upon four wheels that roll easily and smoothly, and the two front swivel wheels make it a breeze to position and lock into place in your home.

The EP500Pro exterior has neutral gray colors with a matte finish that will fit with just about any interior decor.

Fans keep the unit cool when in use and at full strength. Surprisingly, the fan on the BLUETTI EP500 Pro is very quiet.


Inputs and Outputs

Wireless charging for phones on the top of the device along with multiple AC, USB, and DC power output options make this the perfect power station.

Bluetti Output Specs

The EP500Pro can be charged using a standard AC outlet and/or with solar charging.

Bluetti Input Specs

PV=Solar charging

There is an additional communication interface that allows you to connect to a second EP500Pro unit should you choose to expand.


Battery Performance

At 5,100 Wh the EP500Pro can run a full-sized refrigerator for 3-4 days. It has a total AC wattage rating of 3000W, meaning all the devices drawing power from the EP500Pro can pull 3000W. 

When some appliances and power tools first start they draw a surge of power. The EP500Pro is able to handle surges up to 4500W with a peak of 6000W.

The EP500Pro can also be used as an Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS). For example, if my office computer workstation is plugged into the EP500Pro and the EP500Pro is plugged into the wall, my workstation will run on wall power until a power outage at which point the battery power will kick in seamlessly.

BLUETTI EP500 PRO full picture with wheels 1

How many Personal Electric Vehicles (PEVs) can I charge with the BLUETTI EP500 Pro?

  • 15.7 charges on the Onewheel XR – 324 wh
  • 34.7 charges on the Onewhell Pint -147 Wh
  • 15.7 charges on the Onewheel Pint X – 325 Wh
  • 9.7 charges on the Onewheel GT – 525 Wh
  • 2.8 charges on the Begode T4s – 1800 Wh
  • 2.0 charges on the Kaabo wolf king GT – 2520 Wh
  • 3.5 charges on the Kaabo Mantis King GT – 1440 Wh
  • 2.1 charges on the Begode Master – 2400 Wh
  • 1.6 charges on the Veteran Sherman Max – 3200 Wh
  • 2.4 charges on the Fliteboard – 2100 Wh
  • 9 miles on the Rivian – 180,000 Wh

The EP500 Pro can charge a lot of our PEVs when we are out camping or on the road. However, keep in mind that it weighs 183 lbs (83 kg) so the unit is not very portable and while the wheels work well, they only do so on smooth surfaces.

BLUETTI EP500 PRO power switch 1

Final Thoughts

I love the BLUETTI EP500 Pro as a backup in case the power goes out. It offers me peace of mind that the food in my fridge or freezer won’t go bad if the power goes out for an extended period of time.

It also allows me to connect my vital electronics, so I can keep my home and family up and running.

You can customize the BLUETTI EP500 Pro to meet any of your electricity needs by purchasing other accessories and more units.

Overall, the BLUETTI EP500 Pro is a great choice if you are looking for a backup electric generator.

Click here for the current pricing on the BLUETTI EP500 Pro in the US.
Click here for the current pricing on the BLUETTI EP500 Pro in Europe.

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