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Onewheel With Me: Best Places in Maui, Hawaii

by freshlycharged

1. Lahaina Town Front Street:

Ocean views, slow traffic, tons of shops, several accessible beaches from the board walk, historical sites, yummy Hawaiian shave ice, and one of the most amazing tree you will ever see all can be found on Front Street of Lahaina Town.

This was my favorite place to Onewheel and relax. The ocean on one side, the Maui mountains on the other and the energy and activity of the fun historic town of Lahaina.

Check out my video review for more.

2. Kaanapali Beach:

This strip of beach is one of Maui’s best and there are great paths and walkways for you to enjoy with your Onewheel. If you go early enough you can cruise the walkways of the nicely maintained golf courses until either the staff or the golfers kick you off.

Head down to Black Rock and watch people cliff dive. Enjoy a dip in the water and if you have snorkel gear there’s a good chance you’ll see a turtle or two near Black Rock.

Taking the Onewheel on the beach is difficult. The prized sand at Kaanapali is know for being soft and fine. It’s the same softness that makes it really hard to stay on your Onewheel as the wheel tends to sink into the sand, even the wet sand by the shore.

Cruise the board walk along the resorts and have a great time people watching as the people watch you.

3. Paia Town:

This is a sleepy little surf town which is considered the start of the road to Hana. If you are going to be driving through, take some time to stop and explore on your Onewheel.

That’s the beauty of the Onewheel, just keep it in the back of your rental and pull it out whenever you are ready to explore!

There are lots of small shops and restaurants. Try the Flatbread Pizza Company or Paia Fish Market. If you are ready to drop some cash, Mama’s is an amazing institution where you can enjoy great food and amazing views.

4. The Road to Hana:

The Road to Hana is a windy and curvy sightseeing adventure that you will never forget. There are more stops along the way than any tourist could ever do during a single visit.

I recommend downloading one of the Road to Hana Tour apps on to your phone, pay the couple of bucks for the tour and enjoy the ride. The app will recommend stops and you can decide whether or not to follow. We did the Shaka Maui Tour App which was great, but I know there are others out there.

Bring your Onewheel and use it when safe and appropriate. We ended up taking it out at some nice parks and beaches including Hana Bay, which seemed to be more of a beach for the locals to hang out at but luckily we were with my cousin who lives in Hana.

5. Kapalua Village Walking Trails:

This is something I will definitely have to try on my Onewheel the next time I go back to Maui. This was recommended from a friend on Reddit who even sent me some pictures. If you are near Lahaina and have already tried some of the other recommended rides above such as Lahaina Town and Kaanapali Beach, then try the Kapalua Walking Trails for some different scenery. The Kapalua Walking Trails is basically a paved asphalt trail that runs through an old golf course. You are surrounded by some dense and lush vegetation and the trail leads to a nice little lake. It is a jungle feel, different from some of the beach runs recommended above. Here are some pics, thanks aComplexComplex:

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