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Nug Footpad Review for the Onewheel Pint

by freshlycharged

The material and design that made the Kush and Kush Hi so popular for the XR is improved upon in the Nug which seamless fits with the tight lines and precise finish of the Onewheel Pint.

It’s the little things that make a big difference with the Nug. While many may not notice the changes from the stock foot pad to the Nug at first glance, look a little closer and you’ll see that the slight change in angles adds more surface area for your foot to stand on.

The other little thing that TFL paid close attention to was the lines of the Pint. The reason the original footpad has beveled or chamfered edges is to avoid the hard edges that could be painful for your forefoot and/or hindfoot when hanging off the footpad on long rides.

Jeff McCosker of the Float Life straightened the beveled edges to increase surface area for your foot but rounded the edges to “take the edge off” and to provide comfort.

But most importantly is performance. The Nug helps to reduce chatter and vibration when riding which can reduce foot fatigue.

My summary of the Nug hearkens back to those old Miller Lite Beer commercials from my childhood where friends and celebrities argued over Miller Lite, whether it, “tastes great” or is “less filling.” 

The Nug “Tastes Great.” and is “less filling” Not literally, but figuratively. Let me explain.

My foot loves the taste of the Nug. For someone who rides the Kush and Kush Hi on my XR and Plus boards, the Nug feels new, different, and familiar all at the same time under my foot. Everything from the grip tape resting in a recess in the pad, to the very subtle concave shape, to the increased surface area… all these things make this rear footpad “taste great” for my foot.

And when I say the Pint is “Less filling” I refer to the subtle changes that most will not notice at first glance. The Nug isn’t out to wow you or overwhelm you with extreme tail height or crazy deep concavity or super aggressive grip tape. Instead, the Nug is a footpad designed to compliment the Pint. It looks like it belongs on your Onewheel.

For more on the Kush Nug by The Float Life, check out their website for details and complete pricing.

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