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Vestar V2 Pro: A Boosted Clone on a Budget

by freshlycharged

If you are new to whole eskate thing like I am, you may have been surprised that there are more electric skateboards out there than just the Boosted Boards. Do a little more digging and you may feel overwhelmed and confused by all the options. 

I’m here to tell you that while Boosted may have the best name recognition and marketing, there are a lot of great options on the market that may better suit your needs and save you some money.

One of the reasons I never got into electric skateboards is because there were so many options it made my head spin. People would tell me to just get a Boosted Board, but when I did my research, Boosted’s #1 seller, the Stealth was just too expensive for me to justify when I already owned and love my 3 Onewheels and my Electric Unicycle.

The folks at Vestar wanted me to try my first belt driven motor electric skateboard so they sent me a board. I’m not getting paid to do this video or article and I have no affiliations with Vestar. They just sent me this board to test.

I’m excited to share this new product with you, it’s called the Vestar V2-Pro and its their second model of their dual belt driven motor boards and it comes with some major improvements from its predecessor.

Right off the bat, this board looks strikingly similar to the Boosted board. Just like the Boosted, it has dual belt driven motors. Some of the other things to note are the handle which is pretty common in a lot of Chinese electric longboards, I don’t know if they are using the same distributor.

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Vestar V2 Pro (Left) and Boosted Stealth (Right)

The handle does come in handy though. I won’t bore you with all the specs, but here are some of the big ones: 

  • An upgraded ESC from the previous version called the Hobbywing ESC. The ESC or electric skateboard control is the brains of your skateboard and it plays one of the biggest roles in the performance of your board.
  • Deck is made from 6 layers of maple and 2 layers of bamboo which is flexible, but not overly so.
  • The top speed for V2-pro is reported to be at 25 mph and from my research it looks like that is what most people attempting speed records are getting near there.
  • Max load of 330 lbs
  • Board weight 16 lbs
  • Published cruising range of 15-18 miles. In my research, people are reporting over 12 miles of range with normal to hard riding.
  • And the most appealing spec in my opinion: The PRICE! Click here for all the specs and updated pricing.

Over $200 less than the least expensive Boosted, the Boosted Mini… but spec wise the Boosted Mini does not even come close and they are two different skateboards appealing to two different markets.

When compared to the top of the line Boosted, the Boosted Stealth, the Vestar V2-Pro is comparable and even better in terms of top speed and range with the Vestar coming in at  25 mph and 15 miles range whereas the Boosted Stealth comes in at 24 mph and 14 miles range.

Besides speed and range, the appearance of the two boards is strikingly similar.

Screen Shot 2019 08 13 at 9.25.05 AM
Vestar V2 Pro Controller (Left) Boosted Controller (Right)

Biggest difference though is the price. Vestar is 1/3rd the cost of the Boosted Stealth for similar and even slightly better specs.

However, speed and range are not the only parameters that define an excellent ride. Don’t expect to get a $1600 board when you are only paying around $500. While much of the cost of the Boosted goes into market and labeling, Boosted has been around long enough to refine their product and their customer support.

The Vestar V2 Pro is not as premium and refined as the Boosted, but for the price of the Boosted you can get 3 Vestar V2 Pro boards. The Vestar is a good board that runs well and gets you where you want to go with some pretty impressive speed. The best news is, this board won’t break the bank.

The Vestar is a very good belt driven electric skateboard that comes with all the benefits of a belt driven system rather than the less expensive hub motor electric skateboards.

So who does this board appeal to? This is a great board for budget minded people. The Vestar V2-Pro is ⅓ the cost of the Boosted Stealth and it is reported to go faster and farther than the Stealth. The Vestar is also great for anyone looking to get started into e-skate but they just don’t want to commit a whole ton of money… yet.

Check out the board at the Vestar site.

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