Onewheel S-Series: The World’s First High Performance Onewheel for Racers and Average Riders (Me)

by Nathan Schaumann

The Onewheel has been recalled! So why am I still riding Onewheels and why the heck would I buy their newest $3200 Onewheel S-Series (or GT S-Series)? All good questions.

Safety Issues…

Yes, the Onewheel has been recalled, and we appreciate the concern expressed by family members, friends, and YouTubers regarding the safety issues associated with the latest CPSC recall. However, despite the recall issues, Future Motion didn’t just bounce back from their legal woes, they slammed dunked them with the release of the safest Onewheel ever made.

While everyone else is all giddy with how fast this new Onewheel is, I’m going to focus on something else in this review… how safe the Onewheel GT S-series is.

Why The Onewheel S-Series is For Me

The Onewheel GT S-Series is, without a doubt, the fastest Onewheel ever created, designed specifically for racing and high-performance riding. So why would someone like me, a middle-aged father of four, want to invest a significant sum ($3200) in a high-performance racing Onewheel? The answer is that it’s the safest Onewheel ever made for riders like me, and I’ll explain why.

Early versions of the Onewheel just didn’t have enough power to make me feel safe and confident. With older models of the Onewheel like my Onewheel Plus and Onewheel XR, and even the GT, I always felt like I was on a knife’s edge, pushing the board to its limits. But with the GT S-series, I’m enjoying all the extra power the 113V system is pumping out, giving me confidence that I am riding the safest Onewheel ever made. Rather than racing around at 25mph, I can ride confidently at a comfortable 20mph without fear of over powering the system on the new Onewheel GTS.

Onewheel S-Series Internal Improvements

Future Motion has followed the Apple model with the Onewheel GT S-series. Each new iPhone, iPad, or MacBook looks similar to their predecessors, but the significant upgrades lie within. Although the Onewheel GT S-series may appear similar to last year’s Onewheel GT on the outside, it has undergone substantial internal improvements.

onewheel s-series

Things We Love About The Onewheel S-Series

The Power: The Onewheel GT S-Series boasts the most substantial power upgrade ever seen in a Onewheel. The motor size, power, top speed, and powertrain all mark significant improvements, with a free-spin speed of 40mph and a riding top speed of 25mph. For comparison, the GT has a free-spin speed of 37mph and tops out at 20mph when riding.

onewheel s-series

The Hill Climbing: The GTS had no issue riding up a steep hill that the GT couldn’t quite manage.

onewheel s-series

The Footpads: The footpads are more comfortable, with less sharp edges that don’t dig into your shoe like the GT, and they also sit 5mm lower than the GT, providing a better trail riding experience.

onewheel s-series
onewheel s-series

The Weight

The S-Series is 33lbs, compared to the 35lbs of the GT, but even that 2 lb difference is noticeable when lifting them side by side.

Things We Hate

The Range

The biggest drawback for the Onewheel GT S-series is the range. The GTS is not built for marathons due to its energy-hungry 113V powertrain and a smaller battery pack – it gets a few miles less range than the GT.

The Price

The next biggest drawback is the $3200 price tag – you can get an EUC that goes 55mph and gets 100 miles of range for less than $3000, or a scooter that goes 65mph and gets 60 miles of range for $3100, or even a off-road dirt bike, the Talaria XXX (a smaller cousin of the Sur-Ron) that goes 40mph for $3250. Comparing this to the Onewheel GT S-Series’ 25mph top speed and 18 miles of range, it’s clear what wins the spec contest.

Right to Repair

Future Motion still doesn’t allow users to perform DIY repairs, which can be frustrating.

The Tailslap

When riding off curbs or down large bumps, the tail slaps on the ground instead of gliding smoothly over.

onewheel s-series

The Maghandle

The Maghandle makes a rattling noise, which we hoped would be fixed on this edition of the Onewheel, but sadly was not.

The Freshly Charged Take

Onewheel GT S-Series is primarily built for speed and acceleration. However, even if you’re not a speed racer, the extra power it offers makes it the safest Onewheel ever made. Safety is invaluable, and if you’re looking for a super fun, safe, and fast ride, the GT S-Series is a strong recommendation. Check out more at

Onewheel GTS Official Review

Onewheel Comparison Tool

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