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Meepo Voyager Review – Is this Speedy 40 MPH Electric Skateboard Worth $1000?

by Nathan Schaumann

We recently reviewed the Meepo V5, and now we’re onto the Meepo Voyager, which is a premium electric longboard with double the range, 50% faster top speed, and over double the price. We were impressed with the excellent ride quality and stability, as well as the motor power and deck feel. Keep reading for a full list of things we liked and didn’t like, as well as who we think should get this board.

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Meepo Voyager – Specs

  • Wheels: 90mm x 60mm
  • Charger: 50.4V, 4.5A
  • Charging Time: 3 hours
  • Weight: 23 lbs
  • Range: 31 miles
  • Speed: 40 mph
  • Battery: 544 Wh
  • Climbing Grade: 46%
  • Deck: 38″ x 10″
  • Turning Angle: 50°
  • Motors: 2 x 2775W (peak power)
meepo voyager

Meepo Voyager – Features

  • Dual 6358 BLDC Motor
  • 4 riding modes
  • Bamboo / Fiberglass deck
  • Rubber stoppers
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Things We Love

Range: The battery on the Meepo Voyager is massive. 544 Wh is the largest battery on any electric longboard we’ve tested, and it’s good for around 30 miles of real-world riding. It’s also super handy that the 4.5A charger will get this from 0 to 100% charge in 3 hours, meaning you can go on multiple 30+ mile rides in the same day.

Speed: 40 mph is extremely fast for a longboard, and we don’t recommend cruising at or near that speed. However, it is nice to have the power to quickly reach pretty much any reasonable speed. Due to the powerful motors, extended riding at 30 mph won’t cause unnecessary wear and tear on the board or the motors. We like to keep it in speed mode 3, which tops out around 32 mph.

Stability: The huge wheels coupled with the heavier weight make this an extremely stable ride. Carving back and forth at 30 mph without any oscillation or truck wobble is a thrilling experience. The grip tape also does a great job of keeping your feet glued into the board.

Wheel Options: We love that this board came with the option of either 90mm wheels or 105mm wheels. Depending on your riding style, whether you like a faster top speed, jumpier acceleration and tighter carving (smaller wheels), or a smoother and more stable ride (larger wheels), you can pick the wheels that are right for you.

Screenshot 2024 06 24 at 10.03.52%E2%80%AFAM

Remote: The remote for the Meepo Voyager is larger than that of the Meepo V5, and it feels like a significant step up in terms of quality. It also fits very well in the hand and is easy to control. The throttle control has a nice gradual progression of speed, similar to a sine-wave controller on an electric scooter. There is little to no “dead zone”.

Screenshot 2024 06 24 at 10.02.45%E2%80%AFAM
Screenshot 2024 06 24 at 10.02.01%E2%80%AFAM

Deck: The bamboo deck absorbs a lot of the road vibrations, and also provides a lot of flexibility/bend.

Screenshot 2024 06 24 at 10.01.27%E2%80%AFAM

Things We Didn’t Like

Features vs Price: For more than double the price of the Meepo V5, we were expecting this board to have more than just a larger battery and faster speed. There are lots of optional accessories on the Meepo website like brake lights, RGB lights, carrier backpacks and off-roading wheels, and we would have liked to see more of those accesories come standard with the nearly $1,000 Voyager package.

Wheel Install Process: While it was nice that they included a second set of larger wheels, we had to spend over an hour searching YouTube tutorials to figure out how to install the new wheels. Meepo didn’t provide any instruction manuals or branded videos to assist with this process.

Remote Battery: After riding 15 miles our Meepo Voyager was at 50% battery as expected, but the remote was drained all the way down to 20% battery.

Handle: The Meepo V5 came with a convenient in-deck handle, but the Meepo Voyager doesn’t have this. Due to the 23lb weight of the board, this makes it somewhat inconvenient for carrying long distances or up stairs.

The Freshly Charged Take

If you are getting bored of your board (no pun intended) topping out at 28 or 30 mph, the Voyager is definitely for you. Also, if you need to ride longer distances or make multiple trips in a day, the Voyager is definitely going to have the range you need. Overall, the Meepo Voyager is a premium board with premium build quality, and a premium price to go along with it. If that’s not what you’re looking for, the Meepo V5 is a great budget option.

Click here for the latest price of the Meepo Voyager.

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