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How to Buy Used Onewheels: Finding a Great Deal!

by freshlycharged

If you are looking to buy a Onewheel, the used market can be a great way to save some money. In this article I will go over my experiences as I researched, prepared, and purchased my used Onewheels.

Over the period of one month I purchased two used Onewheels and I have seen some amazing deals during my search.

I’ve purchased 3 used Onewheels over the years. The XR was only 3 months old with 300 miles and in great shape when I purchased it. My next used Onewheel was 11 months old and in great shape with 100 miles when I bought it. The most recent used Onewheel had less than 70 miles on it.

Through my experiences I have picked up some strategies to help you get a great deal on the amazing Onewheel.


Facebook Marketplace and Craigslist should be your “go to” sites when hunting for a local Onewheel. Make sure to set alerts and set up notifications so that you are the first to find out about a new posting. Because used Onewheels show up so infrequently, people don’t know how to price them and I have seen some nearly new Onewheels that were dramatically underpriced. Pounce on those rare opportunities!

There is no debating that the Onewheel is expensive. For anyone looking to find a deal on a Onewheel, the used Onewheel market is a great option as these highly sought after boards go on sale very infrequently.

To get started, watch this video for 7 tips for buying a used Onewheel.

In Short:

  • Onewheels are durable and built to last.
  • You can find a good deal on a discounted board and often the seller will have accessories that they will throw in.
  • Decide whether you want a Onewheel Pint or an XR. 
  • Set alerts for your local Craigslist and Facebook Marketplace.
  • Look for motivated sellers who just could not figure the Onewheel out or who fell early on and hurt themselves and are now looking to recoup their losses.
  • Once you find a used Onewheel, contact the seller right away and be sure you ask the right questions (see below) before you go to see the board.
  • When you have decided meet up to inspect the board, take precautions and have a checklist of things to examine and test when you meet the seller.
  • See below for the check list.


Why Buy Used?

You can save a lot of money on a lightly used Onewheel with low mileage if you have the patience and the know-how. Onewheels are fantastic devices and if you have ever had the chance to ride one you know that they are solid, well-constructed machines.

Because they are build like a tank, these things can take a beating. Future motion has put together a premium product which is appropriately reflected in the price tag.

If you do it correctly, you should be able to find lightly used Onewheels if you know where to look and if you are patient. By purchasing the Onewheel used, you can get a huge discount from the original sticker price. I’ve seen over 30% off a Onewheel with just 7 miles on it!

Screen Shot 2018 07 26 at 10.27.10 PM

Facebook Marketplace

In addition to the big discount, you can also score a lot of gear and accessories. The Onewheel community loves their accessories. Just like the board itself, a lot of the Onewheel extras come with a pretty price tag. With my first Onewheel the seller threw in the fender ($85), wave stand ($95), mafia bag ($225), helmet ($85), and wrist guards ($40). Amazing!

If you are wondering which Onewheel model you should get, then read this article.

Who Should I Buy From?

Because the product is so new and there are so few places to see and try a Onewheel prior to buying, people often purchase their Onewheels without ever having physically seen or tried one in person. Instead, most purchase their Onewheel after having watched many YouTube videos and after having read many online reviews.

There are two main groups of people who I have seen selling their boards at a deep discount.

  1. There are the people that never get the hang of the Onewheel and never really use it.
  2. There are folks that purchase the Onewheel thinking that they will be able to jump on the board and ride like a pro right out of the box and those who get overconfident early on and end up hurting themselves.

Why do some people quit the Onewheel without really having given the Onewheel a good try? What they do not understand is that the Onewheel has a fairly steep learning curve that takes work and practice in order to improve and feel comfortable on the board.

Because some new owners become disappointed by the initial lack of progress, these beginners may choose to throw in the towel and give up and sell the Onewheel. Their lack of effort is your opportunity to save money.

Screen Shot 2018 08 04 at 8.50.00 PM

This person just did not have the interest.

