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Komoto X1500 Review: A True Snowmobile Replacement?

by Nathan Schaumann

The Komoto X1500 is an all-season hybrid scooter, that can be ridden on the street or the snow with its various track/ski attachments. Two off-road 11-inch scooter tires allow you to take this anywhere you’d take a regular electric scooter, and the rear track with a front ski attachment allow you to turn this into a snowmobile! But is it good enough to replace your traditional gas snowmobile? This comprehensive review will delve into its features, performance, and usability across various modes.

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Watch Komoto’s official video review below:

Komoto X1500 – Specs

  • Battery: 48V, 30Ah (1440 Wh)
  • Price: $2500 (current)
  • Speed: 15mph (snow), 30mph (road)
  • Max Rider Load: 280 lbs
  • Hill Climbing Angle: 15 degrees
  • Range: 25 miles (snow), 40 miles (road)
  • Motor: 1800W (peak)
  • Charge time: 7.5 hours (with 2 chargers)
  • Tires: 11-inch tubeless
  • Water Rating: IP66
  • Weight: 82 lbs

Komoto X1500 – Features

  • 3 Speed modes: Snow (15 mph), Tracked (20 mph), Street (30 mph)
  • Cruise control
  • Digital display with digital locking
  • UL-certified removable battery
  • Hydraulic brakes (front + rear)
  • E-brake (rear)
  • Snow track and front ski included for winter use
  • Removable seat
  • Adjustable front and rear light (5 watts)
  • 1-year warranty

Unboxing + Assembly

Upon unboxing, the assembly process is pretty straightforward, thanks to detailed instructions provided in the video below. The scooter’s modular design allows for easy attachment and removal of components, such as the seat, front foam, and ski attachment. All of the accessories and tools provided are also labeled, further simplifying the setup process.

Riding Configurations

The Komoto X1500 offers three distinct configurations to adapt to different terrains and weather conditions: standard scooter setup with front and rear tires (scooter mode), front ski attachment paired with the rear track (snow mode), or front wheel with the rear track (enhanced versatility). This adaptability makes it a true all-season vehicle, suitable for street riding, off-roading, and snowmobiling.

Snow Mode Performance:
In snow mode the scooter’s sled attachment (equipped with a shock absorber) ensures stability and control on snowy surfaces. Despite slushier snow reducing speed, the scooter maintains robust performance, delivering reliable traction and maneuverability.

Build Quality and Durability:
The Komoto X1500 is fitted with anti-rust coatings to prevent corrosion, and an incredible IP66 water-resistance rating for the whole scooter. While you would expect any snow-going PEV to have a water rating, IP66 is still better than some we’ve seen.

Battery Life and Charging:
The removable 30-amp battery pack gives the scooter a range of 20-25 miles in snow mode, and 40+ miles in regular (albeit slow) street riding. Charging time to 7-8 hours with only one charger, but the X1500 has dual charge ports allowing you to charge to full in around 4 hours with 2 chargers.


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