Cyrusher Ripple Electric Snowboard

World’s 1st Electric Snowboard Review – Cyrusher Ripple

by Andrew N

Snowboarding has always been my ultimate passion, but with the rise of PEVs, my interests have expanded. So when I stumbled upon an electric snowboard (the world’s first!), I couldn’t resist the urge to get my hands on it and put it through its paces for a comprehensive review.

The Cyrusher Ripple strikes a remarkable resemblance to a conventional camber snowboard except for one striking feature: a cutout in the rear that houses a 3000-watt motor mounted with suspension. The motor is connected with a cable to a Molicel battery pack and is controlled with a remote that is reminiscent of an eskate remote.

Throughout this review, I’ll delve into the aspects of the Cyrusher Ripple that have captured my admiration, as well as those that have left me less impressed. By the end, you’ll have a clear understanding of whether this innovative electric snowboard is the right fit for you.

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Cyrusher Ripple Electric Snowboard standing in snow review

What I love about the Cyrusher Ripple:

  • Allows you to ride on flat land
  • Uses high-quality Molicel battery cells
  • Surprisingly fast when traveling on ice or packed gravel with a little snow
  • Great conversation starter
  • Fun once you get a hang of it
  • The controller has a color display and works well
  • IPX6 water resistance rating

The Cyrusher Ripple gives you the ability to ride on flat land which is something that has not been achievable before with a traditional snowboard. The ground does need to be hard like asphalt, ice, or packed gravel with a small amount of snow in order for the Ripple to accelerate. It has a claimed top speed of just over 31 mph and I have been able to achieve that in perfect conditions.

I rode the Ripple around Keystone Resort in Colorado and was stopped multiple times asking what it was. Snowboards are not rare in the area, but seeing a snowboard cruising around on a flat area with no hills around is. The Ripple is definitely a show-stopper, but it has its limitations that we will speak of later in this review.

Cyrusher Ripple Electric Snowboard compared to all the other snowboards I own
The Cyrusher Ripple compared to other traditional snowboards in size and shape

Is the Cyrusher Ripple fun?

When I first watched videos of the Ripple advertisements, I felt it was underwhelming and it was going to be a dud. After having the opportunity to test and review it, I was surprisingly having a lot of fun riding in places I would have never thought was possible. From cruising around in parking lots to riding on a frozen Lake Dillon, I was able to hit decent speeds that got the adrenaline pumping.

The Ripple will never be able to replace a traditional snowboard but I could see it being a means to an end for people who live in snowy flat areas with no hills or mountains.

Cyrusher Ripple Electric Snowboard side profile eskate remote 3000 watt motor with suspension

What is the water resistance of the Cyrusher Ripple?

The Ripple boasts an IPX6 water resistance rating meaning it can handle continuous direct sprays of water. The battery cable is rugged and the connectors are great at keeping the water out of the motor. I rode the Ripple in blizzard and sunny conditions with zero issues of water ingress.

What I hate about the Cyrusher Ripple

  • Heavy and misrepresented weight
  • Hard to heelside carve
  • Only works on conditions that are lackluster
  • Does not work in powder deeper than 3 inches
  • Cannot climb the stated 20% inclines
  • Expensive
  • Does not come with a backpack
  • Does not come with bindings
  • Only offered in one size
  • Can be dangerous
  • Battery shape can lead to spinal injuries if you fall on it.

I received the Ripple from Cyrusher to test and review, but if I paid for it I would have some buyer’s remorse. I did have fun on the Ripple but for the starting price of $2500, I could book a pretty decent ski trip or two heli-ski packages which would be much more enjoyable.

I am going to dive deeper into what needs to be improved on the Ripple for it to be a viable product for the masses.

Cyrusher Ripple struggling in deep snow

Is the Cyrusher Ripple Safe?

The biggest issue I have with the Ripple is that for it to work, you have to ride it in not-so-ideal conditions. The ripple won’t work in powder conditions greater than 3 inches, so you are not having soft snow to fall on. Instead, you are riding in the most dangerous conditions such as ice, packed gravel, or smooth pavement with a little bit of snow.

The board is extremely heavy at 37.2 lbs, which is over 4 lbs heavier than the stated weight of 33.07 lbs and that doesn’t include the battery. It is extremely hard to maneuver due to its weight and it makes heel-side turns near impossible at slower speeds. You also can’t stop quickly on an edge due to most of the weight being in the rear.

Cyrusher Ripple Electric Snowboard covered in snow after testing and reviewing it review 1

Another major design flaw I noticed was the shape of the battery. The battery is rectangular and it needs to be carried in a backpack. The battery will fall to the bottom of the backpack due to its weight and when you fall backward and land on it, it could cause a spinal injury. The battery will be sitting on your lower spine near the lumbar area and could create a spinal injury with life-altering consequences.

I would like for them to either provide a backpack that has spinal support or design the battery to be flat so it is spread across your back instead of your lower back. They should also include wrist, knee, and elbow guards because you will fall on the Ripple and you will be falling in hard conditions due to its inability to ride in deep powder conditions.

Cyrusher Ripple toeside turn

I have done over 300,000 vertical feet in the past 2 seasons of snowboarding and got jacked up more in 3,000 feet of riding the Cyrusher Ripple. I landed on the battery, sprained my pinkie, and bruised my knee. You want to wear safety gear when riding on the Ripple.

What size does the Cyrusher Ripple electric snowboard come in?

The Ripple is only offered in one size, 156 cm. This is the first time I have ever seen a snowboard come in only one size. It would be nice to have different sizes for differences in height, weight, and shoe size. It is easier for Cyrusher to only carry one size but it won’t work for most people that are tall or short.

Screen Shot 2024 02 13 at 2.06.26 AM min
I’ve been snowboarding for over 30 years and struggled to heelside carve with the Cyrusher Ripple

Final Thoughts

I had an enjoyable time testing out the Ripple but overall it needs some major improvements if Cyrusher wants the public to adopt an electric snowboard.

If you have plenty of money and live in a flat area, I could see that the Ripple would make sense for you to purchase. I can see that ice fishermen would get a kick out of riding the Ripple when waiting for a fish to hook on one of their lines.

The Ripple needs a lot of improvement for it to become mainstream, but I am glad that personal electric vehicles are spreading to other sports and will only continue to get better over time.

Cyrusher Ripple Electric Snowboard up close

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