Then there is the second group of beginners who sell their board for cheap. They are the beginners that feel comfortable on the board early on but their overconfidence leads to trouble.

An overconfident beginner will often try to push their limited Onewheel skills and go way too fast without really understanding the intricacies of the board. This results in nosedives and falls which leads to broken body parts and Onewheel dreams. It often happens during the first week of ownership.

These two groups of Onewheel sellers: the “I never really tried to learn, it’s not for me” group and the “I was overconfident and got hurt” group, are where you will find the deals.

While the fate of the disappointed Onewheel owner with their shattered dreams and fractured wrists can be a sad one, it provides a small marketplace of used Onewheels in very good condition and with low mileage where one person’s sorrow can be your success.

If your conscience is tearing at you for taking advantage of someone’s misfortune, think of it this way: If no one buys their Onewheel there will be no way for them to recoup the money from a product that they will probably never use again.

So in essence, buying a used Onewheel can be a win for all.

Where to Start When Buying a Onewheel?

At this point you have decided that you want to purchase a Onewheel. You are looking at the used market because you do not feel like spending full price on a Onewheel and you understand that there are used Onewheels in very good condition if you know where to look. So where do you start?


This is an obvious choice when searching for used goods. This site has been around so long, there are plenty of websites and videos that will teach you how to use it.

A Rad Tip that I picked up during my hunt for a Onewheel is to make an account and to set alerts/notifications for Onewheels. I have used Craigslist multiple times in the past, but this was my first time setting alerts and I found that very helpful to jump on a good deal.

There is an app called Cplus for Craigslist that you can consider trying for your Iphone or Android. It is very customizable and can send alerts to your phone quicker than the website.

Screen Shot 2018 07 26 at 8.38.28 PM

Facebook Marketplace:

This is relatively new when compared to Craigslist, but it has quickly won me over. Access the Facebook Marketplace through the Facebook website or app and set your search criteria and alerts.

The advantage that the Facebook Marketplace has over Craigslist is you can see and communicate with the seller directly through Facebook Messenger.

You will also be able to see how long they have been a member on Facebook and depending on their privacy settings, you could learn a whole lot about them too. This ability to learn about your seller decreases the likelihood of encountering a scam.

How about eBay?

When I was looking to buy a used Onewheel I stayed away from purchasing through online sites like eBay and discussion boards. While such sites cover a larger area, thus giving you a larger selection, I did not want to mess with shipping and I wanted to actually see and test the Onewheel before making the purchase.

In addition, while there may be a bigger selection of used Onewheels, there is also a larger pool of bargain hunters like yourself to compete against which can drive prices up.

Sites like eBay and online discussion forums are helpful to search and get an idea of the market rate of used Onewheels. Use this information to get a sense of how much a certain board with a certain number of miles should cost.

In my search for a lightly used Onewheel I used Craigslist and Facebook Marketplace. I purchased my first Onewheel through an ad I saw on Craigslist and I purchased my second Onewheel through Facebook Marketplace.  I prefer these sites because I can deal with local sellers who I can meet in person without having to mess with shipping.

Depending on your market there maybe many or few used Onewheels available for sale. I live in the Denver area and I watched the used Onewheel market through my notifications for over a month before finally reaching out to sellers.

During this period of time, I saw that a used Onewheel would be made available every two weeks or so. This is highly dependant on your area and time of year.


A low mileage lightly used Onewheel is a rare find so be patient! Set your alerts and you may get lucky and find a great deal. But understand that a rare item like this may be seasonal and regional. If you find yourself in a town where there are no Onewheels to be found, expand your search to the nearest big city.

When using Craigslist and Facebook Marketplace, make sure to make an account and to set up notifications and alerts for the Onewheel on each website. That way you can jump on a great deal when they come up.

I set alerts for both Craigslist and Facebook Marketplace and that is how I first found out about both Onewheels that I ultimately ended up testing and purchasing.

