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COVID Road Trip Tips to Stay Safe & Have Fun!

by freshlycharged

Just about everything has been canceled for months. The kids are going bonkers. I’m going bonkers and reading news headlines makes it seem like the world is tearing itself apart. 

So what are we to do? We have all this free time and nothing much to do except sit around and get stressed out by the news.

When I’m feeling bored or overly stressed, I know it’s time for a vacation; but how does one go on vacation during a pandemic?

Road trips are awesome and they can be a great way to stay socially distanced while enjoying, exploring, and relaxing.

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In this article I’m going to share 10 tips that helped us to go on a great road trip vacation to South Dakota that kept us safe and socially distanced. 

Road trips are awesome because gas is cheap right now, road travel can be as inexpensive or as extravagant as you want it to be, time on the road gives you an opportunity to bond with your family, and you can be spontaneous and visit and see sights along your route.

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While unessential travel is discouraged right now, there are ways to decrease your risk and remain socially distanced. Going to a less populous area, staying away from crowds, and focusing activities on outdoor experiences will allow you to vacation while keeping socially distanced.

That’s what brought me and my family on this road trip to beautiful South Dakota. 

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My 10 road trip tips for traveling during a pandemic:

  1. If anyone traveling is potentially sick or has risk factors that puts them in grave danger if they were to contract COVID-19 such as old age, obesity, or an immunocompromised state, then stay at home.
  2. If COVID-19 is spreading in your area or in the area you plan to visit, stay at home or change plans. For up to date information on the state to which you plan to travel, check out this CDC website.
  3. Follow local laws and restrictions where you will be traveling. If where you plan to visit has a ban, restriction, or imposed quarantine on visitors, then don’t go.
  4. Bring personal protective equipment including masks and gloves and use them when needed. Pro Tip: you don’t need to wear masks while in your car.
  5. Bring cleaning supplies including chlorox wipes and hand sanitizer and don’t be embarrassed to use them in public. Wear gloves or use a paper towel to limit direct contact of highly touched surfaces when pumping gas. It’s a new world and even though we can’t see the danger with our eyes, be safe and be clean.
  6. Stay away from crowds and practice social distancing, stay 6 feet away, wear masks, don’t touch things you don’t need to touch.
  7. Focus on activities and destinations that promote social distancing: hiking, biking, riding, picnicking, watching wildlife. National Parks and State Parks are awesome! Secluded beaches and hikes in less popular areas can be just as epic as the more famous parks and trails that can tend to be crowded. Or consider visiting more popular sites during off hours, avoiding the weekends and holidays.
  8. Consider renting a vacation rental home, RV, or summer houseboat to avoid crowds. Or bring some camping gear and find places that allow dispersed camping.
  9. Add fun to the road trip by renting a fun car like a convertible.
  10. Be sure to bring your Onewheels, EUCs, e-scooters, and other electric rideables! They are the ultimate road trip companion.

Road trips with your favorite electric rideable like your Onewheel or EUC make the adventures even more awesome!

One of the huge advantages of a road trip over air travel is the ability to bring your electric rideables. 

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These electric rideables pack away easily and when you get to a rest stop or a new destination, they are the perfect way to go out and explore. 

I was able to cover a ton of ground quickly while having a blast on either a Onewheel or EUC wherever we stopped during our trip.

Electric rideables are great social distancing fun which is perfect in our new COVID world.

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I’m a glass half full silver lining kind of guy. While this COVID Pandemic sucks, I don’t think our family would have ever gone on a trip to South Dakota had COVID not happened and I can now say that the Black Hills of South Dakota is one of my favorite places to vacation with my family and my electric rideable devices.

Go where no wheel has gone before… or at least go somewhere where you can stay socially distanced. Go on a road trip. Take your electric rideables with you. Go explore and make some memories.

If you are interested in getting a personal electric vehicle like a Onewheel, e-scooter, or electric unicycle, check out some of my reviews and YouTube videos to find something that fits you.

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