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The Best Onewheel YouTubers

by freshlycharged

Want to become better on the Onewheel? Then watch the pros! YouTube is great resource to gain information, be entertained, and to learn new skills.

When trying to decide whether the Onewheel would be suitable for me, all my knowledge about the Onewheel that helped me to make the decision to buy it pretty much came from YouTube.

Now that I am more comfortable on the Onewheel I’m looking to improve my Onewheel skills. If you want to get better on the Onewheel, here are the best Onewheelers on YouTube that you should be following.

Check out these sweet videos and make sure to check out their channel:

Jeff McCosker:




Chris Richardson:




The Voice of Onewheel (A Onewheel based radio show):


West Coast Land Pirate:


Onewheel With Me:


Let me know if you have a favorite YouTube Onewheel Channel that should be on this list!

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