Brand-New Onewheel GT S-Series – With 113V of Raw Power

by Nathan Schaumann

Future Motion just released this video on their Youtube channel announcing their newest flagship model; the Onewheel GT S-Series. They are marketing it as the “first ever performance-focused Onewheel.” It comes with a number of significant upgrades, including a SERIOUS power upgrade to a 113V system, allowing you to “climb up any corner you can get your nose over,” as stated by one pro rider during initial testing of the S-Series.

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The previous Onewheel GT had a peak voltage of 75V, and so 113V is a full 50% increase!

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Two other PEV (Personal Electric Vehicle) companies also recently introduced new flagship models to their lineups this year; the Kaabo Wolf King GTR and the Apollo Pro. The GTR and the Pro also represented notable improvements over their predecessors, but those improvements are nothing compared to the Onewheel GT S-Series.

It also goes without saying that 113 Volts is absolutely insane for any PEV. For comparison, the fastest scooters have a max voltage of around 96V, and the fastest E-bike/E-motorcycles top out at less than 70V.

The S-series also comes with a hefty price tag of $3200, but if you care about speed and/or want to rip up some steep trails, then it’s definitely the board for you. The S-Series actually began as a secret project to create race boards for Race for the Rail, but once they realized how revolutionary their new design was, they decided to turn it into a full-blown new public offering.

Let’s take a look at the specs and features:

Onewheel GT S-Series Specs

  • Price: $3200 (GT is $2300)
  • 25mph max speed (upgraded from 20mph on the GT)
  • 113V max voltage (75V on the GT; 63V on the XR, Pint and Pint X)
  • 33 lbs (GT is 35 lbs)
  • 11.5″ x 7″ tire
  • 25 mile range (GT range is 32 miles)
  • 150-minute charge time (GT charge time is 200 minutes)
Onewheel S-Series vs Onewheel GT

Onewheel GT S-Series Features

  • Custom Shaping 3.0, allowing you to personalize the acceleration/deceleration settings (also available on the GT)
  • Molicel P45B battery cells
  • Pushback + haptic buzz come at 25mph (20mph on the GT)
  • Performance treaded tire (stock on the S-series, add-on for the GT)
  • Lowboy Footpad (5mm lower ride height)
  • GT accessories are compatible with the S-series (except the lower-voltage chargers)
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Things We Love About the Onewheel GT S-Series

Obviously the power upgrade is a huge plus. We can’t wait to push this board to its limits (if it has any!) and find out just how awesome trail riding can be with a 113V wheel.

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We are also stoked that the GT accessories are all transferrable to the GT S-Series. Often companies will introduce new models that are just barely different enough to force you to re-purchase accessories, and we’re glad FM has not done this.

A lot of riders find that 20-21mph is the best cruising speed for a Onewheel, which is just around the tiltback point on the original GT. It’s awesome that the new board is faster, which means 21mph cruising will be easy, with no concern of a tiltback interrupting your ride.

The added power will significantly reduce the risk of a nosedive, giving more peace of mind to Onewheel riders.

We’re impressed that despite the added power, the S-Series is actually lighter than the GT. One of the reasons could be a smaller overall battery. (Future Motion hasn’t actually published battery specs, so we don’t know for sure.)

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Things We Hate About the Onewheel GT S-Series

$3200 is expensive, for any personal electric vehicle, especially for a PEV that doesn’t top 30mph.

If you’re comparing the Onewheel GT S-series (25mph, 25 miles of range) with other PEV types like Scooters, E-bikes and EUCs, you’ll quickly find that you can get a faster and longer-range scooter for 1/6th the price (Ridefaboard J01 Pro for $509), a faster and longer-range E-bike for 1/4 the price (Ride1Up Portola for $895), and a faster and longer-range EUC for 1/3 the price (Begode Mten 4 for $1099). Needless to say if you want bang for your buck, the S-series (and the Onewheel in general) is not where you should look.

The range decrease from the previous GT model is also somewhat disappointing given the significantly higher price point.


If you can get over the sticker shock, there’s no denying that the S-Series is the absolute best one-wheeled electric skateboard out there. It’s faster, lighter, lower and more powerful.

Pick yours up here, and let us know how you like it!

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