What to Ask When Buying a Used Onewheel?

When you find a used Onewheel that you are interested in, the next step is to reach out to the seller as quickly as possible.

As soon as a used Onewheel in good or great condition would show up I would reach out to the seller to get some information. If basic information such as the condition or the mileage is not readily available, you obviously want to ask.

When contacting the seller, in my initial text or email I would show that I was interested and ask if the seller was the original owner of the Onewheel and why he/she was selling it. Here’s an example:

I saw your ad in Craigslist and I am very interested in your Onewheel+. Are you the original owner and why are you selling it?

I loved the “why are you selling it” question because it was through this process that I discovered that many of these were being sold in almost new condition because the owner had fallen in one of the two categories I described earlier, either they never really learned to use it or they underestimated the power and fell and broke a bone.

Screen Shot 2018 07 26 at 10.15.57 PM

The newest model Onewheel has a wait if you get it from the factory.

Whatever the response, let the dialogue naturally flow but make sure to inquire about key information. I have made a list of questions that should be asked before actually going to see the Onewheel.

This is not meant to be an interrogation, but if you are going to throw down a bundle of cash, you want to be confident that you are getting a solid product.

Key Questions to Ask:

  • How many miles?
  • Why are you selling it?
  • Did you buy it new? Who did you buy it from?
  • Can you email me the receipt? (This is to show that they did not steal it and for potential warranty questions should they arise.)
  • When did you buy it? (Footplate, battery, and tire have a 6 month warranty. Everything else is one year. And yes, the warranty is transferrable.)
  • Do you still have the original box and paperwork?
  • Do you have the original charger?
  • Has it ever been in water?
  • Are there any issues with it?
  • What accessories do you have to go with it? Oftentimes sellers will throw in accessories that they have purchased.
  • Are you willing to lower the price?
  • What kind of payment will you take? (ie Venmo, PayPal, Apple Pay, Check, Cash)

How to Inspect a Used Onewheel Before Buying?

If you are happy with the used Onewheel, the next step is to set up a time and place to meet to inspect the Onewheel. I won’t go into all the details about how to safely meet up with someone when making a large purchase. You can search that up on your own.

Just make sure to bring your safety gear (helmet, pads etc) for the test ride and consider bringing a friend or family member for back up.

I will tell you that it would be in your best interest to meet somewhere public where you will be able to test the Onewheel such as at a park or mall parking lot.

Try to avoid places that are secluded without much traffic to protect you from any  scammers or criminals. At the same time, try to avoid places that have too much traffic which would make it difficult to be able to concentrate on and test the used Onewheel. And again, try not to go alone; this will help dissuade unscrupulous activity.

When you meet, confirm that everything previously agreed upon is present. Then go through a visual inspection of the Onewheel.

Check the overall condition of the device. Evaluate the foot pads, especially the front foot pad for grip tape sliding.  Evaluate the tire for proper pressure and look for wear and tear and for any visible external damage.

After you have checked all that, pick up the Onewheel and give it a good shake listening for any loose parts and rattling.

Next you should power up the device and connect the Onewheel to your app. If this is your first Onewheel, make sure to have already downloaded the Onewheel app prior to the meeting.  

With the app, connect to the Onewheel via Bluetooth and confirm the mileage. Then turn on the Onewheel lights with the app to confirm that the lights are operational.

