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The Best Onewheel Case/Baggage

by freshlycharged

Rules for flying are always changing. Since writing this article, most Onewheels are now not allowed to be checked in, even in a Onewheel case. The Onewheel XR cannot fly, period. The Onewheel Pint can be taken on as a carry on if your airlines permits it.

The Onewheel is a great way to explore new places when traveling. I’ve tried multiple bags and cases and from all my research, this case by SKB has been the best by far. It is extremely sturdy and durable and this particular size is great for the Onewheel.

This type of case is used by professional musicians, photographers, film makers, and health care workers to transport their expensive and fragile gear so you can trust the SKB case with your precious Onewheel.

In addition, because it is commonly used to transport expensive and valuable equipment, many TSA agents are familiar with the case. It gives your Onewheel a sense of professionalism when stored in this case.

Watch my video review of the SKB case:

I love how snug the Onewheel fits inside. You need no other padding to keep it secure. My case already came with padding but currently the case available on Amazon comes without padding.

The hefty case has roller wheels and an extendable handle for easier transport. The case with the Onewheel weights just under 50 lbs which is the limit for most airline check in luggage.

The case worked like a charm during our recent trip to Hawaii. I included documentation inside the case and had no issues.

The case is pricey, but you get what you pay for. There are many other less expensive options for Onewheel bags but when I researched the reviews a common theme was how cheaply made these bags were. Most of those cheap bags are made in China and there are many reports of the bags falling apart after a few uses.

This case by SKB is made in America. It is made to last and you will travel with the peace of mind that your Onewheel is safely stored in a quality case that will protect your investment.

Check out Amazon for current pricing.

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