Used Onewheel Inspection Checklist:

  • Bring helmet and other safety gear for a test ride
  • Download the official Onewheel app on your smartphone and turn on Bluetooth
  • When first meeting, have the seller go over their Onewheel with you. Let them do the talking and let them show you the board. When they are done, do the following:
  • Evaluate overall condition (Does this look as advertised?)
    • Do the scratches, nicks, and dents match the mileage
    • Look for cracks or signs of water damage
    • Check for missing or loose screws (Signs of careless modifications which could potentially void a warranty.)
  • Fenders are known to crack near the screws, check for any damage in that area
  • Inspect footplates and grip tape for excessive wear and tear and grip tape sliding
  • Check the charge port and power button for signs of damage
  • Check the tire
    • Does it hold pressure
  • Look for excessive wear and tear
  • Check bumpers for cracks and excessive wear and tear
  • Pick up and shake the Onewheel, listening for rattling which may indicate loose connections or parts
  • Power up the Onewheel and connect to your Onewheel App
  • Confirm the mileage on the app
  • Turn on the lights via the app and press on the footplates (move the footplates) to activate the lights, making sure both the red and white lights are operational
  • Ask the seller permission before riding the Onewheel
    • Get on and get off several times to ensure the front footplate sensor is functional
    • Test acceleration and stopping
  • Test in several different modes
  • Confirm the seller has the original charger (Not having the original charger is a big red flag. Stolen Onewheels will often not come with an original charger.)
    • Will the charger plug into the Onewheel
  • If possible, charge the Onewheel to ensure that the charger works and that the Onewheel will take a charge (V1 and Plus chargers are compatible with each other, XR chargers will only work with an XR)
  • Ask if they ever registered the Onewheel with Future Motion. If not, then you will be able to do so if you purchase the board.
  • Ask for the original sales receipt and packaging if available.
  • Ask for any Onewheel or safety accessories the seller may want to part with.
Screen Shot 2018 07 26 at 10.31.00 PM

Another rare find!

Printable Used Onewheel Inspection Checklist

Here is a PDF copy of the checklist for you to print and bring along to the inspection: Used Onewheel Inspection Checklist PDF

If you are a skilled rider, test the Onewheel in each riding mode. Make sure to wear your safety gear. Think of riding an unfamiliar Onewheel like riding an unfamiliar horse; until you are familiar with its tendencies, there is no sense in taking unnecessary risks when riding a Onewheel.

There is a lot of faith that the machine working inside that device to keep you upright is fully functional. Until you have developed that faith and trust with this machine, take it easy and always wear the appropriate safety gear.

If you are satisfied with the ride, the next step is to verify that the Onewheel can be charged.  Take the charger and find an outlet to plug the Onewheel.

Confirm with the app that everything is charging appropriately. This is an optional step and it is dependent on whether or not you have an outlet nearby when testing the device.

Don’t forget the accessories!

Onewheeler’s love their accessories. From fenders, to stands, carrybags, Floatplates, grip tape, bumpers, handles, helmets, and pads. Often times, motivated sellers will throw all that stuff in for next to nothing. I know I was able to get a whole lot of lightly used gear this way.

Finally, if everything is to your liking, you should have already decided on a price before meeting. At this point, some may try to haggle and negotiate a lower price but I feel that this is unfair to the seller.

If they have taken the time to bring a device that has not been misrepresented in previous communications and you are interested in, then buy it for the agreed price.

Also, because used Onewheels in good condition are a rare find, it is a seller’s market. While your seller may not know this, don’t waste time haggling over price at the risk of losing the prize.

That being said, if there are defects and issues that were not previously communicated by the seller, these points can be used to negotiate for a lower price. Some may find negotiating uncomfortable.

A simple way to get the negotiating started is something like this, “The Onewheel is more dinged up than I expected…” Sometimes silence after that will lead to the seller speaking up and eventually lowering the price.

After you make the payment, enjoy your used-but-new-to-you Onewheel and welcome to the family!

Good preparation will improve the odds that you land a good used Onewheel. Similarly, good preparation will keep you safely riding for a long time.

Make sure not to fall into the common pitfalls that new riders always seem to make and be sure to read these articles to ensure a long, happy, and healthy riding career!

Here is a PDF copy for you to print and bring along to the inspection: Used Onewheel Inspection Checklist PDF

MUST READ before riding a Onewheel for the first time!

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